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November 2022

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Getting a Personal Firearm in Memphis

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Local Media Fail to Connect Local Fentanyl Bust with Biden's Border Destruction

(10.21.22 BenQQ) Local media recently reported a huge Fentanyl bust on I-40 but left out another part of the story of how more drug get smuggled over the southern border. Biden's open border policy and his executive order to halt construction of the border fence would have largely halted the flow of millions of illegal, unvetted migrants into the U.S., according to experts.

As a result, the deadly drug passed to and through the Midsouth apparently enroute to points north. This is not only a journalistic failure to report the back story but a practical coverup of an impeachable offense of Biden not to enforce federal immigration law.

These stories show a "business as usual" attitude without mentioning Biden's official policy that in effect makes it easier for drugs, human trafficking and other violent actors to cross the southern border. Memphis is a heavily Democratic media market. Link.

edited correction 10.23.22, I-40, not I-240


A Digital Dictatorship is in Your Future--With Biden's Help

(10.19.22 BenQQ) by way of Dr. Mercola-from Investigative journalist Whitney Web. Someone put Biden up to starting a biomed research agency built after DARPA, that is the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, you know, where the big brained patriots invent among other things those futuristic weapons and tools to be used by our military forces. Great you say. Only now that high tech development concept is being a applied to a reported $1 billion dollar agency to sniff--with the cooperation of Big Tech--people's digital tracks to find those who might commit a crime based on 'neuropsychiatric warning signs' or "wrong-think," as Dr. Mercola calls it. What could go wrong? More.


China Wants to Control the Moon; Biden Just Might Let Them

(10.16.22 BenQQ) Military leaders agree: whoever controls the moon controls events on earth. As China rapidly advances technical and military progress in space, the US alternates its speed every 2 to 4 years to reflect whatever it commands in a campaign mood or more earthly parochial news issues.

Regardless, it is hoped this is red hot in the current military establishment: when, not if, China makes it to the moon, it will declare it Chinese territory just as it has with islands in the South China Sea.

A space industrial group declared in a report in August, "Were China to win this race to industrialize the economic zone of space and secure its governance through leadership and might, it would have vast consequences for the security of the U.S. and its allies. The international order will have changed significantly."

The problem for every American: Biden's advisers have recommended "cooperation" with China, a brutal, repressive dictatorship, as we all know, that has declared its goal to dominate space by 1945. Despite this, Biden's advisors have encouraged him to cooperate with China in space. There is little reason he will think differently. Someday, such an action will be seen as traitorous.

China is well on its way, or may have already, developed technology to destroy America's still operating legacy satellites. Not so with Elon Musk's Space X satellites. Says he, Space X satellites are cheaper, smaller and easier to replace should China knock them out.

These are the satellites he donated to Ukraine which has proven to be a valuable intelligence resource in defeating the Russian orcs. He has said he will continue to donate them through next year, even though Biden turned down his request to pay for them to the tune of $120 billion. Musk is erratic. That could change. However that, Space X technology may be a key component to replacing old satellites downed by enemies in the future.

President Trump launched Space Force with the purpose of maintaining American superiority in space. Biden and his 'advisors' have eyes focused on issues that should be put aside until we have a guaranteed future of winning wars, especially those world wars to be brought to us by the alliance of Russia and China.

Why is Biden slow walking space defense? Is it because he has been compromised by both the bear and the dragon?

My view: if we can't turn this around, we are in trouble.


Will a Weak Biden Presidency Facilitate a Nuclear War?

(BenQQ 10.11.22) When the Democrats had their judicial allies in local courts and ultimately the U.S. Supreme Court not to hear the actual arguments of massive vote fraud claims from the lawyers for President Trump, those judicial bodies consequently set in motion a future history of Biden actions that would beg for real investigations of destructive actions motivated by rank power.

Such actions include a looming financial outlook that some have compared to the Great Depression; getting compromised to hostile foreign governments even at the presidential level; allowing in millions of illegal aliens the effect of which is to increase taxes, crime and lower job opportunities for, right now at least, contract laborers; weaponization of government departments, especially the FBI and IRS, against American citizens whose opinions differ from the Democratic power structure and more not mentioned here and to come.

Unbelievably against any democratic notion that people vote their interest, millions were actually persuaded into voting for a guy who would drive down the value of the dollar and use their taxes to hire an army of armed IRS agents to probe their financial anuses with a blunt legal object. These will be the Biden Audits. You may have voted for it.

It is shocking that rank and file Democrats could be manipulated into voting not only against their own interests, but the interests and well being of the country.

Looming: if his well documented pattern holds consistent, the worst is yet to come.

Experts agree: there is a possibility of nuclear war with Russia. Next question: has Biden put the world in this position? Let's look at the abysmal facts of the contributions of Joe Biden in representing American interests in foreign policy.

Along with the egregious betrayal of Americans on American embassy soil by Hillary Clinton in Benghazi, the Democratic Party has exhibited a pattern of vacillation and weakness toward hostile governments. For example, Obama sent a first payment of $400 million in cash in the dead of night to Iran reportedly returning money Iran had paid the US for jets before it had a revolution that captured-and kept-the US Embassy, holding 52 Americans in captivity for a year. The deal was shocking in its acquiescence to an enemy.

Biden himself has a long history of wrong foreign policy decisions before becoming president, but lets just talk about his short time now in the oval office, as our enemies and friends have watched the whole circus:

His lousy withdrawal from Afghanistan was an abject failure that cost American and allied lives, billions of dollars in American equipment some of which found its way to Russia and China for study, not to mention a strategic base at China's doorstep. Nothing could have resulted with greater loss nor service to our enemies. The lesson to our antagonists: Democrats don't care, so act soon.

Biden's defense budget was totally inadequate to deal with the dual threats China and Russia, both of which Biden's son had found a source of payouts, a large percentage of which went to the "big guy" as asserted by former business partner Bobulinski. Not surprisingly, Biden dismissed the idea that China was a threat to America.

Mixing bad domestic policy with bad foreign policy, Biden most recently went begging for oil from Venezuela and the United Arab Emirates, the latter of which actually dropped oil production to insult Joe after his visit and to keep gas prices high for Americans. Biden had stabbed America in her soft underbelly by declaring war on her own energy industry and killing the Keystone Pipeline that could be delivering hundreds of thousands of barrels daily had he not executive ordered its demise his first day. Even if Biden comes to his senses about drilling domestically, it will take months, if not over a year, to get the oil production back up, according to experts.

How much more will it take for rank and file Democrats, such as the hard habituated core in Memphis, to abandon the party for the "sake of the country?"

Apparently, it may take the threat of or an actual nuclear war.

Observing Biden's weakness for his first year, Russia began its military buildup on Ukraine's border in the spring of 2021. (Remember that under Obama in 2014, Russia occupied Crimea after watching Obama's "leading from behind" nonsense--Putin's first confirmation the Democrats were likely to let him get away with anything.) This year Putin recently held sham votes that "annexed" 4 parts of Ukraine--Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia — areas that constitute about 15 percent of Ukraine’s territory.

For people who know anything about European history, if this is not a repeat to Hitler's annexation of Sudetenland in 1938 before he took all of Europe, nothing will be. We have the weakest president and vice-president imaginable to handle this crisis. If the whole of Europe, as well as we ourselves, stay out of war with Russia, we should all count ourselves lucky.

Democrats should open their eyes and flee their party to put America back on solid footing economically and therefore defensively. They finally may reject wokism and their party that has propagated it for votes for the return of a strong America and better personal safety and income as well.


When Dogs Go To Church

(10.3.22) Bartlett United Methodist Church held their annual Blessing of the Animals this weekend. People showed up with their pets on leash or in cell phone image to be blessed by Pastor Dean Emerson. About 20 dogs seemed to enjoy receiving his benediction and owners showed gratitude for it as well.


Standard Racial and Class Fallbacks From the Dems

DeSantis is a hurricane racist.

MSN Joy Reid likened FL Gov. DeSantis to a segregationist Miami sheriff who said, "When the looting starts, the shooting starts." Her remarks gurgitated when DeSantis warned the criminal element not to loot or someone might shoot them in the process. Open question: does Reid have personal protection? Is her home now broken open so mobs could ransack it as they do now to businesses with impunity? Yeah, thought so.

Sheriff Walter Headley. See the similarity to Ron DeSantis?

Kamala Harris Begs for "Equity" Aid for Hurricanes Victims

No, its just not aid to residents, but the right kind of resident, don't you see. She explained that darker skinned people got started behind white skins and so the hurricane gives us all an opportunity to set things right. Motivation: votes based on race. The idea appeals to class and racial hatreds and punishes whites. What's more with this racial gambit, she may get votes as a bonus.

Republican Women Are Like Cockroaches--Sonny Hostin of The View

(BenQQ 11.3.22) Watching Democratic propaganda: Democrats have relied on the media to say the things candidates could not get away with (unless you are in a deep blue enclave like Memphis, hence we have local Rep. Steve Cohen who fallaciously called Trump racist and a criminal and is unapologetic to this day and was, like most Democrats, a rubber stamp.) However, Sonny Hostin of The View exercised even more radical agitprop with a modern version of Nazi propaganda by comparing Republican women to cock roaches. It took about 3 minutes for their audience to get it and start applauding, even though some seemed to have a natural backstop to what actually they were hearing. There are many examples of Nazis comparing Jews to vermin that made it easier for Germans to suppress their natural objections to Nazi policy. Flash to the Democrats today and you have commentators running the demagogue gamut: Republicans might kill your kids to being, as we have seen, cockroaches. We don't believe in cancelling people but Hostin's career as a Democratic mouth should be over. The real problem is many ideological Democrats absorb this bilge without a critical thought and we've seen what that leads to.


An Unsolicited Life Lesson

(BenQQ 11.2.22) We live in a world for which you vote. The one memorable thing Obama said was voting has consequences.

If you live in Memphis, you probably voted for the world we have now: inflation, crime, influx of illegal mass foreign populations, oppressing free speech via big tech, the FBI going after objecting parents at school board meetings, questionable science and corruption from the CDC, higher gas and food prices, general validation of abnormality like undermining police and pushing bizarre public sexualizations, all the while the educated “experts” in the media comfort the powerful and give it all, including to Biden himself, a slippery validation.

If you're honest, you know you've been had.

Unless you think conforming to a larger culture is automatically morally superior, I'd ask you to look at the extremes in which that has failed: National Socialism (Nazis), Pol Pot, soviet communism, Chinese communists, soft socialism and now we have similar veins of extreme conformity emanating from none other than our fellow citizens who are just now waking up to the fraud. Welcome to reality. Step out your front door and see the wreckage the current regime and its followers have wrought. Welcome to the other side.

Thankfully, a falling number of citizens finally think its OK our alleged president does nothing to dislodge the notion that he's in office illegitimately, that he calls half of the country fascist as his staff has him stand behind blood red icons of American history, that he and his Democratic predecessor have weaponized government, that is, the FBI, IRS, Justice, Immigration in particular, that he has conspired with his addled drugged up son to collect payments from foreign hostile governments and now he himself is making existential decisions in relation to those probable future enemies.

The overwhelming feeling among the average non-political still taken in by the normie media—that is, the habitual voters psychologically propagandized to by the unrelenting left—is everything is OK. This is progress. Its good that mass populations the size of Memphis are streaming into the country multiple times a year. Look the other way. They are not going to hurt your jobs, salaries, taxes. Relax. Have fun. Eat something sugary and fatty. Have a beer. Smoke a joint. Listen to the media. They know best. And while you are doing nothing, vote for us—while we do our worst, but don't think about that.

But to a percentage of others just now waking up to it, there is an insecure feeling of drift, as if the country is floating aimlessly on a big motorless boat that was cut from port by vandals as sharks scull around it.

Hunker down children. The big Democratic roller coaster is ending but expect whiplash even as more Democrats try to jump off before it butts against the safety railing.


Would a Trump Style Activist Mayor Work for Memphis?

Ans: Possibly, With an Action Brain Trust of Non-Politicians to Attack Memphis Endemic Urban Problems

--All United in a Movement of Elected Allied Council Members

(BenQQ 10/28/22) Hey candidates, forget woke. Here's my message to you:

I don't necessarily mean a Trump clone--there is none--but someone like a Trump activist who understands problems and acts on solutions. That is, not just talk about putting a dent in urban problems, but reversing them in short order--just like Trump had done with jobs, economy, immigration, energy and global stabilization in only 4 years. Memphis needs that type of mayor and council or she's going to continue to drift in and out of a kind of typical urban miasma. So, what would it take?

First, that executive would need the strategic vision to actually fix the 3 interrelated problems plaguing all Democratic run urban centers everywhere: poverty, crime and education. This activist mayor would need to not approach each one of these social conditions individually, but all three together, on an economic/social footing.

Is there a mayor candidate to take this on? That is, bring on 3 alpha players to fight in their own arenas--economy, crime, education--a kind of action tripartite willing to take on special interests and do the things necessary to structurally solve crime, education and employment in Memphis. The second thing this "Trump Mayor" would set out to do is get rank and file Democrats to realize they need independent leadership to break from the local culture drift of crime, economics and education. Forget high falutin' "plans." Just start doing it with this:

1. reduce crime by launching a new hiring program and lower prosecution thresholds similar to what Mayor Guiliani did in New York City,
2. educate and inculcate in students literacy, math, science and computer proficiency as required by real companies so
3. Memphians get options in increasing high paying stable employment and career choices.

Once phase 1 was accomplished, these 3 results would be put into custom Business Attraction Package (BAPs) to bring businesses to Memphis.

To get something like this done, if it is to be done at all, would be disrupting to all concerned.

Just to get started on a low key level, the mayor could launch a secure private page without spending anything on travel or perks, that literally asked companies what they are looking for now and in the future in their specific industries in the way of employee buildups when considering locations or relocation.

This process would be ongoing as the city builds up a business pool to which to make proposals. No doubt parts of this has already been done by committed individuals, but I fail to see a unified non-political strategic campaign. If so, where/what is it?

So I'm looking for a "Memphis First" type executive that knows how to bring down crime and bring up education to aggressively attract companies. I'd like to see a revolutionary combination of law enforcement plus an educational operation that would make Memphis desirable for companies to build and stay here--not just declare they're going to be here but leave after a look-see.

Eventually Memphis voters will understand crime and education are the economic determinants of the city, not easy manipulative woke declarations.


Democrats Fail in Blocking Court Oversight of Ballot Counting

(10/24/22 BenQQ) A New York Supreme Court Justice ruled: "In no event may a court order a ballot that has been counted to be uncounted." That ruling stems from a suit brought by Republicans who objected to New York's new election laws amended by state Democrats. Some are predicting it will go to the Supremes in which case modern Democrats will continue to reveal their unconstitutional dictatorial preferences if they can get away with it. This is good but in the 2020 election there was documented mass ballot fraud but hardly any state courts agreed to rule on the substance of cases. Link.


First the Walk Away Movement and Now Mass Abandonment of the Democratic Party

(10.22.22 BenQQ) Despite the high pitched efforts of the normie anti-Trump media to "report" his alleged "crimes" in order to stop his peoples' juggernaut toward the impending midterms, Democrats continue to lose members.

The "Walk-away" movement reflected a wide range of rank and file Democrat dissatisfaction with their party before and after the 2016 election. I made a video about that back then but somehow I cannot find it now in Youtube. (If so, it wouldn't be the first Youtube deemed my opinions verboten. Yes, I'm looking into moving my political opinion pieces to other platforms.)

Recent indications that the Democrats are losing members: according to Gallup , Republican numbers in 2021 increased to 47% and Democrats dropped to 42%. Remember, these are stats to which people answered person-to-person telephone questions. I suspect there is a much larger percentage of Democrats who've had it with their party--let's mention in your face crime, defunding police, inflation, transgenders dancing in front of their kids, schools and union failing them while sexualizing them with aberrant social instruction, , etc.--and will vote against these failing values privately. On the other hand, I believe many Republicans avoid polls, knowing they can be biased nomatter the results (Fox News) as they were in 2016. My opinion: there is going to be a red wave even larger than expected in a couple of weeks.

More--New York is a hard core mass Democrat enclave, though not in Dem-Rep proportion compared to Memphis, but here's what conservative says about the governor's race there now:

"A new co/efficient poll found that Rep. Lee Zeldin has taken the lead over his opponent Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY).
45.6 percent of voters favor Zeldin just slightly more than Hochul, which got 45.3 percent.
Co/efficient pollster Ryan Munce suggested that people are waking up to realize that Democratic leadership destroys the country."

But that's a conservative publication my liberal visitors say in objection to which I say, "But there's more..."

Telemundo, the Wall Street Journal and NBC News conducted polling that showed in September 2022 73% of conservative preferred Republicans to control congress as opposed to 17% favoring the Democrats. A gargantuan trend is showing. A previous poll showed 49% of the same exact group favored Democrats. Their pollilng summed up: Latinos don't like socialists.

The handwriting is on the wall for the Democrats. They are hemorrhaging their traditional voters. My prediction: expect high priced consultants to start telling them the obvious: put your economic policies, inflationary spending, energy depleting, social transformation and socialist priorities behind your big black curtain for now. Talk about other things. But what other things? they ask innocently. All we've got is abortion and January 6. Both of these poll dead last in issues people are concerned about.


Proof Biden is concerned about the "rest of the world" and not about the economy draining buying power from the pockets of Memphis Democrats.

At What Point Do You Give Up the Ghost of a Ghost President? The Ghost of a Party?

(10.18.22 BenQQ) Strategists of both parties have the "cringe line" (my term when I was doing this stuff in California) that you don't cross. Biden has crossed a few but last week's Biden moment happened when he licked an ice cream cone and thoughtlessly declared he wasn't interested in rising gas prices. It came with video, audio and jaw dropping disbelief.

No, he wasn't at all concerned about the highest gas prices in generations, prices that he literally caused but blames on Putin and Trump. Rather, he said he was concerned "about the world," the very world his weakness and vacillation has brought to the edge of war.

And if you live in Memphis, you probably voted for it.

If there was ever a reason for Democrats to break from their party, it is right now. I'm not talking about Democratic ideologues who can't get by without an indoctrinated conviction that Trump and Trumpers, like me, are racists, etc. I'm referring to the Democrats who, like me, work for a living and want the government we all pay for to stop the nonsense of bringing us to the edge of a great depression, excusing and even promoting crime, flooding the country with illegals that reduce our wages and exacerbating division as never before.

Modern Democratic policies hurt everybody, especially working class Democrats.

In Memphis, a deep blue enclave in a red state, rank and file Democrats can show they expect way better from their party by saying no to getting played by the media and ideologues.


CNN Might As Well Be "State Sanctioned Media" to Keep Democrats Especially in the Dark

(10.15.22 BenQQ) Just as alleged President Biden painted the country into a corner with nuclear war due to his lack of resolve during the year-long Russian buildup on Ukraine's border, the normie media have put themselves into a journalistic corner with their fake setup questions without even a followup.

Undoubtedly it would be a virtual admission of their unprofessionalism and calumny for these media after years of Democratic promo hackism to shift to being responsible journalists digging out the facts for Americans. But they have to keep voting Democrats especially--those who do not seek out other sources of information on the internet--in the camp of dupes and fools. The sad part of all this is everybody knows this "information crisis" except the Dems who are seldom hit with the facts because their standard sources of information are normie media from The View to MSNBC.

Consider the recent "interview" with CNN's Jake Tapper. How can anyone play along that this was a real interview? Tapper served up his questions like prearranged cupcakes on a tray for Biden to nibble and then go to another fructose question.

Why is this a problem for all of us? Consider a country like Russia where only state sanctioned news has brought the world to the edge of nuclear war. That's bad, even criminal. But consider a news establishment that interviews the president as if it were state sanctioned media. In practicality, there's no difference between the two.


Democrats: How Gullible Do You Let Yourself Be?

(10.13.22 BenQQ) Even in habituated deep Dem enclaves like Memphis where politicians can use obvious tales and appeals that should have been put to rest long ago, the Great Leader continues to tell new tales and embellish the old ones.

He and his party know such personal hyperboles hold sway over his crowd--either by their own lack of judgement or ideological reasons to excuse or even promote the nonsense he utters just about every time he opens his mouth. Is anybody in staff trying to control this guy?

Biden is obviously unaware people can go to that new-fangled internet and get lots of information. Whether you choose to keep yourself in partial darkness with normie corporate media or people who read a lot and produce a small publication (like me), the information is there for you to have. So have it.

Three of my favorites: Biden portrays himself as coming from a working class family where they had to sit around the kitchen table and go over bills. Actually his father owned car dealerships. Another more cinematic one: he had a coming-of-age boy to manhood moment where he had to fight "Corn Pop" at a swimming pool.  (Get an hilarious account of the Cornpop menace here.) The most egregious one Biden has used repeatedly: his first wife and child were killed by a drunk truck driver. The truck driver was never charged for driving drunk, but Biden and his media friends unabashedly reported it as fact. The family of the truck driver has objected, saying it was a tragic accident.

Every account has some part truth and large part fabrication made up to serve Biden in whatever context is presented. The best liars mix truth with untruths. Eventually they forget which is which. For example, yesterday describing feats of the Army 10th Mountain Division during World War II, Biden puzzlingly added his son died in action in Iraq. His son Beau died of brain cancer. Does Biden with years of serving up bull**** to a complicit media and gullible followers even now know the difference?

The Federalist claims there were 139 lies since June of last year and no telling how many since then.


In the Wake of Woke: Has It Infiltrated Everything from Media to Medicine?

(10.10.22 BenQQ) It is hard not to believe that most corporations have not bought into the woke ideology promoted by the Democratic Party and their sympathetic media.

Consider: The June 4 gay pride parade on Beale Street this summer showcased the participation of two mayors, the current district attorney, enthusiastic coverage by the Commercial Appeal--Hey, why not? You can't beat the colorful weird people pictures that in another time would not have occurred--and no doubt some big Memphis businesses that were not named in the paper's article. But since it is now deemed a social movement comparable to that of Dr Martin Luther King and we have a media culture that mixes reporting with uncritical promotion, we see stories such as this.

It's easy and profitable for media to fall in line with the gay movement, which started generations ago to win rights and protections for homosexuals. Once won, the Woke movement picked up the cudgel for general acceptability of transgenderism and recognition of such regardless of age. Big social mistake.

As with so many woke issues, the Commercial Appeal bends over backwards journalistically for such promotional coverage. Except for a few members of a marching band and Hispanic group, this is the only image of a large group of individuals in the gay parade, yet the story pitched the event as mainstream. Story by Daniel Connolly and pictures by Christine Tannous here.

In the wake of woke polemics, organizations and corporations have gone way beyond just being opposed to homophobia but have lined up behind transgenderism, the notion there are multiple sexes, ever younger sexualization, the abandonment of gender specific pronouns and the like. Memphis power structure itself has pretty much accepted all definitions of self with which anyone wants to identify.

I believe that adherence to political/social ideology is a contributor to hospitals providing permanent body changes to kids under the age of 18. Right, you say. We have to stop them from getting those tattoos. Remember when a kid got a tattoo was a big deal and not even legal in most or many places?

In fact, it is news when an institution breaks from the current predictable groveling to Democratic allied media to put a break on woke mania. Consider: Tennessee's much esteemed Vanderbilt University that paused "gender affirming surgeries for minors." said it was because Republicans objected to the practice after a Vanderbilt doctor touted the procedures as "huge money makers" with Republicans objecting even though they could not point to a single law being broken. Huh? No law" What about the practice itself, especially when it is done on minors and is recognized as an income producer.

What's clear: the media continues to report superficial mediagenic wokism itself without looking at its broader impact.

Some Media High Points Tuesday 10/4/22

The Essence of Comments From Maria in the Morning Fox News:

-Eric Adams shows the hypocrisy of the Democrats on illegals. Democrats blame Governors as inhumane when flying illegals into his city but supports Biden when he does the same with said illegals. The massive influx of illegals are flooding into Texas and other border and adjacent border states. (My comment: That includes Memphis which is on a direct pass through route north.)

Biden completely ignores criminal cartels, in addition to deaths and human trafficking on the border. Democrats are just fine with all that. The word "evil" was used in describing his administration.

-Financial guys: Another financial crisis is coming. Fed has no choice but to cause it to slow the economy.

-On Florida rebuilding: 2-3 years before Florida is completely rebuilt. Republicans asking Democrats not to fill the aid package with pork and aid to Ukraine. Insurance policies getting cancelled. "Completly racist statement" regarding Kamala Harris call for equity aid first to victims. Democrats focused on sacrificing aid to white victims for political points.

-Live pictures of illegals exiting bus at the New York Port Authority.

-Price of gas going back up. Cal. prices up 60 cents/gal in past week. Biden blithely not worried, still amazingly saying consumers paying "far less" at the pump. Global supply is tight but Biden declared war on the oil industry on his first day. Current energy crisis can be alleviated by proper policies not practiced by this White House. Production issues affecting costs. Biden squelched production with his woke green policies and is now going to our antagonists with hat in hand for oil.

-Local Florida restaurants raising prices after Hurricane Ian. Restaurateur: "Downscaled the menu." 6 months to return to normal "but 2 years wouldn't surprise me."

-Dagan: Pelosi predicts success in the mid-terms. People applauded her on the Colbert show. But why? Said Pelosi in the face of Biden's destructive policies: Biden is "great president," "accomplished so much." Dagan: no wonder Steven Colbert's ratings so awful. Pelosi's remarks were embarrassing claptrap. Americans are appreciating what? Pelosi is trying to export California disaster to other parts of the country. Biden has absolutely no accomplishments. Did the audience have barf bags in the seats, Dagan asks. Standard of living is declining. Biden lies celebrating inflation at a WH picnic. Food insecurity on the rise. People are eating worse now under Biden. Credit card debt all time high.

Biden is Right
Keep Russia from Winning the War in Ukraine

(BenQQ 11.12.22) With as many idiotic blunders Biden and his cronies have committed in just two years, one has little faith he'll make the right decisions regarding Ukraine. While the Russian dictatorship is actively pushed back, another, Communist China, plans and waits.

Biden has stifled the economy so as to slow down the rapid manufacture of military technology and equipment, let alone his normal administrative slow walk to develop such. Need we mention his: weak personna leading to the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster, tepid response to Russian buildup on the border of Ukraine, Chinese aggression in the Pacific, woke infusion into the military while discharging good warriors for opposing a Covid 19 jab? Generally, you would think he has put the US behind an eight ball.

But once he finally saw--or someone pointed it out to him--the danger of Russia grabbing Ukraine, he did the right thing by supplying weapons, especially the HIMARs that have destroyed Russian bases and ammunition centers. In the hands of the brave Ukrainians, they are a big reason Russia is on the run. Ukraine has the momentum. They now need air defense and longer reach missiles to start hitting Crimea that Russia stole--because Obama let them--in 2014.

Unless Russia dethrones Putin and replaces him with someone more rational, she is unlikely to stop at just one invasion. It doesn't matter that she has already lost in just 9 months 100,000 dead, wounded and captured. That's why Biden has got to authorize a new tranche of new weapons to support Ukraine at this stage of the war.

To not would let Russia know that reforming her military with better equipment and professional generals, officers and soldiers would be what she needed to install a puppet government in Kyev. Ukraine must have the weapons and this time second level maintenance from US technicians.


It is in everybody's interest to not have Russia reconstitute her old empire. These are Estonia, Moldova, Georgia, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and even Belarus that is puppet controlled by Russia and hated by the population.  Most of these countries finally broke away from not only generations of communist but Stalinist oppression to finally becoming fully independent, democratic and western affiliated. Like the base in Afghanistan that could have been an asset next door in the likely future fight with Red China, these countries would be the adjacent bulwark should the Russian Empire, especially if Russia would want to take advantage of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. My non-expert view: Russia could invade north from a puppet Ukraine and the Russian border itself thus making all of these countries a salient where they have to defend on two sides. And let's not forget, China is watching.

Conservatives like Tucker Carlson, Tulsi Gabbard, Marjorie Greene and others who somehow see a connection between Biden's not protecting our southern border contrasted with western efforts for the borders of Ukraine miss the larger picture. Let Russia continue her expansion and a likely broader European war could easily grow into a World War that will make the southern border irrelevant. Gabbard has even called those who support Ukrainian defense 'war mongers." I call her and her ilk isolationists and blind to standard old style state aggression that changes regional conflicts into global ones.


Jake Broe Interview with Ben Hodges

What Ukraine Needs Now


Republican, Democrat or Black 1st?

(BenQQ 11.11.22) As an Independent who votes Republican when there are not close odds, I'm always looking for cracks in the doctrinaire wall of deep blue habitual politics in Memphis.

As I voted in my neighborhood, I thought I spotted it: a black man wearing a sweatshirt with the front graphic of 3 check ballot boxes that read "Democrat, Republican, Black 1st." All the boxes were unchecked, but I got the point. The shirt declared I'm voting my interest.

It seemed to me he was reflecting just good old Jeffersonian Democracy with his vote loyal to his own interests and not those of the traditional upper class of--back then in Jefferson's time just bankers and aristocracy but now corporations, government, globalists, media and big tech that are not in his interest-- all of which claim to be in his interest. Ironically, they don't come close to those created under Trump.

Fascinated by his message, I caught up with him and had to ask him some questions, but he demured. I was curious if he would say he was independent of Democratic group think about race, gender and class. However, in Memphis thanks to the media, corporations and general sense of phoney woke guilt by the establishment over the past, race/poverty/class play into everything. So its not surprising Democrats have held on for so long--just use trigger words like "justice" in campaigns and you have a cheap easy way to get a vote as well as a soft comparatively secure elected job without saying much.

Habitual politics is the worst because it sets you up to swallow abject politics of such demagogic propaganda as our alleged president standing in front of a sacrrosanct democratic location with members of the military used as political props. As you recall it was all washed out in blood red as Biden declared Republicans to be in the fascist lane. He lied, but instinctively knew his base would let him get away with it.

Biden's goal was to stifle the Red Tsunami into a wave using the same fascist technique he postured himself against. It worked.


Memphis Democrats Are You Better Off Now Than...?
In brief, how your vote can correct inflation, illegal immigration, crime and jobs

(BenQQ 11.7.22) These 4 elements influence each other. If you live in Memphis, they touch your life. See voting links at bottom of this story.


Despite the Dem media's lying and misdirection, Trump kept it down even in different months to 1.7%. In September Biden's inflation was 8.6%.

Eric Trump posted this data on inflation during the Trump years:

2017 – 1.7%, 2018 – 1.65%, 2019 – 1.7%, 2020 – 1.4%

...while Biden inflation percentage in his first year in office jumped to 14% and 14.9% the following year and it has not gone down since.

However, the Biden supporting Yahoo News tried to undercut Trump's numbers using the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as the best measure. Yes, Trump's numbers were a little higher but not by much compared to Eric's numbers.

Yahoo wants you to take into account things like the Federal Reserve actions, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security package, the American Rescue Plan, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the broken supply chain. (It doesn't mention Biden's war on energy and American energy independence.)

Even though the Democratic media (Joy Reid) think their Democratic voters are too stupid to understand the meaning of the word, they know their buying power of food, gas and home fuel is being gutted with no relief in sight.

IMMIGRATION--2 Million and Counting

Biden's policy of open borders--or literal border destruction as I call it--accounts for 2 million illegals under Biden. Biden has given no indication he will stop the flow of illegal immigrants and it is conceivable he could have a following of almost 5 million at this rate. By fiat or by naturalization, they are likely to become Democratic voters. (However, Biden has cynically stopped the Venezuelans--real immigrants fleeing communist oppression in their own country and therefore know not to vote for his radical socialist measures. Not only putting stress on local governments, this obviously increases the national labor pool among contract labor categories. So you could add about 2 Memphis sized populations , many young men of which enter the underground workforce. If you are any kind of contract worker, you will have to lower your rates to get hired. Biden's policies have betrayed Democratic and all other legal workers for more voters.

A BenQQ Report video I made soon after Biden signed his stack of executive orders, one of which stopped construction of the southern border wall. Length: about 6 minutes.


"Major Violent Crimes" for this year in Memphis is a lot. The numbers are huge but fall in the center stats counted between now and 2018. On the national level Biden's ideological following of no bail DAs, defunding and over prosecution of police officers while under prosecuting "lesser" crimes have resulted in a surge of offenses among the criminal element. Memphis has been called one of the most dangerous cities in America.


Biden claims he created more jobs than any of his 3 predecessors. This is a half truth at best. First, his predecessors served 4-8 years. Two had recessions and one, Trump, had a pandemic. Biden only has had two years without a recession (but he will soon have one thanks to his own creation). Further, Biden always takes credit for the job surge as Trump took us out of the pandemic. Trump's policies actively created jobs.--even in the pandemic.

Nov. 8, 2022 Voting Links for Shelby County

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