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Ben Harrison

"Its kind of like you used to spend your time, you know, burning things, pulling people out of cars and having riots, well, now we have a new job for you and its called helping to rig the 2020 election"
-D'nesh D'Souza

(BenQQ 5.10.22) And boy did they rig it good. For $10 a vote Democratic Party operatives stuffed and mailed phoney ballots in the 2020 election, making our country appear like a criminal cartel only pretending to be a democracy, according to filmmaker and author D'inesh D'Souza.

We live in an era in which so much voter fraud occurred in 2020, two (non-media, yet arguably biased) organizations using their own experts, arrived at the same conclusion: The 2020 vote is massively fraudulent and, by inference, the Biden administration therefore must be considered illegitimate.

The media steadfastly refuse to examine this "crime of the century" because if the research methodologies turn out to be reliable and documented, the media driven charade of fooling the American people will be ripped from what amounts to a massive gaslighting operation the extent of which has never been seen. Are you ready for this one?

Using Covid as an opportunity to leap above and beyond traditional Democrat vote stealing, there easily was enough fraud to steal the 2020 election, says Trump supporter  D'Souza in his film 2,000 Mules.

Paid couriers called "mules" (you know, those paragons of humanity that usually smuggle people and drugs across borders) this time snuck in to surreptitiously plant 400,000 illegal ballots directly into ballot boxes in 5 swing states. The results, according to D'Souza changed the outcome of the 2020 election.

Democratic hired mules smuggled enough illegal ballots into the counting systems of crucial voting precincts to easily turn the election to Joe Biden, D'Souza says.

Perhaps the earliest harbinger of massive voter fraud was Trump winning the bell weather states that traditionally fortold the victor. Ignoring that, the media, commentators and reporters fell in line declaring Biden the winner. Then so did the courts later without hearing the evidence. Most notably the US Supreme Court declared it did not have standing to hear arguments.

Like the first presenter to dig up convincing evidence of industrial size voter fraud, Mike Lindell, who funded and oversaw a massive state by state investigation that he said yielded detailed technical and circumstantial information "proving" the election was systemically stolen, D'Souza draws from tech data, whistle blowers and surveillance footage.

D'Souza does not mention Lindell's own experts who traced votes, they claimed, to foreign locations, including China. Likewise, geo tracking is never mentioned in Lindell's video documentaries.

A voter integrity organization called True the Vote (TTV), (often cited by Trump in his rallies) bought massive cell phone data in the swing states from Oct 1 to election day 2020.

D'Souza said TTV bought and tracked "10 trillion pings" in the swing vote areas of Atlanta, Phoenix, Detroit, Milwaukee and Philadelphia. The mules picked up their satchels of ballots at the locations of various 'non-profit' left wing organizations ('vote stash houses'). D'Souza characterized characterized these groups as "Antifa and BLM thugs" who delivered fake ballots on a set route usually in the early morning hours.

D'Souza said there was a type of feed system pouring millions into this organizational network from billionaires to support political activities. 501-C3 groups are prohibited by law of engaging in such activities.

Such commonly known technology enabled researchers to identify the "mules" who dropped ballots into 10 or more drop boxes on their route, D'Souza said in an Epoch Tv interview with Joshua Phillipp.

The clincher to move him to make a film about this apparent operation was surveillance video of people who literally looked as if they were stuffing ballot boxes.

The video purports to show the mules taking pictures of their hands dropping "votes" into ballot boxes so they could get paid. D'Souza said they were unidentifiable in hoodies, wearing gloves and making sure they were not seen stuffing the boxes. The FBI had busted one ballot stuffer through his fingerprints, so, D'Souza said, the word went out to wear gloves.

D'Souza says this was a coordinated planned operation. Apparently Democratic planners were not smart enough to think of the surveillance video or standard cell phone pinging.


Another Outrage--a Double Secret Memo Leaked From the Supremes: We're going to overturn Roe v. Wade

The left has finally undermined the last institution it could get its hairy paws on: the US Supreme Court. It blasted out of the bowels of power like a roadside IED if not IUD.

Someone leaked a draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade. Someone with a purpose. Someone who didn't want women to vote for Trump in November. At least that seems to be the theory from both right and left with the left giving it a wink-wink thumbs up.

And for political benefit the leaker was willing to destroy the court's integrity in order to gin up votes against Trump.

Short of not hearing the voting corruption case brought by Trump, this is the second most disturbing event surrounding the court since Biden's "election," the fraud evidence of which was denied a hearing by this very court.

Now look to the Democrats to revive their campaigns to pack the court, kill the filibuster and be the tin drum saviors to abortion rights.

At this point, the court should fire every law clerk and confiscate their papers and phones.

Imagine, if the justices actually vote to "overturn," that is take away federal protection of abortion rights for women, we will be thrown back into the never ending quagmire of arguing over whether a woman has a right to choose over her personal body issues. Wade v Roe, at least legally, settled all that.

Now, we have the media following women into back rooms somewhere getting an abortion by activist doctors. In fact stories of back rooms and coat hangars will be gone but replaced likely by safe but illegal abortion locations. The available technology of abortions will not go away but it will go underground.

Worst of all, amid war and likely coming war with China, the 'Big Leak' detracts from weak Republicans and complicit Democrats in congress to do anything about the corruption, criminality and compromising of our very president who was "elected" under serious questions of massive organized voter fraud.

Finally, the Big Leak could rebound on Trump and his "nativists" (the latest media epithet used against his supporters).

Women will have to decide if abortion rights are more important than returning to the common sense governance of Trump.

However, in two years it may be too late for the country, anyway.

Are You Controlled by
Democratic Blue Thinking? Test Your Critical Senses With
2000 Mules

(BenQQ 5.20.22) Individuals are different from each other. In all my years I have never seen one individual be, that is act, think, respond and look exactly like another person.

I'm no psychologist. In watching ways people communicate with each other, a big method looks this way: first emotionalize a message and then reward the message receivers for their agreement.

The ONLY way to listen and weigh an argument, especially a political one, is to go technical.

Going technical means trying to first set aside your emotional responses and second look at the facts. Don't get me wrong, Your responsive emotion is first indication you might have good reason to support an argument, but emotion doesn't support reason itself. Only thinking through the facts does.

So in the second step, choose your sources and media for the quality of the facts they present to you. I have come to think of mass media as the purveyor of the worst fact quality.

That's because writers and TV personalities present facts the way the writer or producer thinks their market is the most amenable. (Hence, a double benefit: the writer or producer gets to self-validate their employment and the value of their platform as a business advertising medium is upheld, but all that is another story.)

For example, a stunning example to my theory is USA Today's coverage of President Trump's comments to the crowd on Jan. 6. The USA Today, to which the Memphis Commercial Appeal is a subscriber, reported Trump told the crowd to march "on" the capital. He did no such thing. That's not even a fact.

Trump's video-taped remarks to his thousands of supporters that day show he said "to" the capital. "On" infers an attack and "to" infers nothing more than what hundreds of organizations have done over the years in free speech expression at the Capital steps.

His exact words were: "So we're going to, we're going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. I love Pennsylvania Avenue. And we're going to the Capitol, and we're going to try and give."

The "media" went on to state as facts Trump's intention to foment an attack the capital. There is no evidence nor any indication he intended to do any of that--other than what committee partisans claim for political benefit.

Then there's the fraud in the 2016 election...

Here's another failure at the way media handle the facts: their non-examination of the massive fraud in the 2016 election. Someone came up with a term to denigrate the position who dared to think the election was stolen from the American people: The Big Lie. The imitative media repeated The Big Lie over and over.

With no media examining the corruption within the Democratic Party, that left others to investigated the election. Hence, Mike Lindell and D'Nesh D'Souza.

I've written about both Lindell's and D'Souzas operation. D'Souza has his film debut in theatres today. In Memphis, here are the locations.

I plan to be at one, watch the film and hopefully get some comments.


Carlson's Arguments Fail on Ukraine

(BenQQ 5.17.22) Why do people say what they say and how is it to their benefit? Nothing wrong with people saying stuff for their benefit. I do it here all the time as independents.

Now, we DO want non-indies, especially Democrats, to start thinking independently and break from the Democratic Party because we believe that party officially sets the good of everybody second to the presumed benefits to individuals voting Democratic. (And those supposed benefits now are not even so hot.)

Thus when commentators make their argument, watch their language and logic. Even those on the right side of the political scale can and do make the same egregious errors as those on the left.

Tucker Carlson, whose video we've approvingly previously posted in these pages, is an exemplar of the above rhetorical fallacy. Consider: he calls those who support sending money to Ukraine "war mongers." Give it some thought. Not without the evidence of history, libertarian conservatives especially respond well to such rhetoric.

My concern about sending $40 billion to Ukraine to defeat Russian aggression, which many believe is just a start of Putin's attempt to reconstitute the old soviet empire, is not about the money. Putin and his revanchist intellectuals want to instill the old "Russian world" (Russkiy mir). Putin himself decreed the establishment of the government sponsored Russkiy Mir Foundation in 2007.

A Wikipedia report says, "According to assistant editor Pavel Tikhomirov of Russkaya Liniya [ru], the "Russian world" for politicized Ukrainians, whose number constantly increases, nowadays is "simply 'neo-Sovietism' masked by new names".

Such are the romanticized destinies of nations. See the Empire of Japan and expanded "living space" of Germany in the first half of the 20th century. They reveal their own outcomes: world devastation. Would we have spent an equivalent amount in the late 30's to keep Japan and Germany in check? Had we not been taken in, of course we would have. But now we have a third chance to save the world.

So 40 billion for European security and world war avoidance is not inappropriate. Biden's clan--as well as most politicians reading the public--knows there was little choice. Did they want to be the ones who let Russia to gobble up Nazi-style whole state societies who had rediscovered freedom and were siding with the West and NATO? This is one of those situations that that would not only look good, it wouldn't be good.

But what's inappropriate is dispensing it under the destruction the Biden regime already has inflicted on the US economy. This negatively effects our ability to create arms and advanced military technology that cost millions of dollars. Add all that to what Biden has done to our own energy industry. Trump effectively had made our energy industry immune to the influences of other nations--and that is a great advantage in time of war. Biden and his anti-American clan destroyed it.

Simply out of spite Biden ruined Trump's economic and energy policies that were working. Putin knows the stupidity of Biden and his administration. After Putin's initial defeat in Ukraine, he is likely, based on behavior in Chechnya and believing the US can ill afford to spend several billion more, to escalate the war toward a greater Russkiy Mir.

I believe that will happen. Not only will Biden have allowed Mad Vlad to play us as we played the old Soviet Union in the last century, we will be staring in the face of Putin's oft verbalized threat of world war.

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