picture of Mandy Patenkin of Homeland on MSNBC
Mandy Patenkin on Morning Joe

Mandy Patenkin delivers "Potemkin News" on Morning Joe: "Since 1970 not a single refugee has commited a terrorist act in the United States."

(BenQQ 5.2.18)
To the liberal nodding heads of Morning Joe panelists the mantra of one well delivered but dubious assertion from a big star precludes the need for checking facts. Apparently so enthralled and giddy were they over Homeland's star, Mandy Patenkin, who plays Saul Berensen, a senior CIA official who is not averse to being a gutsy field operative, they forgot to do a quick fact check to his bold assertion that refugees cannot be terrorists. That assertion caused me involutarily to hear "Patenkin" as "Potemkin" a word Meriam Websters defines "an impressive facade or show designed to hide an undesirable fact or condition." With apologies to him personally for using his name, I can't help but develop it to make a point...

The phrase "Potemkin Village" was famously used to describe an idyllic village that was actually fake and used to show things were better than they were. It got started under Catherine the Great in 1787. Such a stunt still is used in North Korea today in the belief that people cannot spot such fakery. The lesson is clear: news and commentary that traffics brazen fake facts is "Potemkin News." Yes, we've come full cirlcle.

When it comes to refugee, and other Trump policies, liberals, especially celebritires, and their on-air cohorts, unwaveringly illustrate their antipathy to the non-coastal electorate.

To say even not one refugee is not a terrorist, does not have terrorist leanings nor hails from Trump's seven banned countries that can't stop, perhaps even foster, a culture of terrorism, is comforting to the point of vapid seduction. (Of course, Europeans have a different story about refugee terrorists, but that will never apply to us, will it, Saul?) says: "A 2016 report by the libertarian Cato Institute called “Terrorism and Immigration identified 154 foreign-born people, including 20 refugees, who were convicted of carrying out or attempting to carry out a terrorist attack in the U.S. over a 40-year period, from 1975 to 2015."

A few years ago even ABC News reported the US may have let "dozens" of terrorists in as refugees. The FBI does have ongoing investigations of suspected terrorists among refugees.

So much for honest conversaton on Morning Joe. Patenkin went on to break more news that Mika and Joe were getting married. That conversation was squelched quickly.

The real story of Homeland is how it rewrote itself after the defeat of Hillary, the writers and producers unprepared obviously for a revolutionary turn from tired old politics as usual. That would have been a fascinating conversaton instead of one of questionable facts delivered to a gullible audience.

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