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When Dogs Go To Church

(10.3.22) Bartlett United Methodist Church held their annual Blessing of the Animals this weekend. People showed up with their pets on leash or in cell phone image to be blessed by Pastor Dean Emerson. About 20 dogs seemed to enjoy receiving his benediction and owners showed gratitude for it as well.


Standard Racial and Class Fallbacks From the Dems

DeSantis is a hurricane racist.

MSN Joy Reid likened FL Gov. DeSantis to a segregationist Miami sheriff who said, "When the looting starts, the shooting starts." Her remarks gurgitated when DeSantis warned the criminal element not to loot or someone might shoot them in the process. Open question: does Reid have personal protection? Is her home now broken open so mobs could ransack it as they do now to businesses with impunity? Yeah, thought so.

Sheriff Walter Headley. See the similarity to Ron DeSantis?

Kamala Harris Begs for "Equity" Aid for Hurricanes Victims

No, its just not aid to residents, but the right kind of resident, don't you see. She explained that darker skinned people got started behind white skins and so the hurricane gives us all an opportunity to set things right. Motivation: votes based on race. The idea appeals to class and racial hatreds and punishes whites. What's more with this racial gambit, she may get votes as a bonus.

High Points Tuesday 10/4/22

The Essence of Comments From Maria in the Morning Fox News:

-Eric Adams shows the hypocrisy of the Democrats on illegals. Democrats blame Governors as inhumane when flying illegals into his city but supports Biden when he does the same with said illegals. The massive influx of illegals are flooding into Texas and other border and adjacent border states. Biden completely ignores criminal cartels, in addition to deaths and human trafficking on the border. Democrats are just fine with all that. The word "evil" was used in describing his administration.

-Financial guys: Another financial crisis is coming. Fed has no choice but to cause it to slow the economy.

-On Florida rebuilding: 2-3 years before Florida is completely rebuilt. Republicans asking Democrats not to fill the aid package with pork and aid to Ukraine. Insurance policies getting cancelled. "Compleely racist statement" regarding Kamala Harris call for equity aid first to victims. Democrats focused on sacrificing aid to victims for political points.

-Live pictures of illegals exiting bus at the New York Port Authority.

-Price of gas going back up. Cal. prices up 60 cents/gal in past week. Biden blithely not worried, still saying consumers paying "far less" at the pump. Global supply is tight but Biden declared war on the oil industry on his first day. Current energy crisis that can be alleviated by proper policies not practiced by this White House. Production issues affecting costs.

-Local Florida restaurants raising prices after Hurricane Ian. Restaurateur: "Downscaled the menu." 6 months to return to normal "but 2 years wouldn't surprise me."

-Dagan: Pelosi predicts success in the mid-terms. People applauded her on the Colbert show. But why? Said Pelosi in the face of Biden's destructive policies: Biden is "great president," "accomplished so much." Dagan: no wonder Steven Colbert's ratings so awful. Pelosi's remarks were embarrassing claptrap. Americans are appreciating what? Pelosi is trying to export California disaster to other parts of the country. Biden has absolutely no accomplishments. Did the audience have barf bags in the seats, Dagan asks. Standard of living is declining. Biden lies celebrating inflation at a WH picnic. Food insecurity on the rise. People are eating worse now under Biden. Credit card debt all time high.