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January, 2023

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Getting a Personal Firearm in Memphis

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Strange local shot of the day...

(1.17.23 photo BenQQ) Strange Shot of the Day--at least for urban centers not plagued by riots as in other cities--in Frayser at the corner of Overton Crossing and Vine a fire hydrant sadly lays about two feet from its street connection, that is, hole. No signs of impact, no bolts lying around. One thing for sure: if a fire breaks out there'll be no hookup to this one.

Less Than 24 Hours Reporting...
Back in the Hole!

(1.18.23 BenQQ) This is how a city wins points--that is, how it deploys staff and resources when and where they may be most needed. Picture shot at around 10 a.m. this morning. Hydrant sits with a hat waiting to be finished. We're watching and betting if this will be completed in another 24 hours. Yesterday's call made to mayor's office.

"I Cried Lots" Coming Next Week

"I CRIED LOTS!" -- messages to Elvis on the other side. Your editor BenQQ had multiple sessions documenting Memphis' own 'Lascaux Cave Paintings' that reveals Elvis' fans raw emotions in the early 21st century and most recently after the death of Lisa Marie. Sign up to be notified of our King's Wall Voices announcement here.


The 5 Ways Biden and Putin are Alike

(1.30.23 BenQQ) To me, there are 5 similarities in the ways Joe Biden and Vlad Putin operate. Here are my 5 but you may have more in other categories or none. Write me at the link above either way.

They both know how to deploy their respective machines to trigger instantaneous approval from their respective bases. But let's go further...

-Putin fabricated his excuse for his campaign to win approval of war on Ukraine as a battle against practically non-existent Nazis.
-Biden fabricated his excuse to increase political power to fight practically non-existent and over-exaggerated fascists (“white supremacists.”)

-Putin dumbs down and thus wins instantaneous support of his base with repeated emotional patriotic messaging and symbolism, harkening to WWll.
-Biden dumbs down and wins support of his base with threats of a Jim Crow era return, crudely exploiting the civil rights struggle.

-Putin uses state power to suppress and kill domestic opponents. (anti-war protesters and political/policy opponents)
-Biden weaponizes federal agencies to suppress others outside his usual support base using some sort of legal pretense. (Abortion protesters and Jan. 06 political prisoners continued incarceration and over-sentencing.)

-Putin's party controls all of the media to spew one sided lies and self-serving misrepresentations, thus keeping people in the dark and, by the way, blunting life-saving critical thought (Russian state media + more)
-Biden's party relies on normie acquiescent and active propaganda media to influence people already in his camp for continued support. (Time Magazine + more.) Yes, this is a link on my analysis of Time Magazine's rich and famous prop piece on how the Dem's "saved" the 2020 election. Youtube eventually discovered my little video and took it down for being vaguely "dangerous."

True, perhaps all politicians are alike to some degree in these ways but I believe Biden and Putin both are dangerous politicians because people give them power by ignoring or thoughtlessly approving them. Based on any democratic standard, Putin is true evil considering the gratuitous criminal destruction he's doing to Ukraine and his country all for his own egotistic desire to rebuild the old Russian Empire.

Admittedly, Joe Biden is not inherently as bad but merely a politician who is self-entitled and generally oblivious except when he wants to treat other Americans as enemies. And Biden cannot get away with what Putin does because their respective political playing fields are diametrical opposites. Even though most of Biden's decisions have been bad, malign or corrupt, he still can make the right ones to keep Russia and China from starting WWIII by picking up speed to deliver the right weapons to both Ukraine and Taiwan.

The ironic thing is just by becoming aware both their bases can be turned for their own good as well as everybody else's.


You Don't Have Racism to Kick Around Anymore

(BenQQ 1.29.23) I've used this word below in writing about the Nichols beating and subsequent death 3days later: awkward.

In what way is it and to whom is it awkward?

First, it is awkward, of course, because all the defendants are black. There is not one white officer in the initial crew of 5 nor even in other officers groups who arrived on scene minutes after unarmed Tyre Nichols, an employed tax paying black citizen, was yanked from his car after allegedly driving wrecklessly.

The left industrial complex of media, politicians and corporations need the Nichols case to be seen as racially motivated. If this case puts us beyond race, the grip on using racism to secure black votes in order to accomplish globalist objectives that do nothing for blacks, nor the country, is lessened.

Just like Obama said his election puts us in a post racial society, the prosecution of black officers against a black man is an elephant in the room that knocks down the old shibboleths. It puts us beyond using racial animosity as an over-arching motivation from the white dominant culture. This means—or its at least more difficult--to be used as the usual political racial cudgel against independent blacks or whites for that matter.

So how many ways could the MPD police action against Mr. Nichols be deemed racist​?

Well, for this to work the easiest of course is for all the officers to have been white. Less so but still workable is even with a racial combo. Let's say for example 3 whites, 1 Asian and 1 Hispanic. The calculus of “systemic racism” would fit at least rhetorically (but by no means necessarily contextually to each individual officer.)

In the above racial configurations, the political race hustlers in Black Lives Matter and fascist rioters in Antifa would have a factual angle to crow about. But it didn't happen that way. If left commentators are to use race, they must resort to social abstractions as dense as that of defeated and dead Karl Marx.

But commentaors say in fact, Tyre's death is a result of “systemic racism.” Here is an example.

And of course, there are commentators like Van Jones who sees prevalent racism in this case. You decide the merits of his assertions.

Finally, a lawyer gets into the act.

Yes, I acknowledge some sub-units of an organization can break from the rules to persuade some black members of said organization to act against other blacks. That has not been proven here. Maybe it will be. It is also cultish and already illegal on its face.

But the argument I make below along with a growing number of left commentators is that the problem lies within cultures—the culture of the policing body and, unmentioned below, to a lesser extent, the culture of the policed. The “cultural” problem could be procedural aggressiveness, suspicion and hostility regardless of race. I don't know. I'm not in the business.

Lefties commentators say little about the difference between this police action and that of other police actions. They are all racially motivated shootings and beatings. Racism is assumed to be in the culture of the organization.

But it is much harder to make the case racism drove black police officers to abuse and kill a black motorist. Something else was going on.

But even the New York Times says this case is too complex to be only about racism.

My conclusion: we are all better off when we don't try to shoe-horn race in every case. We are way beyond that. If a racial motivation continues to be needlessly used, it does more harm than good by eating up financial resources after the fact and engendering resentments where none should be.


Tribalism, Culture & Mayhem
Beyond “Racism”

(1.28.23 BenQQ) If you have ever worked in any sized company or organization, you know something about external behaviors and internal values. They all add up to the organization's culture. In a complex organization, you can have subcultures that break from the touted standards of the organization.

We see that cultural corrosion today with Biden's Department of Justice, FBI and other departments and agencies. Ambitious federal employees quickly jump into the “culture” to get ahead. They do it without thinking. Did the officers in the recent Tyre Nichols case play into an organizational culture? Therefore, we ask:

How is it that 5 trained Memphis Police Department officers apparently can be triggered to act as single unit gone rogue upon an unarmed driver?

What factors pushed the buttons for all 5 officers, now second degree murder defendants, to act like a street gang punishing a member of another gang for entering their territory?

Was it working in a gang infested part of the city? Was it previous arrests of gang members resisting them? Did the whole incident have a pattern similar to the many previous arrests of gang members in the area? Was the car of the victim driving aggressively away from them? Did any of these issues come together to set in motion a violent mindset among the officers toward the victim?

First, keeping the small crowd under control in Memphis last night—and discounting the hungry horde of national media “covering” the event—was the awkward fact that no one could claim the beating was motivated by race. Otherwise you agreed with some of the pundits that black officers and police chief were racists institutionally. That is, the system is so mired in racism that an organization's public culture cannot squelch it. That's an abstraction only consumed by MSNBC viewers for sure.

Further, continuing on race, this particular police action upsets the popular but statistically discredited narrative of white police committing bad acts on blacks. The role of white cops perpetrating on black citizens has been shown to be overblown. Possibly, it is most represented by this very MPD police action.

Second, that leaves the most often mentioned thing: training. Other media organizations have all brought up bad “training” as the culprit, the real reason all this occurred. But who really believes the officers had not been trained in how to stop and detain nonviolently a reckless driver?

Somehow 5 individuals—and others standing around watching and allegedly even a couple of EMTs—did little to stop the mayhem under color of law on a single individual. They all allegedly kicked in as one. Reportedly by ubiquitous bodycams, no one did anything to stop the obvious outrage occurring before their eyes. Again, they had all been "trained."

Based on history, here's what may happen in the future:

-Good cops, that is those who are not triggered, will weigh each law enforcement action more slowly and deliberately. In a city racked with crime, that could be not so good, depending.

-The current police chief will be asked to resign. She did not even show up for the prosecution news conference earlier this week.

-The fight against predatory gangs has been temporarily stopped or slowed at least until that unit can be replaced or reconstituted. Update as of today: The "Scorpion" unit of MPD set up to fight gangs reportedly has been disbanded. Politicians rush to judgement and the media want to validate. Such a unit can save kids involved in gangs and stop gang activity. It's a big mistake to disband.

-The Memphis Police Department will again be brought under federal control. Some law firm will be appointed to run the department. Legal payments to that law firm will cost the city millions in addition to the winnings to the family and Ben Crump, the lawyer that always pops up in these types of cases.

-The city will announce some sort of new and expensive "retraining" program that probably will miss the hardest part about organizational change: culture.

-Companies considering setting up shop in Memphis will rethink it.

But for sure: One life and the professional lives of the officers involved have ended forever at enormous expense of families and the city.


Memphis is not San Francisco

This picture above could carry the caption "Illustrating the frustrations of many tax-paying business owners trying to maintain customer willingness to enter, an art gallery owner tries to drive away one of the homeless who have set up camps in front of and near his store." He said in the article he "snapped." No, spraying a homeless woman with cold water in San Francisco is a bad thing, but there is even a bigger thing...

(BenQQ 1.19.23) Memphis is not San Francisco. As a former frequent visitor from L.A. to SF, I can tell you I made up reasons to go there. The city was friendly, affluent, artful and tasty. In other words, socially liberal. Now, the great social change from the last century to the present-day San Francisco shows itself not the city to be.

With, in part, policies that are soft on crime, opening doors to a steady influx of massive illegal populations into "sanctuary" cities and record-breaking spending levels driving out taxpayers, visitors should think twice about their destinations in California. In the article above, the only reason given for the conditions of the man above to spray down the woman is the "success" of Silicon Valley. Huh? Memphis should only have that success.

Political culture of cites in Democratic Cali exclude fair solutions for homeless and businesses alike. Apparently, so does the publication itself. Memphis has the possibility of being something like "San Francisco on the Mississippi," but city and county have got to declare a radical unified front for new business growth with protections from crime, excessive taxes and never letting public sidewalks become residential camps.

Final word: Woke doesn't build cities. For profit businesses build cities. Cities should act like they know that and develop policies accordingly.


Biden sneaks in a way for government to invade your privacy further: in your car

(1.16.22 BenQQ) In an astonishing step toward what looks like Communist Chinese social scoring--you know, how Communist China rates and controls every aspect of people's lives by totally monitoring their online life--Biden snuck in a measure in the recently passed 2700 page trillion dollar plus "Omnibus" bill that requires car manufactured by 2026 to monitor your various driving metrics ostensibly to determine if you are driving drunk. Similar to Biden's app that makes it easier for illegal aliens to get into the country, this is another convenient digital device--for government. Dubbed "kill switch" that reportedly can be remotely opened by "authorized third parties" at any time, Biden's measure invades your privacy in your car. Even the "castle doctrine" allows you to shoot someone in your car threatening your life (Tennessee). If such privacy tenets are to be ignored, how long will it be before Biden cooks up with other privacy invasion excuses for your home? No doubt, many Democrats will follow along giving up ever more privacy rights to the government. But for everybody else, hair should be standing on end.

Craftily, the Dems just might have a Trifecta on their hands...

(1.14.23 BenQQ) With the latest never ending series of Biden scandals revealing breathtaking levels of hypocrisy, those secret classified documents continue to be discovered everywhere from the left wing CCP sympathizers at the Penn Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania as well as various open places at one of his homes.

Strictly speaking, in a democratic professing system, those who are truly responsible are the voters. They had every opportunity to learn about the career deep state elitist candidate with personal financial ties to the Communists globally well before the 2020 election. However, the Democrats give themselves a lot of slack.

Instead, the Democrats mounted what is now a well documented strategy of gas lighting and outright theft of votes. Few judicial jurisdictions ever even heard Trump's arguments defending the rights of his voters. The Democratic propaganda media dubbed them "The Big LIe." Of course I've written about that before, but this time, we have a prima facie crime in that Biden or someone close enough to get into his home garage stole and stored classified secrets apparently going back to when he was Obama's corrupt vice president. According to former business associate Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden was doing deals for Joe Biden who was coded "the Big Guy" in Hunter's conversations with foreign governments that Bobulinski said were paying to have access.

But now there is a whole new set of security scandals involving the mostly out-to-lunch administration, that is, classified documents next to the tail pipe of his favorite toy, a classic 1967 Corvette. Bloviating Democratic commentators such as Joy Behar on The View promptly suggested (later reportedly retracted) the discovered evidence against Biden was planted. Let's put that in the category of no real murderer has come forward to satisfy O.J. Simpson's mission to solve the crime for which miraculously he was found innocent.

But wait a minute. Maybe the parochial Manhattan Queen of Dem Group Think is right but not for the reasons she hysterically lays out. My addon to her thinking is If the documents were planted, they could ever so conveniently become the instruments that get the corrupt Biden family albatross from around the Dems collective necks. (Cut to: Biden's incredulously mouthing how he could not understand how those documents got into his garage sounding more like a gangster out of the movie The Godfather rather than a president.)

But wait again, friends, that's not all—and this one is just as troubling—the amount of energy consumed by this effort would deflect from a real investigation formally recognizing the financial connections between Joe Biden and communist dictatorships around the world. A sobering question: is the President of the United States literally be personally compromised by the likes of the CCP and Russia?

Yes, the limited view of The View just might be right in an accidental way. With the classified docs, planted or not, Dems get a fast and easy trifecta win:

  1. The "Corvette Papers" occupy the news cycle to dutifully sacrifice their “most qualified” candidate, thus saving themselves from constant campaign embarrassments;
  2. Hunter's scandals connecting the rest of the family to massive amounts of communist money are likely to be bypassed thanks to RINO Republicans in the House. (With a possible impeachment or resignation due to the mishandling of classified documents, its just too many things to think about.);
  3. Democrats can now crow about playing fair when going after Trump for the same alleged mishandling of classified documents. But Trump arguably never mishandled classified documents because--unlike Biden--he was the actual president at the time. A little detail. Regardless, that may be the last duck the Dems can shoot out of the sky to keep Trump from getting into the White House, assuming another election steal does not work and a fewer people are not fooled by the Dems usual gaslighting strategies. But that won't stop the 4 D's: desperate, dumb, deep state, Dems to keep blubbering the canard: Trump did it too.

Update: as of 12:52 pm CST, reports of additional documents found at Biden's Wilmington Delaware home.


Biden Potemkin Village Springs Up in El Paso for the Regime Visit
Biden again imitates Stalinist behavior in his biggest domestic failure

(1.9.23 BenQQ) First there was Biden standing in front of Independence Hall that his people bathed in blood red with threatening military flanking his sides as he painted Trump supporters fascists. This weekend he's seen hobbling around El Paso that was reportedly cleaned up from the mess caused by his own politically beneficial policy of border destruction. There are many examples of Potemkin Villages through history but old Joe Stalin hosting another Democratic acolyte US Vice President Henry Wallace visiting a gulag penal camp where he believed prisoners were "volunteers" seems another arguable historical parallel.

Of course the whole thing could have been an attempt to clean up a city overrun by illegal border crossers but that even begs the question: what did Biden see and if he saw anything would it make a difference? He was overheard asking (carefully selected?) insufferably polite border patrol agents what they would have him do if he "had a magic wand." It was an insult to a group of officers who have suffered suicides in their ranks, numerical imbalance to cope with the 5 million plus illegal invaders and not even added money to hire more CPB agents in Biden's obscenely wasteful and inflationary Omnibus bill to their overwhelmed ranks. One felt for the agents having to stand before an addled Biden to hear, understand and commiserate to anything they said is nonsense.

Rank and file Democrats never fully grasped what massive illegal immigration means to them thanks to Democratic leaning media. Generally, it means loss of wages in contract labor jobs, low skilled hires and higher community crime from undocumented people who include felons to terrorists. And lets not forget unregistered businesses from plumbers to roofers who compete against legal companies.  One thing for sure: massive illegal immigration does not touch the high paid TV news readers, elite Democratic politicians who are supported by big tech and industries who benefit from lower waged undocumented employees.

Therefore, most, but not all, rank and file Democrats never voted in their own interest to protect their economies and communities.

Texas Gov. Abbott was shown handing Biden a letter pummeling him for visiting a "SANITIZED" city and demanding he take 5 simple (but perhaps complicated for Biden) common sense actions that included rebuilding the wall that had substantially stopped most of the illegal immigrants under the Trump administration. Sadly, Biden is likely to ignore it all, visit Mexico to find a way to allow more illegal immigrants around our laws and then claim wisdom and success before the '24 election.


Why is this not a big story--at least in Memphis?

(1.5.23 BenQQ) From Griff Jenkins, Fox News: of the total 617,250 the CBP encountered or apprehended, 186, 573 were expelled under Title 42. The rest, more than 425,000, were released. Not even considering the gotaways who crossed into the country illegally, Biden released "4,681 illegals every day for 92 days beginning October 1 and ending December 31," according to A CBP source told VDare last month, the border patrol is totally overwhelmed with "0 physical capacity to even begin to process them all."

Biden's trillion+ Omnibus bill gave nothing to the CBP to relieve the pressure on the agents. Jenkins report arrived at the estimation of 69.8 percent who cannot be processed, meaning agents will encounter 2.5 million by Sept. 30 Vdare reported. "Americans will be paying for the welfare, education, health care and criminal justice costs of 1.74 million largely penniless and likely illiterate foreigners."

That is about 3 times the size of Memphis. A large percentage of that mass undocumented population is destined to pass through Memphis. We have asked the Memphis Police Dept. if there are any plans regarding this alien influx but have received no answer to date. Biden is reported his first time border visit for Sunday. More later.


What Killed Gangsta Boo? WAS IT FENTANYL?

(1.3.23 BenQQ) The 43 year old Memphis rapper is reported to have collapsed on her Whitehaven home porch New Year's day. You don't die naturally at 43. Something or someone kills you. In Memphis, it could be one or the other.

We're watching closely because most drug deaths today seem to originate with Fentanyl, the components of which are mostly made in China and shipped across the southern border relatively unimpeded thanks to the open border policies of Joe Biden and his entire Democratic administration, excepting some border state Dems. Fentanyl is sometimes laced with cocaine and some other recreational drugs.

I have written about the damage of Biden's total destruction of Trump's controlled border that allows drug cartels to more easily get contraband, that is, drugs, humans and terrorists, into the United States at the southernmost Mexico-US border opening. That gives the cartels a near direct route "to and through" (My quotes) drug markets in Memphis and beyond.

Gangsta performed in the world of drugs, crime and social deviancy that defines much of her select audience niche. Whether rappers want to admit it or not, her high production videos extolled those worlds to a niche with a niche audience of young black boys and girls living in poverty. Consider her "Kill Bitches."

"I'm gon' hurt one of you bitches Mane
that's why I'm gone stay to myself
Cause these bitches mane, always wanna play
I'm gon' hurt one of you bitches Mane
that's why I'm gone stay to myself
Cause these bitches mane, always wanna play

It's hard not to kill bitches
It's like an everyday job not to kill bitches
It's hard not to kill bitches
It's like an everyday job not to kill bitches
So what's a gangsta do?

As a lifelong white guy, I interpret the song as addressing the age-old threat of losing a relationship to unbridled sexuality from a possible competing mate, but her solution to the issue could easily be taken as legitimate to ghettoized unguided teens and preteens. I suspect there is no filter between concept and action once those lyrics hit home with no other concept to compete with "kill bitches." And so on with all her--and the rap genre itself--pieces. As long as rap (along with social media) are pumped into the brains of poor, black kids with no other guidance we will continue to see violence and group/individual decline.

Yet, that doesn't make me dislike her. At first glance she was a gut sourced artist that put it all out and a lot of fun that could break past barriers to at least some, like me, who listened to her. Rest in peace Gangsta Boo. I would have missed you if I had known you. She seemed to have different personnas. As a photographer I would have loved to have captured her in those other moments.


The Supremes Stay Title 42. Memphis misses the illegal invasion bullet--for now

(12/28/22 BenQQ) If you were wondering what the impact of permitting hundreds of thousands of unvetted unidentified illegal persons crossing the Southern border will look like in Memphis, you have to wait a little longer until the Supreme Court decides whether to keep Trump's anti-Covid measure in place. It was expected Title 42 to expire yesterday but the Supreme Court decided to keep Title 42 on the books at least for a short while. This is not what the Biden admin wanted. Critics say Biden would prefer the border states to be overrun by illegal immigrants as they penetrate northern states and overwhelm current demographics eventually to vote Democratic.

Whether through ongoing open border policy of the Biden administration or the expected huge influx of illegals when and if Title 42 is finally lifted, Memphians should be concerned.

The Heritage Foundation says previous stats show about half of all criminal prosecutions in federal courts in 2018 were illegal aliens charged with murder, drug trafficking, and kidnapping. These were only a "fraction" of their known non-convicted crimes. Biden's policy turned a successful Trump policy of stopping mass illegal alien absorption into the American homeland into an open funnel of drugs, human trafficking and property crime. On the first day of his administration Biden spitefully stopped construction of the southern border wall.

But a true U.S. Customs and Border Protection comparison for fiscal years FY17-23 of arrests of illegal aliens exploded under Biden this FY22 to 12,028 and 1,432 so far in FY23. (Fiscal Year 2023 runs October 01, 2022- September 30, 2023.) To be noted, these numbers show the convictions of illegal alien criminals. These numbers are said to dwarf actual criminals getting into the United States thanks to Biden's open border policy.

Memphis is reported to be on a major drug route used by Mexican drug cartels, heading to and through the city toward drug markets here and further north. Reported services include human trafficking, child prostitution and establishing drug distribution networks.

Does the city think we should be concerned? We've asked the city mayor, police department and council if we should be concerned about lifting of Title 42 and what if any plans are in the works to handle a possible flow of illegal immigrants through the city. We will post responses here.


As 50+ Americans died in winter storm, thousands were stranded in airports, 60% faced some sort of winter advisory and stores were looted, Biden heads to sunny St. Croix for another vacation.

(12.26.22 BenQQ) The thoughtful media are talking about it: in one of his worst displays of mindless oblivion to the outside world affecting Americans, Joe Biden ran off to the Virgin Islands for some sun and fun in yet another vacation. There was little evidence of preparation as "the storm of a generation" seemingly caught travelers and the administration by surprise.

Said Michelle Tafoya, former NFL sideline reporter,: "The optics of this are horrible. Not only is it a vacation, but it's somewhere warm and beautiful while others are freezing, literally, to death."

Government sponsored media NPR downplayed reports of looting and portrayed Gov Kathy Hochul (R) much like another storm victim. However, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown called the looters "the lowest of the low."

Nationally, there were 5,000 airline cancelations and 1,800 delays. We presume the alleged president was not delayed on his vacation.


After Two Years, Has Outrage Fatigue
Already Set In?

Outrage fatique? Probably not. Just outrage. A carport to an East Memphis home. photo by BenQQ.

(12.22.22 BenQQ) The notion that an American president could be conspiring with fellow federal henchmen to launch a domestic enemies attack on political opponents is hard to get. The “hard to get” part makes it that much easier for the Democrats to carry out polices that look more like those in China and Russia than the United States.

With the pretense of rounding up enemy fascists who had the temerity to protest what they believed was the stealing of the 2020 election, Joe Biden continues to make America look more like Red China and Russia. Perhaps that's no accident, considering he reportedly became richer, as well as compromised, via his influence peddling son, Hunter. Forgotten Hunter's laptop? That's by design. Here ya' go.

Not since the early twentieth century has the dominant party acted with such open targeting of its opponents, though the FBI gave it a good try to civil rights and antiwar activists back in the 60's and 70's. What's most disturbing is rank and file Democrats have stood by without raising a voice in protest to Biden's power mongering and family corruption. Indeed, Democrats voted for it.

In just two years, Biden and his party increasingly have leaned toward central government autocracy almost every time you see him totter across the screens of his party's propaganda media.

He has turned the opposition into an enemy so his federal minions at even the field levels of such generally OK government bodies as the DOJ, IRS, DOHS and FBI to act as his party's ideological storm troopers. Biden is testing the limits of traditional American restraint. After his reign we may see a federal government unafraid to go after people in more ways with less reason. I know of no Democrat who voted for that. Yet, they remain silent to the many faces of Biden's outrages that undermine American values.

So now the concept of “loyal opposition” is a thing of the quaint past. Democrats have acclimated themselves to the opposition by painting them as fascists, racists, criminals and “enemies of the state” (As said by leading Russia hoaxer Steve Cohen D-Memphis). Such have Trump supporters been variously personified over the past 7 years by their normie propaganda media egged on by political stooges of the left.  

All this is made easier because we have new young staffers indoctrinated by college professors who rail against traditional liberal American values. They are now working in all levels of government and supporting the deep state by ignorance, apathy or political enthusiasm. One thing we do know: Washington DC is now permanently demographically Democratic. Modern Democrats have thrown away any notion of procedural fairness, as shown by recent Trump associates snagged in DC courts.

As further illustration, the often mentioned CR—Continuing Resolution—would let the Republicans handle the budget in January. But nooooo. The Dems have rammed it through like a penis in a prophylactic and make everybody swallow it without ever even reading it. Gag effect worse: 17 Republicans voted for it with the vapid leadership of Mitch McConnel.

Everybody? That means Republicans and Democrats. As usual, the Dems are not serving even their own party by a bill so huge and full of fat the value of the dollar will continue to shrink. But they think their party members don't understand the word “inflation.” The results of the Nov. 8 “red wave” fiasco shows the Dems were right. There is a straight line between prices and common sense financial policy. Voting Democrats have yet to get it. Democrats may not believe it due to the propaganda media, but Donald Trump worked to keep every working American out of the Democratic financial morass.


Biden Administration Rounding Up More Jan 06 Pro-Democracy "Insurrectionists"

(12.16.22 BenQQ) The Biden Department of Justice, weaponized to the point of launching on what this writer thinks are hysterical, uneven, politically biased charges and subsequent arrests complete with manhunts. These stemmed from the Jan. 06 2020 demonstration in which hundreds of thousands Donald Trump supporters assembled on the U.S. capital to protest their belief the 2020 election victory was stolen from them and President Trump. Up until that time there had been media coverage of Democrats manipulating, transporting votes and hiding voting processes. Few local and state courts looked at the evidence. Democrats called charges of vote theft the "Big Lie."  

Subsequently computer forensic and captured video evidence respectively from Michael Lindell and Dinesh de D'souza have been shown to the public. Lindell provided a team of computer forensic experts who said the ballots were digitally transferred to China where ballots were changed for Biden. Lindell's findings have been generally ignored by media so there are few if any refutations from other experts to challenge his claims. D'Souza's movie 2000 Mules shows boxes of ballots, apparently in an organized effort, being stuffed into ballot drops by single individuals in various voting precincts around the country.

Free speech activist Cynthia Hughes said in a video of Epoch Times there had been 2,000 warrants issued to round up demonstrators. Hughes called for everyone who loves free expression to visit and donate to the legal fund for families and lawyers of demonstrators, many of whom have been put in dire need as a result of the overwhelming legal assault by Biden's DOJ. Hughes said they had helped "probably about 15 or 16 lawyers at this point" who are representing arrested demonstrators.

Speaking on Epoch Times' Over the Target, she said while the wives and children of the arrested and imprisoned demonstrators are her priority, she said she also works to help lawyers as well. "These are not run of the mill criminal charges," she said.

"They [the aforementioned lawyers] are up against a corrupt--I call it 'corrupt'--and evil monster you know in DC. There's really no fair jury..." Host Lee Smith interrupted her at this point to say the federal prosecutors have limitless resources.

Hughes said she had received a telephone call from a disabled veteran, presumably a demonstrator, whose home had been swarmed by 17 fully armed FBI agents.

See the full interview here.