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"I Cried Lots" Photos and Video Up

I've taken a number of pictures at the Graceland Wall. "I Cried Lots!" is the latest this year.

(BenQQ) Yes, just for fun I've posted my minor obsession of documenting messages of visitors on the Graceland mansion wall. This is a walk-by of those messages with pictures of them taken from the sidewalk. There is both a slide gallery and 4 minute music video on the same page.

Here is the link to "I Cried Lots" gallery and video.

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Getting a Personal Firearm in Memphis

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President Trump: Don't Abandon Ukraine. Abandoning Small States to Appease Large Ones Didn't Work Before and Won't Now.

More here.

(9.26.23 BenQQ) The importance of keeping Ukraine free of another Russian reign of terror should be apparent to any person who understands Russia's dictatorial Soviet psychosis that starts with Ukraine but then extends to former Soviet states, including Poland.

Want to really prevent WWlll? Don't want to experience how much WWlll would cost each and every American compared to keeping the Russians in a state of defeat in Ukraine? Then keep Russia contained.

With conciliatory conservative commentators Russia no doubt feels it can bleed Europe of free countries who naturally lean toward the West. Of course Biden's leadership in the conflict has been abysmal. So the likes of Steve Bannon of The War Room, et al on Real America's Voice, with whom I mostly agree. But here I fear Bannon would let Russia once again eat up Ukraine as Nazi Germany carved up Czechoslovakia with the deluded cooperation of Britain, France and Italy in 1938 with the infamous and misguided "Munich Betrayal". Nothing could have been worse. WWll possibly could have been averted. We face the same structure today but with the different characters of Russia (and China.) My reading strongly suggests WWlll can still be averted with a strong unified resolve lead by the US that stops Russia and China from consuming whole nations.

As in everything, Biden does not intrinsically care about tax payer money and he does things that are mostly wrongheaded. He *apparently and reportedly* gave Ukraine unfettered funds. Sure, that's irking. But what's so different about that? Wherever corruption exists, Biden will gravitate toward it because his base still does not stand up to government corruption as long as it benefits their party. However even with this slosh of "corrupt" American dollars and equipment to Ukraine, Russia has been and continues to be pushed back.

If the future President Trump cuts off American aid without renegotiating with Europe (to do any number of deals), he will open it up to a massive invasion driven by a another psychotic Russian mad man. Nazi redux. Remember, Trump kept the Russians in their own cage while he was president. Here's where, in a sea of blue woke, I support Trump policies: https// However, if Trump simply abandons Ukraine, at least I for one, will not support him.

Do Memphis Democrats Get Biden's Illegal Migrant Invasion Means Fewer Jobs, Lower Wages, More Crime?

(9.22.23 BenQQ) If you rely on typical Democratic media, you may not know the hundreds of thousands illegal border crossers into our country are not even being required to provide a real address as to where they can be found for the mythical hearing regarding their immigration status--even though that would be years in the future.

That gives the illegals plenty of time to avail themselves of social, health and educational services while inevitably stressing the system to bad results for the tax payer: Increased crime, more transmittable diseases due to the unvetted masses and lower wages--if not outright reduction of jobs--for legal workers who, of course, are taxed to pay for the Biden no border policies and related complex of services.

This is a personal family disaster for workers, who still are mostly Democrats. Consider the growing "Walkaway" movement that has been operating for years so Democrats could receive the psychological or emotional support for voting for options than old-line Democratic messaging. Young people from Democratic families seem to be flocking to it.

Of course there are other reasons for our current panoply of social ills--such as lack of parenting, exploitational media and group criminality that exacerbate the globalists' downward pressure on jobs and wages. However, the southern border invasion adds to it like gasoline on a dumpster fire. It is not likely to burn itself out as millions of illegals rush to get across the border before Trump returns to the White House. He has vowed to deport the illegals but finding them will be hard. Biden's open permission to cross the border without an address, thus without tracking, sees to that. E-Verify should be brought back post-haste. Then let's see who is serious about projecting American contract jobs. (And don't think that's all about "blue collar" jobs. In California, they are letting non-citizens become licensed attorneys.)

Biden has effectively opened the borders for the organizations administering the invasions, that is, the cartels. Biden's border destruction reportedly actively supports drug and human trafficking to markets north of the border. One such route runs straight through Memphis. There is no keeping up with the hundreds of thousands--including dozens of the *apprehended* terrorists and foreign government agents who could be mobilized at the likely outbreak of war with China and other malign state actors.

The real question is how is it that Memphis remains a Democratic enclave when Biden's policies have such negative impact on rank and file Democrats.

Overrun cities eventually break. Democratic New York City sanctuary city Mayor Eric Adams finally figured that out as legal residents shouted the news into his ear: "Close the border!"

As Shown by the UAW Democrats: What, Me Worry About My Job?

(9.17.23 BenQQ) Nothing could be more revealing than a bunch of privileged Democrats who belong to an exclusive high paying industry marching around with signs demanding you tolerate higher prices so they can get a huge boost in pay. All they need now is for Joe Biden to drop him to utter non-sequiturs until they figure out Biden wants to flood the labor market with illegal workers. Few Dems will figure out more voters means lower wages for the very workers who, yes, support the Democrats. Hand it to the Democrat elites: persuade members to support policies that take the bread off the tables of their members--and say thankyou as well.

The new digital world is finally reaching down into Democratic mind sets with a single message: this ain't 1960. The digital economy long ago began the process to replace jobs. Everybody knows a worker's physical presence is being phased out. Machines are taking over. Workers are disappearing like the DoDo.

But this continues: the bizarre display of Democrats heedless to destructive economic polices except to their own. The UAW bunch is more than willing to raise prices for their product that will soon be awash with more competitors available to the buying public. Such Biden policies will continue to bring down their own jobs as well as the economies of every working American.

Covid in Memphis. So I Join the Club and Get It

(9.14.23 BenQQ) Last week I was diagnosed with Covid--forget the formal name--and was prescribed Lagevrio (Molnupriravir) 200mg CP. Thanks to the evil pharmaceutical and medical industries of the 21st century, I feel myself fast improving and will not be taking the Big Leap at least anytime soon. I don't know when or how I got it. Even with Covid around, I naturally keep my distance and wash/disinfect my hands. I've gotten things in Memphis far worse than this year's Covid strain. Still, the symptoms are lessening though not without light headedness and sore throat. Last Friday, I saw a doc with the usual package of symptoms that hit me then (your mileage may differ): no taste, appetite, headaches, unable to sleep, sore throat, congestion, dizziness, back aches, some fever and on the second day sneezing.

Yes, I'm in the higher risk population by age and "comorbitities," a delightful new term in our health lexicon which means the grim reaper is only a few steps behind me anyway, right? If you live in Memphis, of course other things may get you. LIke a bullet or a pack of angry cops. That was unfair, but, hey, I have Covid.

To be sure, these symptoms are nothing like those of the original Covid strain. My doc assured me: "less virulent, more contagious" (my personal characterization of the virus.) If anything, its more like a short term cold. So why do I see all these Democrats walking around Memphis wearing masks? I refuse to war one, banking on personal hygiene and standing distance between people, despite the disapproving ire of the pharmacy clerk.

There are two possibilities:
1) They don't want to catch or spread a cold and want to over-comply to the powers that be--the same powers that promoted all the misinformation and hysteria about Covid to begin with or
2) They don't want to catch or spread the less virulent Covid strain.


3) They wear a mask for mostly the Democratic manipulators of health behaviors appearing on top of the 2024 election. Thus, we see the final effort after the failed unconstitutional Democratic lawfare persecutions of Trump and his voters to keep him out of the White House in 2024.

And now for a new housekeeping item:

Watch for some new things that might be coming up in video wise.

More content posted later when I'm back more or less at speed. You can contact me as always here.

Cat Saves the Life of Veteran

(8.22.23 BenQQ) Veteran Ron Williams, who lives alone with his feline pal Fluffy, relates this story: he relies on life support and a cell phone if ever he gets into difficulty. When one of his friends "gave" Fluffy to him Ron fell in love. The feline friend turned out to be just that when Ron fell down getting out of the shower. He spent 16 hours on the bathroom floor, hoping someone would turn up before it became "too late." Now, from the first day when his friend have Fluffy to him, he would say "ring-a-ding" to him when the phone rang. OK, you know what happened when the phone rang. Ron said the magic words and Fluffy managed to get the phone to Ron and Ron's life was saved. (We recall when Rin-Tin-Tin spelled "FIRE" in the mash potatoes.) What can you say? People have understood the connection between cats and people for thousands of years. The next time you see a veteran (or a cat {or dog}) in need, remember this story.

Mike Lindell Shows What "Community Organizing" is All About

(8/18/23 BenQQ) Gratifying it was to watch average people make a difference in this democratic republic. And I'm not talking about those 'average people' who extolled the devisive (at minimum) values of ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter. I'm referring to people who took it among themselves to rescue America's voting system from a system that refuses to look at obvious (and undiscovered) evidence of election theft in their voting precinct. Throughout it all, Lindell teased us with a solution that would eliminate voter corruption "the next day." I for one hung in there. (Revealed below.)

Overwhelming evidence of massive vote theft since the 2018 election now is readily available in books, films and recorded expert panel discussions with forensic computer experts. Adding to that bolus of data, this week Mike Lindell brought together election volunteers from every state. What Lindell and staff created was a kind of Academy Awards event for activists dedicated to getting America's voting system out of digital voting machines like Dominion and reverting to one day voting, paper ballots, precinct-level hand counting, no mail-ins, fully auditable, managed locally with no ranked choice voting. In other words, "Going Amish."

These activists, mostly women it seemed, had spent the past year drilling into their local election systems frequently starting with "cast vote" records from their local election administrations (that are available publicly), Lindells' data, funded experts, lawyers and other independent organizations.

But what is Lindell's new weapon to stop voter corruption cold? Here's the video:

Tennessee "State Hope Report:"

(BenQQ 8/16/23)

Go to for an assortment of videos, especially if you are an 'election steal denier'.

Mike Lindell's Election Crime Summit on now. Watch it here.

Also now on Real America's Voice program War Room with Steve Bannon.

In case you haven't yet discovered: Joe reaches into your personal life with less light: traditional light bulbs becamse illegal August 1.

Joe Biden's green energy doctrinaire aparatchiks have struck again: once your traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs run out you have to buy Joe's bulbs. On August 1 it became illegal to manufacture, import or sell the old bulbs. The reason: environmental groups want to lower carbon emissions in the United States, though China polutes the atmosphere much worse and at a higher rate. Has the Chinese Communitst Party compromised Joe so much they can demand--through their possible left-wing domestic agents--all sorts of measures to show Americans whose really now in charge? One thing for sure: less 'good' light for more cost. Watch how supportive Biden media cover the story here.

So Democrats wake up this morning and suddenly realize they've changed America's democracy forever.

(BenQQ 8/15/23)

--Kanye West's publicist is even indicted for making a phone call.
--Lawyers are prosecuted for representing their clients.
--Democrat Attorneys General prove themselves to be old school political hacks at constitutional cost.
--Media do not even cover what is fast becoming a constitutional and civil crisis.

Today, Georgia Attorney General Fanni Willis released an assortment of charges designed to portray Trump and 18 others as interfering in the 2020 election. What these charges actually do is limit first amendment free speech rights even in personal communications.

The failure of the legal establishment as well as the old media to hold accountable taxpayer supported government employees who abuse their offices by concocting politically motivated prosecutions is now noted.

President Trump has pledged This coming Monday to release "irrefutable" evidence of the "Georgia election fraud" that will see all charges dropped.

For most thinking Americans, this strikes at fundamental freedoms for everybody, even including rank and file Democrats who follow the marching steps of their party that has shown to be in silent league with the drug cartels, soft on crime AGs, the loss of blue collar jobs due to the saturation of the labor market by illegal aliens and Biden's generation of inflation from excessive government spending.

[This story is in development]

Maui Burns to the ground. People Die, Biden Lounges. Keeps Silent, then says, "No Comment."

Americans and Democrats in particular once again saw the indifference of alleged President Joe Biden regarding people who don't matter. Whether it is a family incinerated on a Hawaiian highway or his illegitimate grandchild sired by Hunter, you heard nothing from the Commander in Chief who could have-at minimum-emerged from his Delaware enclave and said this to Maui: All of America is with you. He didn't.. Just pop over to Crickets.

Most Democrats by now have been trained to excuse Biden's dangerous, um, faux pas, but this one is hard to swallow for those who have not yet been brainwashed by official propaganda that suffuses media in blues cities. Biden said "No comment." when asked about the Maui disaster at his Delaware beach getaway. NO COMMENT? Is this installed president kidding? Is this his inimitable way of being a leader as extolled relentlessly locally by Rep. Steve Cohen and other automaton Democrats?

Well after his no comment fiasco White House press said he was "praying" for Hawaii families. Right.

Yes, pray for the people of Maui, but send money here.

Voter Integrity by Mike Lindell--Do People Dare to Watch?

This Thursday: Another streaming event for voter integrity by Mike Lindell. This is all over the internet. Go to and get registered. Free.

Alleged: Cordova Address Linked to Massive Voter Fraud Operation

(8.10.23 BenQQ) This hitting this morning: this morning links GBI Strategies, a Cordova, TN organization to massive voter fraud. GBI Strategies is said to operate in multiple states and throughout Michigan.

How discovered: a Muskegon, MI City Clerk alerted the local police department after a woman delivered to her office 8,000-10,000 completed voter registration applications that were suspicious. She noted many of them were in the same handwriting, had invalid addresses, wrong telephone numbers, among other disqualifying items. Police officers conducted a non-custodial interview with the woman. The woman said she had been paid $1,150 a week "to find unregistered voters" so they could obtain ostensibly their absentee ballot.

The Gateway Pundit reported Michigan State Senator Ruth Johnson, who is a former Secretary of State, said: “My estimate is over 800,000 ballot applications were sent to non-qualified voters in Michigan." This could yield the same amount of live voter registrations.

How Cordova is connected: GBI Strategies set up its headquarters in Cordova where it allegedly conducted "widespread, systemic, voter fraud in multiple locations around the state," according to the Gateway Pundit, adding, "The Tennessee group is heavily connected to the Biden campaign and various Democrat campaign committees." The Gateway Pundit is apparently referring to Michigan and not Tennessee.

Run by one Gary Bell, according to Compmo Group, GBI runs 70 "organizing operations" in 20 or so states and "lends logistical and consulting support to another 7 states." The Compmo site apparently was taken down when the story hit this morning. Dobbs said Bell has links to a variety of far left groups. A FEC Filings query by the Gateway Pundit show many of those organizations paid GBI Strategies a total of $11,254,919. Bell keeps a low profile on the internet.

Where GBI Strategies operated from in Cordova, TN, 8241 Floral Springs Dr. Cordova is a suburb of Memphis. It is reportedly now closed. Bell purchased the property in 2012,
according to real estate records

FBI Reportedly Kills 75 Year Old Man Who Allegedly Threatened Biden

(8.9.23 BenQQ) Today: Two FBI agents reportedly killed an anti-Biden activist while serving an arrest warrant on charges of allegedly threatening the president, according to court documents. It is said he also is known for insulting the governor of California. Details have not been released. Also reported: he weighed 300lbs and walked with a cane. Threats were made against President Trump, such as those made by celebrity Madonna and others, with no arrests. At this point, comments on numerous social media show further outrage and distrust over an FBI that is now seems to be going after Biden political enemies under direction of Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Joe Biden. Critics point to arrests of Trump associates, school board parents, incarceration of Jan. 06 demonstrators, anti-abortionists, among others, opposed to Biden's polices. One story.

Today's Big Parade

(8.7.23 BenQQ)

The Federal Election Commission records show David Rody, a prosecutor working on special counsel Jack Smith's political cases against President Donald Trump donated thousands of dollars to Democrats to elect Joe Biden. Not illegal but revealing. Obviously prosecutors should objectively do the law and not be political instruments for the party in power. But Biden's politicized DOJ is obviously panicked over the prospect of Donald Trump getting back into the White House when they no doubt believe he will reinstate the Trump policies Biden destroyed as well as launch real investigations into Democratic criminality and the attack on the bloated overpaid administrative state that has made Washington, DC the richest real estate area in the country.

You've heard about the "sweetheart deal" prosecutors offered to Hunter Biden. Read the short 10 pager here.

The Memphis Commercial Appeal reprinted a resume story complete with perky portraiture from The Tennessean about Gov. Bill Lee's new Tennessee Commissioner of Education Lizette Gonzalez Reynolds who said therein she was influenced by "a political science professor who was 'more of  a socialist' who talked about Marxism and the need to 'share everything'." We find her and the story itself questionable though we admit the tone of this para could be way off base. We've never even spoken with her. But still we're thinking: more bureaucratic "experts" to solve simple problems. Why is education so hard for government? Then again she does support charter schools. Best that you read the entire piece here.

Biden's mania to kill your gas appliances may kill you

(7.31.23 BenQQ) It's no accident Biden and his left wing cronies chose the summer, where in Memphis it felt like 102º a few days ago, to announce his war against gas stoves and other appliances. If he somehow is effective in outlawing gas stoves in the years ahead there is no telling how many people will freeze to death in their homes. That's because in Memphis power goes out frequently, especially in bad weather like ice storms. These happen in winter. Biden's gang is betting you won't catch on. After all, its hot outside and Biden is relying on Democrats to go along with whatever he's up to.

So you better believe most of those who will die will be low information Democrats, who ironically insisted on voting for Biden, freeze to death during power fails because life-maintaining gas is no longer delivered into their homes. When the power is down, gas is the only source of energy to heat the house. What the *&%^ is Biden thinking? Maybe he's figured out the number of fatal freezes will be relatively low. The number of supporters he loses easily will be made up by illegals who the Democrats eventually turn into alien voters. His Press Secretary implied hey, don't worry chumps, its a long way off before you can't get a gas stove. Then if Biden's general policies of oppressive overreach by the federal government is allowed to continue, don't be surprised if an overpaid federal employee with a badge shows up to inspect your personal space because you have a gas hookup at your house.

Imagine what would happen in Memphis when we have the next winter blizzard such as the one in 2021 and gas is not available. Below my video I shot in the middle of night when electricity was down at my house and it was about 3º.

FBI 1023. Rank and File Democrats, Stop Endorsing the Corruption of the Biden Regime and Save the Country. Leave the Party.

(7.23.23 BenQQ) From Sen. Grassley (R) in which he alleges strong evidence of Joe Biden getting a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating the Burisma oil company (where his son Hunter was already pulling down millions) fired for a secret payoff of multiple millions of dollars. (On TV before a clapping CFR audience no less, Biden braggadociously blurted he had accomplished the firing by getting Obama to threaten to withhold millions in US government aid if Ukraine did not fire the prosecutor.) Read the document.


(7.22.23 BenQQ) Interesting Things (IT)

--Most CNN and MSNBC viewers don't know bout Biden scandals and bad news per McLaughlin and Associates poll. That's no surprise. The main stream media rely on keeping their viewers, who we must say willingly make themselves unaware anyway, in the dark. (That is based on conversations we have with local Dems.) We suggest another poll: What is the awareness information level of Biden's scandals from local newspapers and television stations in markets like Memphis where media cater to Democrats? We believe awareness of issues that reflect badly on Democrats would be even lower than this poll.

--Dick Morris, as interviewed by Rita Cosby on Newsmax this morning, is calling for Republicans not to vote on appropriations in order to fight the onslaught of the creative and legally inflated indictments (our terms) of Donald Trump in order to influence the 2024 election. The fallout issue with these indictments is Democrats walk around assuming they make complete sense because their officials like local rep Steve Cohen makes a demagogic display of politically persecuting not only Trump but his associates. The Dems thus make it standard for indictments during political seasons on their candidates from Republicans. This is a politically necrotic foundation of turmoil that leads to real separation. The Democrats are responsible--and we believe Steve Cohen, whose stupid empty allegations against Trump that failed at every turn, would be goofy if they weren't so banana republic. Cohen is the Democrats' most avid local barking dog slinging red meat to his local following.

North Korea ballistic missile caps Biden's quad of foreign policy failures that threaten the United States

North Korea tests its ballistic missile for the second time in 3 months, claims it can carry nuclear payload. Video story.

(7.18.2023 BenQQ) While the Dems are busy coming up with new creative indictments of President Trump in order to keep him out of the 2024 race, the world looms on the precipice of WWlll in large part to the multiple incompetencies of a corrupt president who has been compromised by a number of countries, according to sources. Not the least of these are a business partners of his drug addicted son and an official of the infamous Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

The results: Biden has created a scenario that threatens the United States as only an internal enemy could do. Though he is probably not a Russian or Communist Chinese agent, it appears he has been an "elite capture," a term used by Chinese intelligence officials when they turn powerful people on their side by using money, power or sex. (And, remember, Hunter Biden declared a Chinese intelligence official, which he called the "spy chief," was one of his associates.)

All that notwithstanding, so what has happened in the last 2.5 years since Biden's installation into the world's last and most powerful defender of global peace and democracy?

  1. Russia continues to attack Ukraine in the greatest threat to world peace since Germany annexed the Sudetenland in 1938 with Putin threatening nuclear activation.
  2. North Korea test launches what it called a ballistic missile allegedly capable of reaching the U.S.
  3. Communist China continues to escalate and make noises about invading Taiwan from which we get our advanced cutting-edge semiconductors. The Chinese know we use these very semiconductors in our military and medical applications. Related, China is threatening the takeover of international sea lanes that are major world trade routes.
  4. Last but not least, US borders effectively have been dissolved, allowing for the swamping of our own labor pools, the results of which mean lower wages especially for contract legal blue-collar workers--as well as infiltration by foreign hostiles.

For local Democrats in the deep blue enclave of Memphis, TN, this is all irrelevant to the media and therefore to them. As long as they don't have to think about their political options, its all good.

President Trump had all of this neutralized and/or at least under active strong influence not to upset international norms (N. Korea).

Conclusion: Democrats not under control by their own propaganda mass media, should think carefully about what they want for their country.


One PR Secret--How easy is it to manipulate the media you consume every day?

(7.17.23 BenQQ) For several years I worked as a PR flak for the American Association of Retired Persons. It was then and probably still is the largest membership organization globally outside of the Catholic church. I had no real authority other than to pen news releases and generate positive coverage in newspapers and TV, which I did for ten years.

Unless an editor had an animus against the huge DC based organization, getting PR results was fairly easy. After all, editors no doubt had a relative who was a member and that was a built in positive psychological frame of reference to the organization--not to mention then and no doubt still is-AARP was the big gorilla in NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in the Washington swamp.

So it is with interest I keep up with possible parallels of mass communication, i.e. persuasion, that belches from Washington like an old polluting, but reliable, smokestack. Back then, media cooperation made it easy to get positive impressions about the organization into the minds of readers and viewers.

And still today, government positions are mostly met with negligible criticism--especially if the fat and well oiled Washington establishment feels it is under attack. The 2024 Trump campaign has already targeted the Washington "administrative state" in its crosshairs. Trump and MAGA warriors are over the target.

If the bombardier analogy is to hold, we need to ask what and who are manning the defenses. Its always the media--at least the legacy media firing back with their own facts.

First, government positions are the first facts of a story. Its easy to report on the facts when they are being dished to you. Its hard to go beyond those dished out facts. That takes time, money and talent.

Second reporters are careerists. No criticism for that from me. I was too. But to keep your position in the pig pen so you can keep gorging on the slop thrown to you from the White House, DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS and all the other government and NGO alphabets thriving on tax dollars and supporting voters, you can't lose your position in the media pecking order. Some have successfully done this, like Maria Bartiromo, but most of the talented ones keep their reporting firmly under acceptable standards--unless its anti-Trump.

So within the Washington media establishment are PR firms that are, as we all know, paid and otherwise rewarded in holding the line for the establishment. (Those not in the establishment don't have the money to hire them.) One of the techniques they use is playing up a story to squelch other headlines.

An example of this technique is framing the Jan. 06 protest against election corruption as an "insurrection." Without going into the details as to why this is absurd, the Washington media without any related questions trolled new allegations against the defendants. However, another serious part of the story mostly ignored is how many federal provocateurs were working the crowd. If the American people saw the defendants as modern political prisoners, it could spin against Washington all the way up to the 2020 election. It didn't.

These are storylines. This technique is not new. Take something that has happened and configure it to your angle.

Writing in American Thinker Jack Cahill wrote: "On August 23, 1996, the New York Times reported on its front page, above the fold right, “Prime Evidence Found That Device Exploded in Cabin of Flight 800.” According to the Times, only the FBI’s uncertainty about whether the device was a bomb or a missile kept it from declaring TWA 800’s destruction a crime."

Cahill writes on that same day a competing headline shouted: "Clinton Signs Bill Cutting Welfare; States in New Role." This headline had to disappear or it would hurt the Democrats. It disappeared. See how it happened in
Cahill's revealing article here.

The lesson: look for other sources of information outside of the legacy and Washington media.


Ted Kennedy called Biden "Dumbest in Senate," according to the Maria Bartiromo Trump interview

(7.16.23 BenQQ) This morning Donald Trump said in an interview with Maria Bartiromo that Sen. Ted Kennedy told him the "dumbest man in the Senate" was Joe Biden.  The story sticks. Considering the few objectively good, (and we're lowering the bar by what we mean by "good.") By 'good' we mean Biden's albeit few decisions that were at least competent in that they did not harm the country's defense, economy or social unity.  

Such glaring Biden FUBARs were and will continue to be ignored by Democratic propaganda media, suckered rank and file Dems, and RINOs only interested in keeping their jobs. Don't expect them to even think, much less talk (or report accurately) about:

-the dissolving of the southern border that allows millions of illegal low wage workers into the national job
pool that lowers wages for the mostly Democratic contract labor sector,
-Biden's catastrophic pullout of Afghanistan that resulted:
- in military members being killed,
-an unknown number of Americans still trapped inside of Afghanistan,
-the Taliban murders of 300 interpreters who were promised protection from Taliban revenge,
-oppression of girls and women,
-the arming of the Taliban with millions of dollars of the most sophisticated weaponry in the US arsenal,
-getting personally bought off by China, Russia and other countries via his bagman son of longtime selling
access to his father,
-as well as numerous bad domestic decisions when he was not too busy dividing the country by painting MAGA members fascists and "white supremacy" the biggest threat to America.

Sunday Morning Futures Link to the Trump/Bartiromo interview


Gas Stoves, Digital Dollars and Joe Biden

(7.13.23 BenQQ) If you can, do you remember the old phones? You know, the rotary dialer that made a turning noise when you dialed a single number?

I don't bring it up because I'm fantasizing about writing a Reader's Digest article (are they still even publishing?) but I'm connecting the old phones to the old currency. Both had more privacy than now. Sure, the rotaries could be tapped but in the early days you had to have a creepy fellow surreptitiously break into your house and plant a bug. Or wire a connection in the street. And paying with cash is still the most private way to buy anything if the government hasn't required the seller to file a report on the buyer.

A story: twenty-five years ago law enforcement still wired street pay phones. I know because once then I started to call from pay phone on Wilshire Blvd. in LA. I heard a firm male voice say something like, “Can you please hurry sir? This phone is under surveillance.” Somewhere beyond the traffic, they were watching this actual physical phone from which I was about to make a personal call. It was not out of courtesy they even informed me. They didn't want their mark to bypass the phone he regularly used to make his nefarious deals to which they could be witnesses.

I only bring it up because yesterday's speakers at FreedomFest Memphis, (streaming live) a kind of roaming chautauqua for the freedom movement, started its 4 day annual convention, this one in Memphis. Their speakers made me link back to that little incident. On their live stream, I was disappointed to see a sparse crowd attending.

Magette Wade, Director of Center for African Prosperity at FreedomFest Memphis

At any rate, my mental connection went like this: old phones and paper currency both took a lot of effort to compromise. Now, with new digital currency you can be compromised at the quick behest of law enforcement, say, teaming up with tech companies.

Also on TV yesterday, FBI Directory Christopher Wray—that's the one with the good hair—smugly told the Judiciary Committee it was normal for the FBI to pay private companies—as it did with Twitter—to advise on bad players.

Except the FBI deemed the bad players were people who wanted to report on Hunter Biden's laptop. Had more people known about that, Biden is highly unlikely to get himself installed in the White House even with the massive influx of fraudulent votes covering the swing states.

The "Laptop from Hell"--who coined that?--is but one of many true outrages attempted and perpetrated by the Democratic Party under the present thuggish president whose many votes came from digital steals.

But here's the segue: Before he's done, as he's done plenty of times before, Biden and the economic socialists surrounding him will have no qualms about chiseling down your purchasing options in a capitalist system that is under threat. Consider the new corporate mantra of ESG—environmental, social and governance as applied to businesses.

ESG will have similar catastrophic effects like the bizarre gender-neutral marketing of Miller Beer, Disney, Target and other companies run by woke infused ideologues. In a sense, it is much more dangerous. And who is the biggest mndless proponent of ESG?

The calcifying effects of ESG ideology can be seen in Joe Biden. Best examples: his ESG based war on energy that raised prices across the board, his recent antipathy to people who use gas stoves. He may not have the raw power right now to stop the sale of these evil utilities—never mind gas is cheaper than electricity and in areas like Memphis when a bad winter storm can knock out the heat by which to keep from freezing and heating food.

Nevertheless, Biden's banana republic Democrats will find a way. Here comes digital currency that will bring you wondrous benefits like “Bidenomics” and soon in the future no doubt: “The Biden Dollar” where mindless Democrats themselves, along with everybody else, will have less spending power while controlling ever more on what you spend his namesake dollar on.

In my humble view, we are standing on the edge of a social credit system used by Biden's personal partners in Communist China. So buying a stove is deemed bad for the rest of society? What about buying more than your allotment of gasoline? And what about buying meat and products considered bad for you as well as the environment? Digital dollars will link--and therefore eventually control--what, how much and when you buy.

The list, as they say, goes on. Digital dollars, like a digital voting system that had enough holes to install the Biden regime, will undermine your privacy and therefore freedom as never before.

Both private paper currency and private paper ballots are the way to go.


2 Big Wins for Religions from US Supreme Court--Memphis Churches Should Be Celebrating

(7.8.23 BenQQ) Pretty good chance you might attend one of the 2,000 churches for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus in the metro area.

This past week saw religious liberties and the First Amendment expanded and protected by the US Supreme Court.

The first case was brought by postal worker Gerald Groff who sued his USPS employer because it said he had to work on Sundays. He told his employer that Sunday was his religious day of rest but the USPS said that didn't matter. They had signed a contract with Amazon and he had to work on Sundays.

Speaking after the ruling to TV reporters, he said he eventually was forced to "resign under duress" at which point he sued the USPS. Groff sued under the Title Vll Civil Rights Act of 1964. The USPS was working under a 1977 ruling that required employers to accommodate employee religious practices as long as doing so would not pose an "undue hardship" to the employer.

So Groff sued to overturn the undue hardship condition of Title Vll. The court unanimously agreed with Groff and remanded the case back to a lower court. Amazingly, USPS issued a statement it would still fight the decision in the lower court. Nevertheless, regardless how the lower court decides, employees are now given more leeway to assert religious rights in the workplace.

The Second Big Win for Religions

The second big win for religions was the case of a Colorado Christian web site designer who refused to build a web site for homosexual couples. She had placed a notice on her web site defining what she would and would not put on her web sites for prospective clients. For doing this notice, she was charged with violating the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act.

The web site designer then filed a lawsuit against Colorado. She claimed the state law that required her to create web sites celebrating same sex marriages infringed on her constitutional rights. The Supreme Court ruled in her favor 6 to 3.

Tolerance, Not Coercion

Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote: "The First Amendment prohibits Colorado from forcing a website designer to create expressive designs speaking messages with which the designer disagrees...The First Amendment's protections belong to all, not just to speakers whose motives the government finds worthy...In this case, Colorado seeks to force an individual to speak in ways that align with its views but defy her conscience about a matter of major significance...Consistent with the First Amendment, the Nation's answer is tolerance, not coercion. The First Amendment envisions the United States as a rich and complex place where all persons are free to think and speak as they wish, not as the government demands."

Editorial note: Who would vote to require you to violate your personal religious beliefs? Three Justices did. All three were appointed by Obama and Biden. Very radical, if not outright fascist, to attempt to force expressive agreement, in religious belief even, to something at which an individual is in disagreement. Liberal courts have tried this type of control in the past. More of this type of attempted ideo-normalizing to come. When will Democrats ask themselves whose side are they on?

Read the decisions:




Don't Mess With Shelby County Environmental Court--a Personal Saga

(Benqq) If you live in anything that faces or is attached to a public street within Memphis, you are subject to environmental ordinances. Lest you think these are just about major environmental issues such as hazardous waste dumps, think again. They also deal with things like making landlords provide basic servces to renters, keeping yards cut, garbage picked up and dead cars off property. The legal administrtive unit, called “Environmental Court,”  is part of the criminal court system. It operates from 201 Poplar with inexorable practiced efficiency.

I was hauled into Environmental Court Div 8, 10th floor because someone made an anonymous complaint. Yes, anyone can make an anonymous complaint and send an inspector around to investigate your reported property transgressions. Upon questioning we were told even the court does not know the identity of the complainant. After a complaint is made, a city inspector checks the original complaint and adds any additional violations as well. If somebody doesn't like you--which could well be the case considering this publication--its a way to get the city on your case and you never know who started it.

My violations of this rental property: the front gutter was sagging in part, the front yard was uncut, the back yard was overgrown with foot high weeds, the carport was being used for storage and his car itself was full of more junk. I thought what and how much he packed inside his car was outside the concerns of the court. I didn't fight it.

Another complication: my tenant, who at the time worked at night, said in a signed statement to the court he never received any notice of violation while there were over a dozen notices on record. Only the inspector personally calling to let us know we were in violations of missing court dates that could add up to thousands. Judge Paul Dandridge didn't question my contention of not receiving any violation notices. He remarked just judge it up as “bad notification” (sic) or something like that.

We at first thought this was some sort of title stealing scam, but then learned I had not shown up for court some 21 times going back 18months. I had to get into court as quickly as possible and get this taken care of.

This was a court that went beyond making people keep their yards cut. This was a criminal court and owners who had ignored egregious cleanup issues, like garbage in the front yard and out of control grass, were subject to real legal consequences, though I didn't see the judge sentence anyone for persistent violations. Mostly, people showed up, presented some pictorial evidence the citations had been taken care of or were given a period to clean up the mess and reappear at a later date to show compliance via more images.

That was the process for me. I had to go back twice, which was not small inconvenience. The legal process itself is experiential punishment added to court costs ($117.24), parking ($24) and time that ate up all of two mornings. Always attempting to stay out of the justice system and not a lawyer, nor do I write much about crime in Memphis because that would be repetitive to all other media who mostly report on who shot who, I found the process fascinating. To me 201 Poplar was like the Heironymous Bosch painting depicting various levels of after life punishment. I had transgressed the least in the least serious transgressions that were abjudicated in the higher realms of the building. Then somewhere was traffic and finally criminal court in the basement, where one had to pay court costs amid chaotic open space of judgement, punishment and desperation. I swear I saw lawyers in plague masks eating the heads off babies.

So the higher levels consisted of wayward home owners, landlords not providing required services to renters--a favorite of TV crews--and those who were caught up in the system who could not comply for financial or mental reasons or were already in custody. They were escorted from a side entrance. One obviously incapacitated owner didn't seem to have any legal representation or public defender.

Another defendant I met in the waiting room was a nice woman who struck up a conversation with the armed deptuty who was less than eager to talk but nonetheless provided short polite acknowledgements to her verbose remarks regarding positive thinking, God and everything will work out. The bent, four foot older lady dwarfed the 6 foot-plus door sized deputy as she related her story of how she heard a voice tell her that she would have problems with her foot. She said a few days before her court date doctors amputated three toes in response to a disease she said they couldn't identify. She showed me pictures. I demurred.

The big lesson this experienced delivered to my little world: keep your grass cut.


(6.18.23) One trend on the independent Sunday shows--Maria Bartiromo (via Youtube) and Newsmax

While the majority of Memphians are stuck with local news that mainly imitate national media that generally follow the big corporate legacy publications, the majority of Americans living elsewhere believe Joe and Hunter Biden received millions of dollars in exchange for influencing policy decisions from the US government. Or could most Memphians already believe that but nobody asks them?

People want to know the facts. Incredibly, is Joe Biden compromised by the Chinese Communist Party, Russia or even others from whom a manifestly unqualified Hunter Biden has accepted payments?

This question openly surfaced especially after this weeks' unsubstantiated news that a Russian oligarch between 15 to 17 times recorded Hunter and Joe discussing getting payments. Republican representatives who were forced into a SCIF to read even unclassified FBI documents, say they saw records where the current President of the United States and his drug using son received $5 million each. This is frankly earth shattering but media are ignoring it as the ground crumbles under their feet.

This could be a portrait of the worst Cosa Nostra family from the 1960s but its not. Democrats--and those in strong Dem enclaves such as Memphis--voted Joe Biden into office in a highly questionable election with virtually no professional skepticism from local media. (Indeed, media outright supported Biden while propagating the various legal hoaxes against Trump.)

Whether true or not--and evidence has been kept from the American people for years by the FBI and its latest deep state director Christopher Wray--Biden appears to be operating under a massive compromise to foreign powers. Somehow over the years since Obama, government, media and social consciousness began to work against Americans. We now see the results from the top to bottom.

It goes without saying, media should have a natural interest in asking local Democrats about the apparently deep Biden corruption. Are Democrats waiting for "more evidence" to come forward? Was/is the Biden corruption preferable to another Trump administration? What about the security compromises Biden has created with China? What are you pretending not to know? Etc.

Its a natural news story. At least local rank and file Democrats must be talking and maybe even some have opted out of the party altogether. We don't know.

The local corporate news should stop ignoring the Biden family corruption in imitation of their big brother counterparts. If they start reporting about Biden earnestly as journalists, local media would be recognized as the first to break away from the Democratic propaganda machine and bring real service to a low information market composed of people who rarely go outside local television and leftie corporate media.


For how long will the journalism betraying legacy media remain a participant in a practical cover up of Biden family corruption by not reporting on It? Are Democrats finally seeing through it all?

"House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) said investigations into President Joe Biden’s alleged “criminal bribery scheme” is likely to show a money trail “beyond 20 million, and it could be more if you factor in the president’s brother.” --Full story, Washington Examiner


What is the Difference Between Dem. Rep. Adam Schiff's lying that he had seen evidence that Trump was colluding with the Russians and Rep. Steve Cohen repeating Schiff's lies in complicit media?

(BenQQ) Dem. Rep. Adam Schiff, then Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, publicly pronounced that he had seen evidence Trump was colluding with the Russians. Steve Cohen's flat factual claims either in support or similar to Schiff's lies should be taken just as seriously. Schiff lead the first impeachment against Trump and used his committee assignment to go after Trump's mythical collusive ties with Russia, even after Robert Mueller's report that cleared Trump completely.

But there is a difference Schiff and Cohen, though minimal.

Schiff held the premiere committee assignment to make his empty claims. Cohen had no such committee position, though being a member of congress lent him almost equal authority to make anti-Trump claims to his Democratic crowd already eager to believe and media slavishly hot to repeat his claims.

Cohen eagerly appeared on soft interview Democratic networks and one local station we know about to repeat Schiff's empty allegations. If his claims had been dietary, they would end up high caloric sugar candy without any nutrients for clear thought. If anything, his comments served to poison the public conversation with, at minimum, gross misrepresentations. Cohen and his Democrat colleagues who hopped on the propaganda train, respected people so little, including their own party members, that it didn't matter they were pandering knowingly or unknowingly to Schiff's lies.

Ran and file Democrats may now arrive at this reflection: stop believing what you hear from the mouths of so-called thought leaders and their supporting media that Trump is simplistically bad and a racist to boot, which Cohen had claimed on his circuit.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna proposed a resolution to censure Schiff for "egregious abuse of the trust of the American people" in the Russia Collusion hoax that was originally financed by the Democratic Party under Hillary Clinton. The resolution had little support. Apparently few members wanted to vote for something that would fine them for lying.

Should Cohen and his lying colleagues be censured for committing the same offense against Trump? Want to get into real interference of an election?

The video below is what I believe to be typical of local media when interviewing Cohen: assumptions that he is telling the truth, not skepticism with head knodding agreement.


Man the Bluffs! The Libertarians Are Coming! The Libertarians are Coming!

(BenQQ) It's not your normal Memphis event. Its not about barbeque. It's not about Elvis. It's not about God. It's not about the Blues. It's about Freedom.

Batten down your mental hatches you liberty limiting, privacy invading, wire tapping, government tracking, big tech censoring and capitalism encroaching authoritarians. Coming to Memphis July 12-15 is FreedomFest Memphis, the annual conference held annually according to their site, "...where free minds meet to celebrate freedom in an open-minded environment. It is independent, non-partisan, and not officially affiliated with any organization or think tank. (I could find no reference even to the Libertarian Party nor Libertarians anywhere in their site.)

By the way, FreedomFest produced a fantastic promo spot that could double as a promotion for Memphis as well. I hope local politicians and media return the favor and attend. The spot is on their site, link below.

Freedom as a product, a utilitarian thing that we use every moment of our lives, is seldom thought about that way. Sure, we politicize it enough but we reduce it with new ever encroaching laws, hysterical accusations of racists, deep state manipulation and more. What's amazing, given the fact that only 5 big corporations control the mass media, any freedom other than to support the ruling class, is left.

If you are experiencing an immediate negative response to the above, then take some time next month to attend some part or all of FreedomFest. The whole idea is for you to think about freedom and what might be taking it away in your life.

An invitation to elected officials of any stripe: If you attend I invite you to write an essay here in Here's the link to FreedomFest:

And speaking of freedom...


Joe Has a Lawn Party...

(6.13.23) Yesterday, another Day Democrats and their propaganda media can be proud of. Biden channels FDR at Pride Day (sic) yesterday on the White House lawn. On that very if statistics mean anything Mexican cartels were transporting children to be sold into sex slavery. Concerned observers say Biden's open border policy has empowered the cartels to spread child sex victims and drug traffic into US markets without much difficulty. This while the DOJ refuses to release documents that are said to show Joe and Hunter receiving $5 million each for US policy decisions. It is said there are several audio recordings of Joe himself in the deal. All this while Joe's DOJ charges his leading political opponent with none other than espionage and other empty accusations to keep him from humiliating Joe in the 2024 election. Though it made little mention of Biden's apparent alliance with the child traffickers, the 2022 Trafficking in Persons Report put an activist face on an otherwise incompetently uncaring administration.

As Biden's political apparatchik ethically challenged prosecutor Jack Smith claims the highest "integrity" in prosecuting Trump, Rudy Giuliani puts out new and firm bombshell evidence that Joe Biden received money from his son's influence peddling the Biden name in Ukraine.

(6.10.23) This morning Rudy Giuliani (RG) sounded as though he was prosecuting the old New York mob. But he wasn't. He could have been prosecuting Biden's family that is mired in influence peddling corruption, among other things.

RG told Rita Crosby of Newsmax that he had tried years ago to give federal prosecutors evidentiary papers linking the Joe and Hunter Biden collecting 5 million dollars each in Ukraine. The feds wouldn't touch it, he said. Further, he said there was someone close to the deal--a finance officer--who would provide details and proof if she were put in the witness protection program. Biden's DOJ ignored it all, said RG. She disappeared. Few know what happened to her. [Correction/addition 6.12.23: according to The America's Voice, Bill Barr killed the investigation and the would-be whistleblower is known to be alive.]

For the first time in US history, the leading political opponent to the sitting US president, the president who is demonstratively accused to being corrupt and doing the bidding of internal radical leftists, if not foreign officials from Communist China, Russia and elsewhere, is prosecuting with his own Department of Justice his leading Republican opponent. Prevailing winds say this unprecedented indictment is no coincidence. The elite Democrats are terrified of Trump. Media talking heads say he is the one political opponent who can take apart the deep state running the government.

Hence, Dems and the establishment itself hate Trump and his voters. It doesn't matter Bidenistas would wreck the previous implied contract of unity and fidelity between Americans--and I do not mean 'fidelity' in the FBI sense. If Trump gets back into the White House, the imbedded Washington power elite will be ripped out. That's why the Washington establishment is waging war on Trump and his associates. (In ultimate mean spirit, they even charged his valet with crimes.) Biden and his communist pals have proven the means justify the ends so get set again to see massive cheating as well as their attempt to put Trump in jail or worse at all costs with another hoax. They can do the same thing to you, dear reader.

Not surprisingly Democratic power elites, along with their regional lackeys like Dem Rep. Steve Cohen, Memphis, who propounded the Russia Hoax with the help of local media, are more than willing to support the Biden racial bull**** as if its real. Better question yet: why do the rank and file Democrats such as those hanging on in the deep blue enclave of Memphis buy into Biden's constant narrative of calling his political opponents racists? Because it works, especially with local media do little or nothing to provide informational balance to the story. The indictment, the latest hoax against Trump bleeds with nothing but political motivation especially when you consider the Bidens and the Clintons committed far worse without a measley whimper from the DOJ. Further, expect to see our local mouthpiece representative at it again--especially in front of the election on local lapping media.

Arguably, Trump is better for rank and file Democratic members because he delivered a vibrant economy that produced more jobs for blacks. On the bleeding culture end, he dispensed no special privileges to the LGBTQ+ contingent of the Democratic Party who have up till now operated at the expense of regular students, parents and women's sports. More blacks are getting it. Blacks now see the damage Biden has wrought and their leaders are pulling out the stops to get them to buy into the lies and hysteria against Trump.

Timing of the Trump indictment is no coincidence. Its as transparently political, if not completely fascist, as Biden standing in front of the Philadelphia's Independence Hall--a sacred place for all Americans, just not Democrats hell bent on heavy handed political demagoguery--and calling Trump and his voters everything but fascist.


Democrats, with permission of the Republicans, stick it to black, brown and all middle class families with the debt ceiling "deal."

Christmas came early for those 82,000 armed IRS agents whom the Republicans rarely talked about during their failed faux struggle to keep Biden from further decimating the dollar, increasing government spending by the billions to expand a weaponized government against political opponents and speeding up inflation as if the administration doesn't care. The administration doesn't. Neither apparently do the Republicans who promised they would keep the menace of Joe Biden and his criminal regime in check with hearings and subpeonas.

Now, the air is out of that balloon. All that fell apart with the vote. Everybody knows it was a failure of leadership from McCarthy and Co. Even though they may tout an "historic" deal to prevent default (right, ABC News). What happened? The Republicans got tired of fighting and once again were only too glad to let the Democrats put the kids of the current generation in debt individually by hundreds of thousands.

And those 82,000 IRS agents to be hired to dig into your life and finances--and let's not miss the exquisite irony the tax payer is paying for them--will soon likely be probing, if the usual Democrat departments are any indicator, Republicans.

These professional Republican politicians should be voted out. Either a third party or patriot takeover of the Republican party should happen poste haste.

So now its come to this: Oversight Committee whistleblower turns up missing. Another reason local Democrats should say enough. Similar to the unsolved murder of DNC staff member?

(Sun.5.14.23 BenQQ) House Oversight Chairman James Comer said on FNC's Maria Bartiromo that the whistleblower witness to information on Biden and family raking in millions in his capacity since becoming Vice President under Obama has gone missing.

While the alleged president of the United States hobbles about calling MAGA members fascists, the oversight committee has proven the highly paid ensconced intelligence employees of the federal government conspired to interfere in the 2020 election by lying about Hunter Biden's infamous laptop. They should lose their security clearances first and be prosecuted second, although their defense has already been uttered by some: coercion. I expect at that level, they should be uncoercible by both a corrupt administration and foreign enemies such as Russia and Communist China. Instead we have weak bureaucrats floundering around to protect their personal interests and privileges even after they've "retired."

Their responsibility is to the constitution and not the political whims of a lawless cabal in suits running the White House.

But what has this got to do with local Democrats in Memphis and elsewhere? Everything.
If you are a Democrat, you voted for it. You enabled the likes of Schumers, Schifts and even more locally, the Cohens to spew obvious lies for years to be seldom, if ever, called out by local media. When media follows lies, the media become the liars.

Unless the whistleblower shows up--who knows, maybe he and his FBI handlers (if there were any) decided to go to a bar and throw down a few, then several--we probably will never see the extent of the lifelong corrupt pandering of Joe Biden and those he has infected by close proximity, including family and possibly Barack Obama.

And that bit of speculation, puts us back into the era of Hilary Clinton who destroyed evidence in front of the world, which included FBI Director James B. Comey, and was never prosecuted. Continuing, it was Seth Rich, a young DNC staffer rumored to soon reveal damaging DNC information. If that was what he was planning, somebody murdered him before he could do it. The murder was never solved. Do we have a similar situation with the whistleblower? By the way, whistleblowers can indeed turn up badly. Here's another account unrelated to this one.

Final thought: it does not serve the Democrats to continue to support a party with banana republic values. Let's hope the whistleblower shows up.

update: Whistleblower was found but is said to be in fear for his life.


Biden delivers new waves of undocumented immigrants to Memphis. Title 42 ends. Things can only get worse.

(5.11.23 BenQQ) In a remarkable disconnect between the majority Democratic voters and their party's policies, Memphians will experience an increased influx of illegal aliens beginning tomorrow. Tomorrow Title 42 ends, opening the southern border even more to massive throngs of indigent people seeking welfare subsistence from the American taxpayer. Not only Memphis but cities across the country will have to absorb millions of people who will ultimately rely on tax supported resources of shelter, protection, health and education. This is a Democratic immigration welfare scheme by any other name organized by activists and drug cartels.

Biden's transparently cynical mission to flood the country with eventual voters is affecting even Democratic cities' capacity to provide municipal services even to their legal citizens. Now cometh the hordes.

And when you inject massive numbers of new labor participants into the blue collar labor supply, you can buy that labor at a cheaper rate because there is less of it. That means legal blue collar workers will have to compete against illegal workers who sell their services for less. This begs the question: why would any working Democrat continue to vote Democratic?

The bad effect on cities such as Memphis is palpable. It is not as though Memphis can afford to take care of an additional mass dependent population. News reports of 10,000 people a day will cross the border--and there is no end in sight.

The corporate legacy media have up till now mostly ignored how Biden's policies have benefited the vicious criminal Mexican cartels. These new drug gangs have set up shop in American cities.

Writer's note: Months ago we asked the city if it has prepared in any way for large numbers of illegal immigrants. The city strangely replied that was for federal immigration authorities.


Fox bails from the fight and settles Dominion lawsuit as 3 most popular hosts are forced to admit they are Trump haters. Meanwhile, Mike Lindell airs a panel of election cyber security experts who say Dominion machines can be easily manipulated.

In what portends even greater erosion of press freedom, Fox News agreed to pay Dominion Voting System $787.5 million without a fight. The steam was taken out of that fight--if it was ever there--when it was revealed the network's 3 biggest prime timer hosts had written letters condemning Trump. Tucker Carlson, the highest rated star making a reported $10 million a year, who could normally be seen defending Trump, apparently wrote he "passionately" hated him. Apparently he hated him because he, Trump, claimed the 2020 election was fraudulent. That was the election that stunk to high heaven as reported by Christina Bobb in Stealing Your Vote:

* In Arizona, Fox News called for Joe Biden with only 75 percent of the vote in. Trump won Arizona with more than 91,000 votes over Clinton.
-Though he never left his hole, Biden got a total of 1,040,774 in Maricopa County AZ (Phoenix)--508,490 votes more than Obama got in 2012. This, despite Trump correcting state issues such as the illegal influx and cartel gang invasion.

* In Georgia, Gov. Kemp blocked any real vote audits. One grass roots group uncovered 35,000 lived out of county at election time. In 2016 the rejection rate of absentee ballots was 3% but in 2020 it was 0.6%.
-18,325 used addresses listed as "vacant."
-86,880 did not show a registration date prior to the 2020 election.
-907 voted with PO box addresses.
-2,326 had mailing addresses listed as "vacant" by the USPS.
-1,377 registered using courthouses, churches, or hotels as their permanent residences.
-4,502 did not appear in the state's Voter Registration File
-2,525 had different birth years in 2020 Voter Registration File than that of 2016.
-2,047 were registered to vote prior to the 17th birthday.

*In Pennsylvania, the numbers tell the real story. Trump was winning by over 700,000 until the state allowed 3 million mail-in ballots. These votes were illegal because the state never changed their constitution to allow mail-in ballots. A congressman filed a lawsuit asking for the court to only certify legal votes but the state supreme court, that already had a reputation of being crooked enough, overturned it on procedural grounds. This is a pattern that showed up in almost all of Trump's legal challenges over 2020.

* In Wisconsin, there was never a full forensic audit, though the election results were highly contested. 44,272 were allowed to vote without identification. The margin of victory between Biden and Trump 20,682 votes. Other numbers:
-120,000 had been on the voting roll for over 100 years. This was explained as a glitch but left the door open for thousands of vote thefts.
-157,758 all had the same registration number.
-7,,098,448 on the voter roll but 4.5 million residents.
-31,872 were registered within 6 months of the election and then moved to inactive the following election.
Without the numbers: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg donating funds to control the narrative of the election in Wisconsin (as he was doing with other cities nationally) actually amounted to state election bribery according to an investigation of Retired Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman. In addition to Zuckerberg's biased intrusion, Gableman's report revealed the Wisconsin Election Commision violated a range of basic federal and state election laws.

* In Michigan, everybody saw election officials throwing out Republican observers and blocking views from windows third world gangsta style. They weren't embarrassed.
-So William Bailey sued Antrim County claiming that he had been disfranchised as a voter in 2020. Of 16,047 votes, the county reported 7,769 for Biden and 4,509. The first eyebrow raising thing is that in 2016, Trump received 62 percent of the vote. Of 18,059 votes cast in 2016, Trump got 9,783 and Biden 7,289. Trump won 54 percent of the vote. The second time Bailey checked he found out Trump had won by 60.75 percent. Bailey's aggressive attorney found out that in the Central Lake Township that 81.96 percent of votes were reversed because the voting machine tabulator count "was false." Now, the allowable error rate by the Federal Election Commission is 0.0008 percent or one out of 250,000. Bailey uncovered many other discrepancies in the process of requesting an audit. The judge, as in so many other Trump voting issues, denied it on a technicality because the Secretary of State said an audit had already been done despite the new findings of Bailey's attorney.
-Jacky Eubanks canvassed her home town of Macomb County, finding it had 170,000 more registered voters than people of voting age living in the county.
Michigan turned out to be the only state not initiating some kind of closer look at the election in their state. In fact, Republican Senator Ed McBroom tried to get those who questioned the outcome of the election in jail targeted for prosecution.

Much more information available. Don't be a stooge of the corporate mass media. Get Bobb's book here.

Meanwhile, as the big 3 Fox News hosts declared themselves privately against Trump and agreeing to self-flagellate with Rupert Murdoch's billions, Mike Lendell's technical campaign to show the voting machines could be easily manipulated in many ways by bad players as votes were tabulated continued. On the same day as the Fox News cave to Dominion, Frank Lindell produced this panel discussion of real computer and vote tabulation exerts. Here's an excerpt:


After a trail of cabals, the latest one now pops and oozes: the 51 signatures of former intelligence officials regarding Hunter's laptop was another conspiracy to keep Trump from winning.

As a senior campaign official then, Anthony Blinken, now Biden's Secretary of State, got Mike Morell, former acting CIA Director to say the political and legal mess Hunter Biden's laptop revealed about presidential candidate Joe Biden was really a plot of Russian disinformation.

The bombshell flew from the Jim Jordan's House Judiciary Committee to which Morell was testifying. The former executive spook, who had been highly paid by US taxpayers, said he wanted to get the other web of intelligence officials to sign a letter that would help Joe Biden's electoral chances. Apparently, all fell in like bleating sheep in a corral, to support a president that now reportedly is compromised by China and Russia.

Meanwhile Trump continues to be the object of legal warfare even after a trail of impeachment trials and investigations that, again, cost the taxpayers millions.

As if it actually served his black, poor and crime ridden constituents in Memphis, 9th Dist. Rep. Steve Cohen was among a few Democrat mouthpieces who for years became constant cheerleaders for impeachment. In Memphis he was frequently seen on soft interview local and national programs calling Trump a criminal and racist, among other things. Seldom was he challenged.


Kamala Harris makes political speeches to supporters in Tennessee but ignores shooting victims.

In yet another display of incompetence mixed with exploitive guile, the vice president of the United States visited Nashville this weekend to make predictable noise about gun issues. Thing is, she didn't visit any of the families of the victims. Harris actually flew into Tennessee to chastise a sovereign state legislature for not bending to 150 demonstrators and 3 disruptive legislators acting out their own pique that broke long standing rules.

What does that say? Plenty.

First, it says the administration is afraid to meet with people who are probably-we don't know-politically and culturally anathema. Biden never met, although he made noises he would, with the victims of the train wreck in Palestine, Ohio who most likely hated him for his general insouciance as well.

Coming in close contact with critics verbalizing displeasure before the cameras presents awkward moments for both Biden and Harris.When black blogger Charlamagne put the wrong question to Biden he responded with the racially hostile "you ain't black enough" (sic) response. Biden had to apologize but the reveal was done.

Second, it reveals Harris' and staff's willingness to exploit any issue to exploit, to squeeze every drop of political juice that could be put to keeping easily lead Democrats in their camp. No doubt the specter of another Walk Away movement looms, especially with videos like this on the internet:

picture from PragerU Channels

The administration's unwillingness to stand face-to-face with people who are not among their constituents--an American value but who's noticing that loss--is a preview of what his campaign is going to look like; from the proverbial basement with the help of a conciliatory news media.

Finally, what was drowned out among all this noise? Solutions that did not undermine the second amendment, like allowing trained school staff to carry guns, installing safety doors, walk-through metal detectors and monitoring social media for threats. Gun issues from the left hits all the bells of cognitive dissonance. Their only solution is to gnaw away at rights.


The Tennessee legislature sets the MAGA movement back with the expulsion of two young black members

In the emotional wake of a mass shooting at a Nashville religious school March 27, one wonders what the members of the Tennessee legislature were thinking. Sure it was maddening to have 3 legislative members hold a raucous anti-gun demonstration on the floor.

But when those legislators banished 2, now inexorably rising, stars of the Democratic Party, they turned the inappropriate floor demonstration into another racial issue. What Tennessee Republicans did is similar to what the Supreme Court did by rolling back Roe v Wade. Both were technically right, not withstanding any findings to be come out of lawsuits, demonstrations, debates and hearings generated by the 3 aggrieved legislative activists. The anti-abortion Wade decision by the Supreme Court no doubt resulted in the lackluster results for the GOP in '22. Now we have an historic throwback spectacle of older white men throwing out two black legislators with the approval of most of their GOP colleagues but failing miserably in the image department.

Henceforth, meet the Tennessee Three (T3 hereafter) the newest innovation in Democratic political organizing. Expect t-shirts, bumper stickers and Democratic bumblers to utter that phrase in their sleep and on air.)

And image is what the Democrats live on. Their images invariably are based on modern false charges of racism and even the outrageous charge of indifference to the murders of children. These are issues that still trigger in the brains of the Democrats and their media allies--not, unfortunately, issues like the expansionist policies of Russia and China that present real 'existential' issues to every American, not to mention losing our economy, the fall of the petrodollar, loss of voting and related border integrity that ruins the national job bank.

But will average Democrats finally see through the charade? That takes rigor and with old time bells being rung virtually all the time, nothing is likely to change.

The T-3s could not have come along at worse time. Most people who process information by image will see the charges against Trump--and then impending charges by Democratic copycats elsewhere--will not think any deeper than race. Just connect the two--Tennessee Republicans denying black colleagues their positions plus Trump charged with phoney "crimes" and you have zombies following instructions to vote. May not even be a need to steal the vote.

At any rate, a cooler head did not prevail. No one stepped back and proposed mere sanctions instead of behaving like the Democratic demagogues of Jan 06 that arguably has resulted in American political prisoners still in captivity. Apparently one GOP member called the trio "insurrectionists?"

The T-3 were ready for the charges and fired back with their own fact interpretations: the chamber technically was in recess when they held their anti-gun protest with bullhorn and signs, the video of their actions was not shown before the vote, other GOP members had been charged with actual crimes and not expelled. The T-3 went on to describe petty suppression of members the majority didn't want to hear from. So what else is new in a democratic majority? Obama and Biden, who have already chimed in, are masters at that.

In their defense, the young black members invoked the cadence and content of the civil rights spiritual. At least in Memphis, you can't go wrong with that, especially with a backdrop of gun violence which is almost an everyday plague on the city. (Yet, the local district attorney announced a new effort to stop "political corruption," whatever that means.) The body received a black eye and won, but they will find the fight will rattle on and on pointlessly.

The Nashville killer, instead of being vilified was never condemned by the ultra left crowd clamoring outside of the legislative chamber. She was made a victim herself. The crowd wanted to get in but it was reported state troopers kept them at bay. Still their sympathizers were in the peanut stand.

This could be a movie like the Z-Generation's "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" with the T-3 learning to win after being thrown out of the halls the legislature, thus actually facilitating an image of what they are not: racists. It just looks bad and that's all that is necessary.

With the Democrats, imagery is everything. So the T-3 fell into their role as purveyors of righteous wholesome goodness in their struggle against guns and racists. Eventually, their solutions to curtail gun policies will cut into the rights of legal gun owners--many of whom are black--because the issue is a ploy for never ending attention. That issue will be exploited until every vote is milked from the gullible and every gun is confiscated

The shooter reportedly legally owned an AR-15 rifle, a 9 mm Kel-Tec SUB2000 pistol and a 9 mm Smith and Wesson M&P EZ 2.0 handgun (links shown may not be exact models) was under the care of a doctor with an "emotional disorder." Tennessee does not have a "red flag" law that would permit a judge to temporarily seize guns from someone who would be a threat to themselves or others. Tennessee no longer requires a license to carry a gun but does require a background check from pawn or gun dealer shops. Otherwise gun purchases from private owners are permitted without a background check.


The Divisive Democrat Establishment is Ruining the Lives of Regular Democrats

If the Democrats don't again steal your vote with massive ghost voters, ballot box stuffing, electronic manipulation and judicial apathy, I believe and hope Trump will be elected in a landslide. The level of in-your-face corruption exceeds anything in our lifetimes and to let it go on without correction is to relegate our kids--especially those from Democratic families (as I once was)--to a fake Democracy where election results can be easily manipulated. But don't stop there. Officials and their family members can make private deals with foreign, even hostile, governments. Also norms of justice can be thrown out the window to satisfy the power obsessions of even the most small town Democrats salivating for public jobs.

Overweening government infested by deep state operatives is now common. Recently, rank and file Democrats have recognized their party is finally hurting their own financially as well as taxing personal honesty of their members. Their Democratic party is now committing the same offenses against their political opponents that the system long ago once did against them.

Honest American Democrats should stand up and walk away from their party. The Divisive Democratic Establishment (let's call them the DDEs hereafter) spew the same racial paranoia about Trump that has kept them in alignment with the power structure of Washington, the media and the globalist multinational corporations.  Many honest former Democrats have recognized Donald Trump has done more to help their families than the divisive Democratic establishment DDEs dare to acknowledge.

The Divisive Democratic Establishment could care less about a 7% (compared to Trump's 2%) inflation rate that raises prices for, yes, black families. Same for so many failures of the Biden administration and his flunkies that are now spread through government. Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas says there's no problem with the border when we all stand gape mouthed at the largest invasion in history of illegal aliens and the organized criminal cartels that even have set up shop in Memphis. And the DDEs don't want to mention the fact that illegal aliens soak up jobs with cheaper labor. These are the jobs held by, among others, traditional hard working Democrats. If you need it spelled out: plumbers, construction workers, tree cutters, hotel workers, etc. Add this to the Democratic policies of downward pressure on the value of the dollar, domestic energy abandonment and kowtowing to globalist business and you have why prices will continue to rocket up with a recession on the horizon.

As a populist, whether he calls himself that or not, Trump saw the country's slide into what will turn out to be banana republic justice system as exemplified by prosecution of Trump associates, various departments going after organizations, the hyper persecution of Jan. 6 defendants and the ultimate mass denial of rights to every voter: his recent indictment over little or nothing. Such should be the topper in how you don't behave in a country that was once the envy of the world for political fairness.

Democrats have now turned the law upside down to prosecute a fetish they've had for 7 years against Donald Trump. In so doing they have virtually guaranteed his return to the White House. It doesn't matter that, amazingly enough, he may be found guilty of a malicious charge politically motivated from a jury in perhaps the bluest state in America. Americans, and even Democrats if they have a moment of honesty, see through this sham that puts all of us in the crosshairs of a hostile government that has now adopted radical one party justice standards. Remember, our Democratic alleged president stood in front of an iconic historic location, bathed it in blood red and declared war on Trump supporters by calling them fascist.

Rank and file Democrats should wake up and smell the coffee. This is their country too.


Another Establishment Plot Against Trump Falls Apart. Will this be a lesson for Democrats?

What's interesting about the saga of New York DA Alvin Bragg is how much the eastern intelligentsia wanted him to "uncover" at long last a final illegality that would not only stop Donald Trump, but perp-walk him before the salivating commentators of MSNBC and corporate media. Bragg had no problem making his key witness against Trump a discredited convicted former Trump attorney before the grand jury.

This affair is nothing but a footnote in the long story of how the powerful conspire to keep their power. But Bragg's office, like another one upstate, had no compunctions about radically politicizing his mission. Forget that released cameras reveals people being bludgeoned in the street. Get Trump. That's all that matters.

Bragg should be disbarred at least. His office should be fumigated from the apparatchiks who think Donald Trump is an--as our own Representative Steve Cohen calls people with whom his party disagrees--an "enemy of the state."

What continues to be made ever more clear is the willingness of Democratic politicians to sacrifice law and traditions such as the client lawyer relationship, government as a weaponized tool against whom they see as political enemies and the entrenchment of the deep state that results in continued policies favorable to world globalist economics.

Not surprisingly, local Democrats out of habit or lethargy, continue to ignore it all. Memphis media leans toward bringing comfort to the powerful. Memphis Democrats should walk away and vote their security and job interests with Trump. They should start looking and listening.


March 20, 2023-A Day in the Life of News Culture

--from LGBTQ Nation. A Hendersonville Public Library fired the director after staff allegedly disrupted permitted filming of conservative podcast against transgenderism, CRT and the 1619 Project. The library board apparently felt they had the right to fire the director while opponents, not all that concerned about rights of free expression, objected. The issue is why: did library staff infringe on the permitted production of a media product? Work through this article.

--from the Commercial Appeal. TBI identifies woman fatally shot by Shelby Co. deputies Saturday; investigation continues (Bartlett) While not as sensational as the Tyre Nichols beating, authorities shot a Brownsville woman they said was suspected of a domestic violence incident. The story cites the stats of law enforcement shootings in and around Memphis: 10 in 2022 and 4 so far this year. Excepting the Tyre Nicholls case, police fatalities occur within an exceptional scenario but the article does not report if the decedent was armed or threatened the lives of the officers or others.

The City Council's Response to Tyre Nichols--ordinary, not very new.

(BenQQ) Through my years in Memphis, I've noted--probably like everybody else who interacts with them--changes in policing style in various situations by different members of the police force. When I'm out doing work, I'm usually with gear and sometimes make "verbal contact," that is, say hello and maybe ask a question. Most were friendly and enjoyed interacting. Some were standoffish, a few rude and one hostile. No situation reflected a rational continuum or expectation of behavior. Regardless, I think that's a very good average.

However, in that we saw via video a growing group of officers apparently behaving the same way--that is participating in or passively condoning after the fact--the beating of Tyre Nicholls indicates something far more serious than lack of training. I'm assuming that "training" includes not beating motorists nor acting out some personal vendetta under color of law as has been reported in some media.

The Memphis City Council's recommendations are politically based on constituent demands. Understandable, not necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn't answer the real problem.

What worries me is group think among organizations. We see it everywhere. Especially among professions, especially imitative and socially restrained mass media, civil and military governance and, of course, among political parties. Some group think is advisable. You don't want every single member of the group running off doing their own thing except in political discourse. Nor do you want sub-groups to form to go around rules of the dominant group, which seems possibly to be one of the things here.

But you do want your group members to think independently when others are breaking the rules. You have to be psychologically strong, a self-leader by your own standards.

So my question is at this point and barring no further disclosures: how is it possible that not one person officially responding to the incident acted according to their notion of a broader standard of justice? Does "training" account for that?

I ran across this term "just procedure" (that is, "just" as in justice) when researching group think and police in this article. It somewhat applies here.


Drag Queens--the New Media Civil Rights Struggle

(BenQQ) Since I went to college years ago in Memphis, alternative gender related behaviors were always happening in micro-pockets of the city. Not as out there as, say, Weimar Berlin, but nevertheless there with real practitioners.

Giving voice to what some would consider aberrant behaviors has gone to legitimizing and demonstrating such behaviors in front of children. That's what the new state law is about.

Not too long ago, I commented against the Commercial Appeal newspaper running a front page picture of the huge multicolored gay pride banner in a parade (scroll down) as pandering and journalistically imitational. The story reeked of ulterior woke motive to validate the alternative lifestyle.

Local station WMC had to get into the new civil rights struggle but this time more objectively. In response to a station's story in Knoxville, WMC asked a local drag queen performer if he would abide by the new state law that prohibited children from watching drag queen shows. Of course he said he would not.

Not a bad story, but I would have appreciated a view of at least a mental health professional discussing the impact, if any, of a child watching a gender bending male crossing over to female behavior. See the story here.


Now, who should be locked up with, or instead of, the Jan O6 protesters?

(BenQQ) As laborious research on the 2020 election fraud comes to light in both buckets and drips, it reveals what most people with common sense knew, or heavily suspected, after Nov. 2. The fraud was so in your face that a million protesters--like millions of others before them on such issues as civil rights and war policy--congregated at the national capital to hear Trump implore them to be peaceful.

Though their protests to protect the vote from partisan vipers who would steal it were every bit as legitimate as the previous great historic demonstrations, the Democratic comforting media hacks instantly painted them as killers, violent rioters and fifth columnists. It could have been a scene out of a 1930s Bolshevik newsreel.

Unsurprisingly, these great journalists and commentators dismissed as unworthy coverage of the point-blank shooting of one protester by a trigger-happy capital cop and fraudulently blamed the death of a policeman on a beating from rioters. It follows the pattern of modern Democrats we've all seen so many times of blaming others for their own crimes.

Now, new tape that that Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy recently gave to Tucker Carlson of Fox News reveals a substantially different story than the ones ginned up and fed to us by state media, politicians and the infamous Jan. 06 kangaroo court sideshow. In fact, Carlson calls many of them crudely cut and ham-handed video lies.

Perhaps someone will dig into this new phenom of how tribal blood reporting works with scurrilous politicians to create a substantially fictionized account to retain power. See Carlson's report here.


How is it that we face a threat situation as bad or worse since before WWll?

(BenQQ) If there is any lesson in today's politics of ephemera and lies spewed by Dems and many Republicans, it is to recognize the end of Pax Americana as we have known it. That means the idea that government exists for the people and not those politicians in government, the oligarchs or the media. But now liberal Democrats, their allies in the Republican Party, the industrial-media complex and current political establishment have ever so progressively aligned themselves on the side of the Communist Chinese. No longer is democracy the thing, but now high-tech Orwellian control over populations is the wave of the future. And they like it.

This international political trend has helped to more easily put our country in the crosshairs of our enemies. Our political environment now actively supports media whipping up low information voters over issues like reparations, supporting the staunching of freedom of expression, weaponizing government against innocent taxpaying citizens, perverting standards of justice, and disunifying with woke nonsense everywhere.

All the while with an addled president whose party is well documented in criminally stealing the election for that very president about whom could be rightfully concluded to be compromised by both future kinetic enemies: Russia and China.

Not in modern times have we been so vulnerable from foreign enemies and so leaderless at the same time. At least the German bund dissolved right before WWll and the country got itself unified to fight. Otherwise, fascism would have won.

Will we ale to unify, that is to show Russian and China we are unified in fighting them? Will we be able to show them we stand by our traditional principles for a world that only recently fought to throw off its shackles? Now Russia and China want to reshackle the world with both military and financial (Belt and Road) enslavement. To quote our president manipulating black voters as a candidate but blind to foreign enemies: "They want to put YOU back in chains!" This idiotic scurrilous quote really applies to the world.

How can we be prepared for the coming alliance between Russia and China and a few other rump states, when:

-our own president is pushing a treaty with the Chinese-allied World Health Organization with little interest in consulting congress. Though unlikely to get past the courts, this is galling and shows where Biden's loyalties lie. If war breaks, is he also likely to declare an American stand-down due to world health issues? Is this a traitorous act toward our own sovereignty?

-our own Director of National Institute of Health was so quick to dismiss Chinese bioengineering at the Wuhan lab to which his National Institue of Health partially funded research. It is alleged he lied to congress to cover up this gain of function research. This is a code term for military bio-weapon development.

-our own Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley revealed he would call his counterpart in Communist China to warn him Trump was preparing a nuclear strike? With China continually expanding into the South China Sea and probably soon attacking Taiwan and her allies, would Milley still pick up the phone? He should be dismissed immediately.

-our own Attorney General Merrick Garland refuses to protect our southern border while launching attacks on political enemies from school board parents to Trump supporters? Hopefully, he will be impeached but there are bigger problems...

Conservative elements are falling away from stopping Russia from invading Europe while China is declaring there will be a future war with America. All this while our alleged president remains incapable of being strong especially toward the very enemies who are raising their nostrils at the smell of our blood where we are now vulnerable. China wants Taiwan. We must protect Taiwan because that is the source of the best computer chips and we need those chips to fly our advanced military aircraft and operate ground assets. If Japan fought over oil in the 1930s, the advanced world will fight over Taiwan's chips.

In response to their previous timidity, the Democrats are now finally seeing what has been in front of the public for years. The danger here: a Democratic over-response that could initiate WWlll. When all you've done in your art of governance is conduct woke policies, you are not experienced enough to calibrate steps through a thermonuclear mine field. Little wonder some Democrats are framing the Chinese as "competitors" and not "enemies" or even "antagonists."

Its time we radically change to a war footing that sends a message to both Russia and China. Don't want to send that message? Then we will likely be at war before Biden's end of term. Tragically, that likely will cause Biden to actually be re-elected.

In the meantime, rank and file Democrats especially who know nothing more than reading their local media and watching TV, should immediately begin consuming other media on the internet. All Russian and Chinese citizens have are state controlled media. All they know is what their government tells them. Thus, instead of being the first stop, they are pushing the world into war. We saw this with Japan and Germany 70 years ago.

Democrats should not put themselves into the same boat with their media.

Unlike in the 1930's, we should be prepared for war and show our willingness to use that preparedness to all who declare themselves our enemies.


What the children's book written by AI Means: Everything Changes, including the argument over Guaranteed Universal Income

(2.23.23 BenQQ) There is a current uproar among children's book writers because it has been revealed that allegedly 90% of children's books have been written and illustrated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Writers are blown over. And its only the beginning.  

For years now, we've been seeing the early stages of robots penetrating the average workplaces and activities like restaurants, driving vehicles, writing, illustrating, phone answering services, technical support and even surgeries and law. There is no stopping it. It's like The Terminator from James Cameron:

"That terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead." (my bold)

The process is already on for AI robots to reduce work hours. Regardless the political struggle between Democrats and Republicans, the fight over GUI, or Guaranteed Universal Income, takes on a whole different meaning when employers use AI to replace workers en masse. People, as they say, are unreliable, come with all sorts of baggage, need breaks and make unnecessary noise.

In particular, what will Democrats do? Will Dem populated luddite unions demand no use of AI among employers? Of course I believe they will, but that has never been successful. The thing most everybody eventually will agree on is a need for Guaranteed Universal Income (GUI).

In fact, glomming onto something possibly called "AI Subsistence" is the fastest way Dems can gain true popular power based on legal policy. Add that to the millions of illegals they've imported to be voters and their massive cheating operations in elections, their Orwellian landscape will calcify into an inescapable downward spiral into an inhuman nightmare.

Unless Republicans wake up on so many levels--like planning for GUI right now--the future looks bleak.


Biden Surprise Visits and Gifts Ukraine $500 Million. Is apparently incapable of giving Churchillian speech why the West must stand against invasive tyranny once again in Europe and Asia.

(2.20.23 BenQQ) Americans woke up to images of their president doddering along with President Volodymyr Zelensky on Ukrainian soil, much to the chagrin of many liberal commentators and conservative head shakers who are part of a growing alliance opposed to giving further support to fight the brutal Russian invasion that has grown to genocidal proportions.

They apparently don't care enough to want to stop the psychopathic Russian dictator next door who will do anything to reconstitute the old Russian empire. That included of course Ukraine but also Belarus, Moldova, Finland, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. Once that is accomplished, Poland thinks they would be next. The opponents have to decide if letting Russia take over other countries is actually OK or if Ukrainian political/cultural erasure off the map bodes the same fate for other countries.

What we saw this morning was our faux president, "elected" under what we now see as growing dubious circumstances, whose weak inaction with Russia and slow support to Ukraine a year earlier virtually assured the invasion. He gave a short uninspiring speech and promised more money.

The problem is, Biden has wasted trillions of tax dollars on ephemera, not to mention draining the oil reserves set aside for emergencies, while increasing inflation. The result: popular intolerance toward dollars going to Ukraine to "protect its borders and not ours," as some media mavins have put it. Its a false analogy.

Frankly, I expect Biden to fubar most everything he touches. Like all of his messes, he makes a big deal "fixing" the problem after he's broken it. Much the same routine with Ukraine. Russia ignored Biden's entreaties to please stand down and pull back from the Ukrainian border in 2021. A big diplomatic fail.

What he should have done this morning was ring out the message the West, lead by the United States, will never allow Russia to throw the world into another European, even global, war. He has European history to point to. Had England not done the Munich agreement and forcefully declared they and western Europe would fight for Czechoslovakia in 1939, Hitler would have backed down. Hitler was gauging England's response. Germany had been given the time to rearm, invade and assess the West's reaction. Biden's message should have been: The free world need not fail again in this century as it did in the last.

Just as with most of the Biden decisions and actions, they are either wrong or miss entirely. His speech this morning should have been a clarion call to the Russian dictator--and to that one in China--there is hell to pay if they try to redraw the outlines of Europe and Asia. It was his chance to genuinely unite the American people over a genuine global threat--that is, something other than white supremacists, fascist Trumpers, and global warming. He could have declared a new doctrine that's always worked: peace through strength. He failed to do that.

What Biden did do was show Russian and China we will continue to throw our tax dollars into the fray until voters are persuaded its not worth it--because he cannot convince them it is. Russia is likely to step back until the US runs out of money and arms (another unseen catastrophe) and Europe can't stand being cold for another winter.

All this while Russians, under the sway of state media, believe patriotically the Russian Mir will rise again. Meanwhile, another crazy, murderous dictator ruling with the support of state media, Xi Jinping watches and waits.


Biden Normalizes More Restrictions on Free Speech.
Meme Maker Faces Up to 10 Years. Your Satire is Not Funny.

(2.9.23 BenQQ) In the first criminal case of voter suppression it could come up with, Biden's DOJ has brought charges against an anti-Hillary Clinton commentator--and other "co-conspirators"--during the 2016 elections.

The DOJ charged Douglass Mackey, dubbed variously a "pro-Trump influencer" by or "right-wing provocateur" by The New York Times, with "election interference" by spreading memes that people could vote for Hillary Clinton by texting.

Mackey is now being prosecuted for violating 18 U.S.C. § 241, a federal law that punishes conspiracies “to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person ... in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution.” So satirizing how easy it is to vote can be taken as a lie and a lie about voting is a denial of rights. If the government is successful, campaigns will get even dumber with all sorts of CYA legal language and therefore less funny.

This, coming at the beginning of hearings about the DOJ itself running what could be called the ultimate disinformation campaign against Donald Trump in alliance with Twitter that denied voters of information about the laptop of Biden's son while deflecting attention from Hillary's email server and subsequent destruction of emails. Not to mention about what we now know to be the pandemic-related manipulation of elections.

But that provided no pause on the keystone zealots at the DOJ possibly eager to use a sanctimonious cause to distance themselves from the discredited Russia hoax (relentlessly shilled by our own Rep. Steve Cohen) and Biden's laptop from hell.

Anyway, here are two quotes from the barricades:

From The New York Times: “'With Mackey’s arrest, we serve notice that those who would subvert the democratic process in this manner cannot rely on the cloak of internet anonymity to evade responsibility for their crimes,' said Seth DuCharme, the acting United States attorney in Brooklyn, whose office is prosecuting the case."

From "So, this nasty Twitter troll who had 58,000 or so followers could be facing years in prison because a few thousand people tried to vote by text based on a meme that he posted? He’s responsible for posting a meme that stupid people fell for? / My hot take: If you think you can vote in a Presidential election by text as you do with American Idol or Dancing With The Stars — then you probably shouldn’t be voting at all."

Watch this one. We believe it to be an example of the phenom of lawfare or using laws to damage or delegitimize an opponent, frequently impoverishing him with legal expenses. It should have some hilarious moments in court if it weren't deadly serious for all of us smart enough to appreciate political satire.

Above, Douglass Mackay's work. Do you think media like this should be against the law?
Write or make a video and we will post your thoughts.


Blacks Apologize for Calling DeSantis Racist.
Is the Old Machine Finally Dying?

(2.7.23 BenQQ) The Miami-Dade Black Affairs Advisory Board apologized to FL. Gov Ron DeSantis (R) after one of its members called him a racist last week, according to the Miami Herald. These Florida Democrats may have done more to advance the quality of political discussion throughout America--up to a point.

Our comment: It broke the local headlines just when blacks should be concerned about job losses to undocumented workers entering the county via open borders as well as inflationary policies such as printing millions of dollars for everything from the care of those illegal immigrants to funding the omnibus bill. Last week Biden claimed his policies resulted in a huge job gain. That was another calculated falsehood: most of it was only seasonal.

Back to the story: The organization's head Pierre Rutledge said, "We take it to heart when someone uses the term racist,” Rutledge said, reported Fox News and the Miami Herald, which reported that he made that comment at a Feb. 3 press conference. “Words matter. And so as chair, I must start by saying we want to pull that back. There’s nothing wrong with saying ‘we’re sorry.’ That’s not what we intended to say or be depicted by anyone. And that’s not the feeling of this board.”

But the official statement did not come without the usual rant toward Republicans. Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam claimed DeSantis' policies "“always [seem] to attack black people and people of color,” but he did not say how. Ironically, it could be argued DeSantis anti-illegal immigration efforts actually help black communities by protecting wages from illegal competition.

The issue arose over DeSantis' opposition to the Florida Department of Education's Advanced Placement African American Studies course that he said had topics pertaining to Black Lives Matter, reparations and "queer theory" in the state's school curriculum. The DeSantis administration held these topics are not legal subjects in the state's course curriculum.


"I Cried Lots" Coming Next Week

"I CRIED LOTS!" -- messages to Elvis on the other side. Your editor BenQQ had multiple sessions documenting Memphis' own 'Lascaux Cave Paintings' that reveals Elvis' fans raw emotions in the early 21st century and most recently after the death of Lisa Marie. Sign up to be notified of our King's Wall Voices announcement here.


The 5 Ways Biden and Putin are Alike

(1.30.23 BenQQ) To me, there are 5 similarities in the ways Joe Biden and Vlad Putin operate. Here are my 5 but you may have more in other categories or none. Write me at the link above either way.

They both know how to deploy their respective machines to trigger instantaneous approval from their respective bases. But let's go further...

-Putin fabricated his excuse for his campaign to win approval of war on Ukraine as a battle against practically non-existent Nazis.
-Biden fabricated his excuse to increase political power to fight practically non-existent and over-exaggerated fascists (“white supremacists.”)

-Putin dumbs down and thus wins instantaneous support of his base with repeated emotional patriotic messaging and symbolism, harkening to WWll.
-Biden dumbs down and wins support of his base with threats of a Jim Crow era return, crudely exploiting the civil rights struggle.

-Putin uses state power to suppress and kill domestic opponents. (anti-war protesters and political/policy opponents)
-Biden weaponizes federal agencies to suppress others outside his usual support base using some sort of legal pretense. (Abortion protesters and Jan. 06 political prisoners continued incarceration and over-sentencing.)

-Putin's party controls all of the media to spew one sided lies and self-serving misrepresentations, thus keeping people in the dark and, by the way, blunting life-saving critical thought (Russian state media + more)
-Biden's party relies on normie acquiescent and active propaganda media to influence people already in his camp for continued support. (Time Magazine + more.) Yes, this is a link on my analysis of Time Magazine's rich and famous prop piece on how the Dem's "saved" the 2020 election. Youtube eventually discovered my little video and took it down for being vaguely "dangerous."

True, perhaps all politicians are alike to some degree in these ways but I believe Biden and Putin both are dangerous politicians because people give them power by ignoring or thoughtlessly approving them. Based on any democratic standard, Putin is true evil considering the gratuitous criminal destruction he's doing to Ukraine and his country all for his own egotistic desire to rebuild the old Russian Empire.

Admittedly, Joe Biden is not inherently as bad but merely a politician who is self-entitled and generally oblivious except when he wants to treat other Americans as enemies. And Biden cannot get away with what Putin does because their respective political playing fields are diametrical opposites. Even though most of Biden's decisions have been bad, malign or corrupt, he still can make the right ones to keep Russia and China from starting WWIII by picking up speed to deliver the right weapons to both Ukraine and Taiwan.

The ironic thing is just by becoming aware both their bases can be turned for their own good as well as everybody else's.


You Don't Have Racism to Kick Around Anymore

(BenQQ 1.29.23) I've used this word below in writing about the Nichols beating and subsequent death 3days later: awkward.

In what way is it and to whom is it awkward?

First, it is awkward, of course, because all the defendants are black. There is not one white officer in the initial crew of 5 nor even in other officers groups who arrived on scene minutes after unarmed Tyre Nichols, an employed tax paying black citizen, was yanked from his car after allegedly driving wrecklessly.

The left industrial complex of media, politicians and corporations need the Nichols case to be seen as racially motivated. If this case puts us beyond race, the grip on using racism to secure black votes in order to accomplish globalist objectives that do nothing for blacks, nor the country, is lessened.

Just like Obama said his election puts us in a post racial society, the prosecution of black officers against a black man is an elephant in the room that knocks down the old shibboleths. It puts us beyond using racial animosity as an over-arching motivation from the white dominant culture. This means—or its at least more difficult--to be used as the usual political racial cudgel against independent blacks or whites for that matter.

So how many ways could the MPD police action against Mr. Nichols be deemed racist​?

Well, for this to work the easiest of course is for all the officers to have been white. Less so but still workable is even with a racial combo. Let's say for example 3 whites, 1 Asian and 1 Hispanic. The calculus of “systemic racism” would fit at least rhetorically (but by no means necessarily contextually to each individual officer.)

In the above racial configurations, the political race hustlers in Black Lives Matter and fascist rioters in Antifa would have a factual angle to crow about. But it didn't happen that way. If left commentators are to use race, they must resort to social abstractions as dense as that of defeated and dead Karl Marx.

But commentaors say in fact, Tyre's death is a result of “systemic racism.” Here is an example.

And of course, there are commentators like Van Jones who sees prevalent racism in this case. You decide the merits of his assertions.

Finally, a lawyer gets into the act.

Yes, I acknowledge some sub-units of an organization can break from the rules to persuade some black members of said organization to act against other blacks. That has not been proven here. Maybe it will be. It is also cultish and already illegal on its face.

But the argument I make below along with a growing number of left commentators is that the problem lies within cultures—the culture of the policing body and, unmentioned below, to a lesser extent, the culture of the policed. The “cultural” problem could be procedural aggressiveness, suspicion and hostility regardless of race. I don't know. I'm not in the business.

Lefties commentators say little about the difference between this police action and that of other police actions. They are all racially motivated shootings and beatings. Racism is assumed to be in the culture of the organization.

But it is much harder to make the case racism drove black police officers to abuse and kill a black motorist. Something else was going on.

But even the New York Times says this case is too complex to be only about racism.

My conclusion: we are all better off when we don't try to shoe-horn race in every case. We are way beyond that. If a racial motivation continues to be needlessly used, it does more harm than good by eating up financial resources after the fact and engendering resentments where none should be.


Tribalism, Culture & Mayhem
Beyond “Racism”

(1.28.23 BenQQ) If you have ever worked in any sized company or organization, you know something about external behaviors and internal values. They all add up to the organization's culture. In a complex organization, you can have subcultures that break from the touted standards of the organization.

We see that cultural corrosion today with Biden's Department of Justice, FBI and other departments and agencies. Ambitious federal employees quickly jump into the “culture” to get ahead. They do it without thinking. Did the officers in the recent Tyre Nichols case play into an organizational culture? Therefore, we ask:

How is it that 5 trained Memphis Police Department officers apparently can be triggered to act as single unit gone rogue upon an unarmed driver?

What factors pushed the buttons for all 5 officers, now second degree murder defendants, to act like a street gang punishing a member of another gang for entering their territory?

Was it working in a gang infested part of the city? Was it previous arrests of gang members resisting them? Did the whole incident have a pattern similar to the many previous arrests of gang members in the area? Was the car of the victim driving aggressively away from them? Did any of these issues come together to set in motion a violent mindset among the officers toward the victim?

First, keeping the small crowd under control in Memphis last night—and discounting the hungry horde of national media “covering” the event—was the awkward fact that no one could claim the beating was motivated by race. Otherwise you agreed with some of the pundits that black officers and police chief were racists institutionally. That is, the system is so mired in racism that an organization's public culture cannot squelch it. That's an abstraction only consumed by MSNBC viewers for sure.

Further, continuing on race, this particular police action upsets the popular but statistically discredited narrative of white police committing bad acts on blacks. The role of white cops perpetrating on black citizens has been shown to be overblown. Possibly, it is most represented by this very MPD police action.

Second, that leaves the most often mentioned thing: training. Other media organizations have all brought up bad “training” as the culprit, the real reason all this occurred. But who really believes the officers had not been trained in how to stop and detain nonviolently a reckless driver?

Somehow 5 individuals—and others standing around watching and allegedly even a couple of EMTs—did little to stop the mayhem under color of law on a single individual. They all allegedly kicked in as one. Reportedly by ubiquitous bodycams, no one did anything to stop the obvious outrage occurring before their eyes. Again, they had all been "trained."

Based on history, here's what may happen in the future:

-Good cops, that is those who are not triggered, will weigh each law enforcement action more slowly and deliberately. In a city racked with crime, that could be not so good, depending.

-The current police chief will be asked to resign. She did not even show up for the prosecution news conference earlier this week.

-The fight against predatory gangs has been temporarily stopped or slowed at least until that unit can be replaced or reconstituted. Update as of today: The "Scorpion" unit of MPD set up to fight gangs reportedly has been disbanded. Politicians rush to judgement and the media want to validate. Such a unit can save kids involved in gangs and stop gang activity. It's a big mistake to disband.

-The Memphis Police Department will again be brought under federal control. Some law firm will be appointed to run the department. Legal payments to that law firm will cost the city millions in addition to the winnings to the family and Ben Crump, the lawyer that always pops up in these types of cases.

-The city will announce some sort of new and expensive "retraining" program that probably will miss the hardest part about organizational change: culture.

-Companies considering setting up shop in Memphis will rethink it.

But for sure: One life and the professional lives of the officers involved have ended forever at enormous expense of families and the city.


Memphis is not San Francisco

This picture above could carry the caption "Illustrating the frustrations of many tax-paying business owners trying to maintain customer willingness to enter, an art gallery owner tries to drive away one of the homeless who have set up camps in front of and near his store." He said in the article he "snapped." No, spraying a homeless woman with cold water in San Francisco is a bad thing, but there is even a bigger thing...

(BenQQ 1.19.23) Memphis is not San Francisco. As a former frequent visitor from L.A. to SF, I can tell you I made up reasons to go there. The city was friendly, affluent, artful and tasty. In other words, socially liberal. Now, the great social change from the last century to the present-day San Francisco shows itself not the city to be.

With, in part, policies that are soft on crime, opening doors to a steady influx of massive illegal populations into "sanctuary" cities and record-breaking spending levels driving out taxpayers, visitors should think twice about their destinations in California. In the article above, the only reason given for the conditions of the man above to spray down the woman is the "success" of Silicon Valley. Huh? Memphis should only have that success.

Political culture of cites in Democratic Cali exclude fair solutions for homeless and businesses alike. Apparently, so does the publication itself. Memphis has the possibility of being something like "San Francisco on the Mississippi," but city and county have got to declare a radical unified front for new business growth with protections from crime, excessive taxes and never letting public sidewalks become residential camps.

Final word: Woke doesn't build cities. For profit businesses build cities. Cities should act like they know that and develop policies accordingly.


Biden sneaks in a way for government to invade your privacy further: in your car

(1.16.22 BenQQ) In an astonishing step toward what looks like Communist Chinese social scoring--you know, how Communist China rates and controls every aspect of people's lives by totally monitoring their online life--Biden snuck in a measure in the recently passed 2700 page trillion dollar plus "Omnibus" bill that requires car manufactured by 2026 to monitor your various driving metrics ostensibly to determine if you are driving drunk. Similar to Biden's app that makes it easier for illegal aliens to get into the country, this is another convenient digital device--for government. Dubbed "kill switch" that reportedly can be remotely opened by "authorized third parties" at any time, Biden's measure invades your privacy in your car. Even the "castle doctrine" allows you to shoot someone in your car threatening your life (Tennessee). If such privacy tenets are to be ignored, how long will it be before Biden cooks up with other privacy invasion excuses for your home? No doubt, many Democrats will follow along giving up ever more privacy rights to the government. But for everybody else, hair should be standing on end.

Craftily, the Dems just might have a Trifecta on their hands...

(1.14.23 BenQQ) With the latest never ending series of Biden scandals revealing breathtaking levels of hypocrisy, those secret classified documents continue to be discovered everywhere from the left wing CCP sympathizers at the Penn Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania as well as various open places at one of his homes.

Strictly speaking, in a democratic professing system, those who are truly responsible are the voters. They had every opportunity to learn about the career deep state elitist candidate with personal financial ties to the Communists globally well before the 2020 election. However, the Democrats give themselves a lot of slack.

Instead, the Democrats mounted what is now a well documented strategy of gas lighting and outright theft of votes. Few judicial jurisdictions ever even heard Trump's arguments defending the rights of his voters. The Democratic propaganda media dubbed them "The Big LIe." Of course I've written about that before, but this time, we have a prima facie crime in that Biden or someone close enough to get into his home garage stole and stored classified secrets apparently going back to when he was Obama's corrupt vice president. According to former business associate Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden was doing deals for Joe Biden who was coded "the Big Guy" in Hunter's conversations with foreign governments that Bobulinski said were paying to have access.

But now there is a whole new set of security scandals involving the mostly out-to-lunch administration, that is, classified documents next to the tail pipe of his favorite toy, a classic 1967 Corvette. Bloviating Democratic commentators such as Joy Behar on The View promptly suggested (later reportedly retracted) the discovered evidence against Biden was planted. Let's put that in the category of no real murderer has come forward to satisfy O.J. Simpson's mission to solve the crime for which miraculously he was found innocent.

But wait a minute. Maybe the parochial Manhattan Queen of Dem Group Think is right but not for the reasons she hysterically lays out. My addon to her thinking is If the documents were planted, they could ever so conveniently become the instruments that get the corrupt Biden family albatross from around the Dems collective necks. (Cut to: Biden's incredulously mouthing how he could not understand how those documents got into his garage sounding more like a gangster out of the movie The Godfather rather than a president.)

But wait again, friends, that's not all—and this one is just as troubling—the amount of energy consumed by this effort would deflect from a real investigation formally recognizing the financial connections between Joe Biden and communist dictatorships around the world. A sobering question: is the President of the United States literally be personally compromised by the likes of the CCP and Russia?

Yes, the limited view of The View just might be right in an accidental way. With the classified docs, planted or not, Dems get a fast and easy trifecta win:

  1. The "Corvette Papers" occupy the news cycle to dutifully sacrifice their “most qualified” candidate, thus saving themselves from constant campaign embarrassments;
  2. Hunter's scandals connecting the rest of the family to massive amounts of communist money are likely to be bypassed thanks to RINO Republicans in the House. (With a possible impeachment or resignation due to the mishandling of classified documents, its just too many things to think about.);
  3. Democrats can now crow about playing fair when going after Trump for the same alleged mishandling of classified documents. But Trump arguably never mishandled classified documents because--unlike Biden--he was the actual president at the time. A little detail. Regardless, that may be the last duck the Dems can shoot out of the sky to keep Trump from getting into the White House, assuming another election steal does not work and a fewer people are not fooled by the Dems usual gaslighting strategies. But that won't stop the 4 D's: desperate, dumb, deep state, Dems to keep blubbering the canard: Trump did it too.

Update: as of 12:52 pm CST, reports of additional documents found at Biden's Wilmington Delaware home.


Biden Potemkin Village Springs Up in El Paso for the Regime Visit
Biden again imitates Stalinist behavior in his biggest domestic failure

(1.9.23 BenQQ) First there was Biden standing in front of Independence Hall that his people bathed in blood red with threatening military flanking his sides as he painted Trump supporters fascists. This weekend he's seen hobbling around El Paso that was reportedly cleaned up from the mess caused by his own politically beneficial policy of border destruction. There are many examples of Potemkin Villages through history but old Joe Stalin hosting another Democratic acolyte US Vice President Henry Wallace visiting a gulag penal camp where he believed prisoners were "volunteers" seems another arguable historical parallel.

Of course the whole thing could have been an attempt to clean up a city overrun by illegal border crossers but that even begs the question: what did Biden see and if he saw anything would it make a difference? He was overheard asking (carefully selected?) insufferably polite border patrol agents what they would have him do if he "had a magic wand." It was an insult to a group of officers who have suffered suicides in their ranks, numerical imbalance to cope with the 5 million plus illegal invaders and not even added money to hire more CPB agents in Biden's obscenely wasteful and inflationary Omnibus bill to their overwhelmed ranks. One felt for the agents having to stand before an addled Biden to hear, understand and commiserate to anything they said is nonsense.

Rank and file Democrats never fully grasped what massive illegal immigration means to them thanks to Democratic leaning media. Generally, it means loss of wages in contract labor jobs, low skilled hires and higher community crime from undocumented people who include felons to terrorists. And lets not forget unregistered businesses from plumbers to roofers who compete against legal companies.  One thing for sure: massive illegal immigration does not touch the high paid TV news readers, elite Democratic politicians who are supported by big tech and industries who benefit from lower waged undocumented employees.

Therefore, most, but not all, rank and file Democrats never voted in their own interest to protect their economies and communities.

Texas Gov. Abbott was shown handing Biden a letter pummeling him for visiting a "SANITIZED" city and demanding he take 5 simple (but perhaps complicated for Biden) common sense actions that included rebuilding the wall that had substantially stopped most of the illegal immigrants under the Trump administration. Sadly, Biden is likely to ignore it all, visit Mexico to find a way to allow more illegal immigrants around our laws and then claim wisdom and success before the '24 election.


Why is this not a big story--at least in Memphis?

(1.5.23 BenQQ) From Griff Jenkins, Fox News: of the total 617,250 the CBP encountered or apprehended, 186, 573 were expelled under Title 42. The rest, more than 425,000, were released. Not even considering the gotaways who crossed into the country illegally, Biden released "4,681 illegals every day for 92 days beginning October 1 and ending December 31," according to A CBP source told VDare last month, the border patrol is totally overwhelmed with "0 physical capacity to even begin to process them all."

Biden's trillion+ Omnibus bill gave nothing to the CBP to relieve the pressure on the agents. Jenkins report arrived at the estimation of 69.8 percent who cannot be processed, meaning agents will encounter 2.5 million by Sept. 30 Vdare reported. "Americans will be paying for the welfare, education, health care and criminal justice costs of 1.74 million largely penniless and likely illiterate foreigners."

That is about 3 times the size of Memphis. A large percentage of that mass undocumented population is destined to pass through Memphis. We have asked the Memphis Police Dept. if there are any plans regarding this alien influx but have received no answer to date. Biden is reported his first time border visit for Sunday. More later.


What Killed Gangsta Boo? WAS IT FENTANYL?

(1.3.23 BenQQ) The 43 year old Memphis rapper is reported to have collapsed on her Whitehaven home porch New Year's day. You don't die naturally at 43. Something or someone kills you. In Memphis, it could be one or the other.

We're watching closely because most drug deaths today seem to originate with Fentanyl, the components of which are mostly made in China and shipped across the southern border relatively unimpeded thanks to the open border policies of Joe Biden and his entire Democratic administration, excepting some border state Dems. Fentanyl is sometimes laced with cocaine and some other recreational drugs.

I have written about the damage of Biden's total destruction of Trump's controlled border that allows drug cartels to more easily get contraband, that is, drugs, humans and terrorists, into the United States at the southernmost Mexico-US border opening. That gives the cartels a near direct route "to and through" (My quotes) drug markets in Memphis and beyond.

Gangsta performed in the world of drugs, crime and social deviancy that defines much of her select audience niche. Whether rappers want to admit it or not, her high production videos extolled those worlds to a niche with a niche audience of young black boys and girls living in poverty. Consider her "Kill Bitches."

"I'm gon' hurt one of you bitches Mane
that's why I'm gone stay to myself
Cause these bitches mane, always wanna play
I'm gon' hurt one of you bitches Mane
that's why I'm gone stay to myself
Cause these bitches mane, always wanna play

It's hard not to kill bitches
It's like an everyday job not to kill bitches
It's hard not to kill bitches
It's like an everyday job not to kill bitches
So what's a gangsta do?

As a lifelong white guy, I interpret the song as addressing the age-old threat of losing a relationship to unbridled sexuality from a possible competing mate, but her solution to the issue could easily be taken as legitimate to ghettoized unguided teens and preteens. I suspect there is no filter between concept and action once those lyrics hit home with no other concept to compete with "kill bitches." And so on with all her--and the rap genre itself--pieces. As long as rap (along with social media) are pumped into the brains of poor, black kids with no other guidance we will continue to see violence and group/individual decline.

Yet, that doesn't make me dislike her. At first glance she was a gut sourced artist that put it all out and a lot of fun that could break past barriers to at least some, like me, who listened to her. Rest in peace Gangsta Boo. I would have missed you if I had known you. She seemed to have different personnas. As a photographer I would have loved to have captured her in those other moments.


The Supremes Stay Title 42. Memphis misses the illegal invasion bullet--for now

(12/28/22 BenQQ) If you were wondering what the impact of permitting hundreds of thousands of unvetted unidentified illegal persons crossing the Southern border will look like in Memphis, you have to wait a little longer until the Supreme Court decides whether to keep Trump's anti-Covid measure in place. It was expected Title 42 to expire yesterday but the Supreme Court decided to keep Title 42 on the books at least for a short while. This is not what the Biden admin wanted. Critics say Biden would prefer the border states to be overrun by illegal immigrants as they penetrate northern states and overwhelm current demographics eventually to vote Democratic.

Whether through ongoing open border policy of the Biden administration or the expected huge influx of illegals when and if Title 42 is finally lifted, Memphians should be concerned.

The Heritage Foundation says previous stats show about half of all criminal prosecutions in federal courts in 2018 were illegal aliens charged with murder, drug trafficking, and kidnapping. These were only a "fraction" of their known non-convicted crimes. Biden's policy turned a successful Trump policy of stopping mass illegal alien absorption into the American homeland into an open funnel of drugs, human trafficking and property crime. On the first day of his administration Biden spitefully stopped construction of the southern border wall.

But a true U.S. Customs and Border Protection comparison for fiscal years FY17-23 of arrests of illegal aliens exploded under Biden this FY22 to 12,028 and 1,432 so far in FY23. (Fiscal Year 2023 runs October 01, 2022- September 30, 2023.) To be noted, these numbers show the convictions of illegal alien criminals. These numbers are said to dwarf actual criminals getting into the United States thanks to Biden's open border policy.

Memphis is reported to be on a major drug route used by Mexican drug cartels, heading to and through the city toward drug markets here and further north. Reported services include human trafficking, child prostitution and establishing drug distribution networks.

Does the city think we should be concerned? We've asked the city mayor, police department and council if we should be concerned about lifting of Title 42 and what if any plans are in the works to handle a possible flow of illegal immigrants through the city. We will post responses here.


As 50+ Americans died in winter storm, thousands were stranded in airports, 60% faced some sort of winter advisory and stores were looted, Biden heads to sunny St. Croix for another vacation.

(12.26.22 BenQQ) The thoughtful media are talking about it: in one of his worst displays of mindless oblivion to the outside world affecting Americans, Joe Biden ran off to the Virgin Islands for some sun and fun in yet another vacation. There was little evidence of preparation as "the storm of a generation" seemingly caught travelers and the administration by surprise.

Said Michelle Tafoya, former NFL sideline reporter,: "The optics of this are horrible. Not only is it a vacation, but it's somewhere warm and beautiful while others are freezing, literally, to death."

Government sponsored media NPR downplayed reports of looting and portrayed Gov Kathy Hochul (R) much like another storm victim. However, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown called the looters "the lowest of the low."

Nationally, there were 5,000 airline cancelations and 1,800 delays. We presume the alleged president was not delayed on his vacation.


After Two Years, Has Outrage Fatigue
Already Set In?

Outrage fatique? Probably not. Just outrage. A carport to an East Memphis home. photo by BenQQ.

(12.22.22 BenQQ) The notion that an American president could be conspiring with fellow federal henchmen to launch a domestic enemies attack on political opponents is hard to get. The “hard to get” part makes it that much easier for the Democrats to carry out polices that look more like those in China and Russia than the United States.

With the pretense of rounding up enemy fascists who had the temerity to protest what they believed was the stealing of the 2020 election, Joe Biden continues to make America look more like Red China and Russia. Perhaps that's no accident, considering he reportedly became richer, as well as compromised, via his influence peddling son, Hunter. Forgotten Hunter's laptop? That's by design. Here ya' go.

Not since the early twentieth century has the dominant party acted with such open targeting of its opponents, though the FBI gave it a good try to civil rights and antiwar activists back in the 60's and 70's. What's most disturbing is rank and file Democrats have stood by without raising a voice in protest to Biden's power mongering and family corruption. Indeed, Democrats voted for it.

In just two years, Biden and his party increasingly have leaned toward central government autocracy almost every time you see him totter across the screens of his party's propaganda media.

He has turned the opposition into an enemy so his federal minions at even the field levels of such generally OK government bodies as the DOJ, IRS, DOHS and FBI to act as his party's ideological storm troopers. Biden is testing the limits of traditional American restraint. After his reign we may see a federal government unafraid to go after people in more ways with less reason. I know of no Democrat who voted for that. Yet, they remain silent to the many faces of Biden's outrages that undermine American values.

So now the concept of “loyal opposition” is a thing of the quaint past. Democrats have acclimated themselves to the opposition by painting them as fascists, racists, criminals and “enemies of the state” (As said by leading Russia hoaxer Steve Cohen D-Memphis). Such have Trump supporters been variously personified over the past 7 years by their normie propaganda media egged on by political stooges of the left.  

All this is made easier because we have new young staffers indoctrinated by college professors who rail against traditional liberal American values. They are now working in all levels of government and supporting the deep state by ignorance, apathy or political enthusiasm. One thing we do know: Washington DC is now permanently demographically Democratic. Modern Democrats have thrown away any notion of procedural fairness, as shown by recent Trump associates snagged in DC courts.

As further illustration, the often mentioned CR—Continuing Resolution—would let the Republicans handle the budget in January. But nooooo. The Dems have rammed it through like a penis in a prophylactic and make everybody swallow it without ever even reading it. Gag effect worse: 17 Republicans voted for it with the vapid leadership of Mitch McConnel.

Everybody? That means Republicans and Democrats. As usual, the Dems are not serving even their own party by a bill so huge and full of fat the value of the dollar will continue to shrink. But they think their party members don't understand the word “inflation.” The results of the Nov. 8 “red wave” fiasco shows the Dems were right. There is a straight line between prices and common sense financial policy. Voting Democrats have yet to get it. Democrats may not believe it due to the propaganda media, but Donald Trump worked to keep every working American out of the Democratic financial morass.


Biden Administration Rounding Up More Jan 06 Pro-Democracy "Insurrectionists"

(12.16.22 BenQQ) The Biden Department of Justice, weaponized to the point of launching on what this writer thinks are hysterical, uneven, politically biased charges and subsequent arrests complete with manhunts. These stemmed from the Jan. 06 2020 demonstration in which hundreds of thousands Donald Trump supporters assembled on the U.S. capital to protest their belief the 2020 election victory was stolen from them and President Trump. Up until that time there had been media coverage of Democrats manipulating, transporting votes and hiding voting processes. Few local and state courts looked at the evidence. Democrats called charges of vote theft the "Big Lie."  

Subsequently computer forensic and captured video evidence respectively from Michael Lindell and Dinesh de D'souza have been shown to the public. Lindell provided a team of computer forensic experts who said the ballots were digitally transferred to China where ballots were changed for Biden. Lindell's findings have been generally ignored by media so there are few if any refutations from other experts to challenge his claims. D'Souza's movie 2000 Mules shows boxes of ballots, apparently in an organized effort, being stuffed into ballot drops by single individuals in various voting precincts around the country.

Free speech activist Cynthia Hughes said in a video of Epoch Times there had been 2,000 warrants issued to round up demonstrators. Hughes called for everyone who loves free expression to visit and donate to the legal fund for families and lawyers of demonstrators, many of whom have been put in dire need as a result of the overwhelming legal assault by Biden's DOJ. Hughes said they had helped "probably about 15 or 16 lawyers at this point" who are representing arrested demonstrators.

Speaking on Epoch Times' Over the Target, she said while the wives and children of the arrested and imprisoned demonstrators are her priority, she said she also works to help lawyers as well. "These are not run of the mill criminal charges," she said.

"They [the aforementioned lawyers] are up against a corrupt--I call it 'corrupt'--and evil monster you know in DC. There's really no fair jury..." Host Lee Smith interrupted her at this point to say the federal prosecutors have limitless resources.

Hughes said she had received a telephone call from a disabled veteran, presumably a demonstrator, whose home had been swarmed by 17 fully armed FBI agents.

See the full interview here.