The Charlottesville Triumvirate: the police, media and politicians gave a small motley crew of white supremacists victory in order to?

(written in Memphis 8.13.17 BenQQ) As a Trump supporter and an early critic after he made his campaign stop in Memphis, I got the man was not a politician. I didn't know it then, but that's why I soon came to like him, regardless of style and personal pecadilloes that the Hillaryites inflated to a criminal status. (That was/is rich.) His apolitical credentials make his very holding of the office easier to undermine without any probable cause. Think Russia.

Now cometh another: his "lack of response" to Charlottesville. To me, his original response was suitable at the time he gave it, devoid of political exploitation or pandering. Who knew if the driver that plowed into the crowd was drunk, a jihadi or among the supremacists? Yet the very crowd that still refuses to use the term "radical terrorist" wasted no time to attack Trump for not calling him a one. It looks as though the pros got to him for another subsequent statement.

Every broadcast media were falling over themselves as if the event was a timewarp revisit back to the civil rights era. Gullibly and easily enough, the supremacists led the Charlottesville Triumvirate down the path they wanted them to go. "Come on down, gang. Yeah, its all about race. We are racists. Talk about our presence in society as if we were 2 million strong instead of 2,000." It was brilliant.

The violent, self-righteous chest pumping "counter protesters" stupidly fell--along with the commercially pandering media, expoitational policians and predictable commentariot--into the supremacist fly trap Saturday. Yeah, we should hate Nazis, but somebody should point out those "counter-protesters" used Nazi political tactics against legal demonstrators. Never heard nary a word about that. Do I really have to go here? Remember, children, it was the Nazis who threw people off balconies, attacked political opponents in the streets and choked off free speech--before graduating to bigger things. The supremacists reportedly had a permit to demonstrate. They were legal.

What I saw on TV was an organized mob attacking demonstrators nobody likes. I heard commentators on CNN say their own demonstration was the cause of the violence. Wrong. Those "Antifa" fascist lefties who attacked the supremacists were the cause of violence. Further, I didn't see the police lifting a finger to protect their rights of assembly and free speech. I squelch the thought that Charlottesville is a Democratic town whose admin wanted to see violence to point back to Trump.

By the way, the police in Memphis four years ago easily kept two similarly opposed groups from physical contact when the Klan made its second visit to the city. Of course the Klan would want confrontation but the city would have none of it. Memphis showed it can be done. It should have been done in Charlottesville. There has yet to be an explanation as to why the city let the two groups meet in physical each. Further, how a car, a deadly weapon, penetrated into the melee with tragic outcome has yet to be discussed. The police need to explain.

Hopefully, all of Trump's voters and most Americans will see through this media/political conceit for what it really is: another strike to undermine a president. Get ready to hear their shrill chorus for the next two weeks. The only event that would drive it off the daily drumbeat, is if Kim reduces Guam to sea level--and then the entrenched poli-normies would blame it on the president instead of a foreign aggressor.

Remember, their political positions and reporting come from a place that hates Trump. All of the coastal and much of the flyover media hate Trump. The majority of elected polliticians want high paying permanent positions inside the deep state. Without term limits, the unwritten contract between politician and deep state is all but guaranteed--paid for as usual by the sap who believes the line they work for him.

So who needs to be told at the top of the 21st century that racial supremism is bad? Apparently politicians and media "experts" think you need that life lesson advice. Do you? Are there so many inculcated to the core racists that the commander-in-chief himself has to come out and declare it nothing short of a national emergency because an insiginifigant tiny number put on sheets and parade around in 15th century getup?

Yeah, we all get that Nazis are bad. After all, my favorite quote source, Woody Allen, put it succinctly: "We can talk about dialogue and free expression, but when it comes to the Nazis, nothing works like a good bat." (sic) Funny, even satisfying.

The Charlottesville triumvirate--the "counter protesters," media and politicians--gave the Nazis and other assorted supremacists a victory when they turned a blind eye to to its first victims--the right of assembly and free speech.

[Coming: The above not to ignore there is an undercurrent of Nazi revivalism that is reaching into a receptive audience. Under research now. I'll do a piece on it later.]

* 10.20 Katie Couric crew hit by containers of urine and mud at Charlottesville. Couric has a long time career with legacy liberal media NBC Today Show, CBS and Yahoo. She has said she didn't know who threw the "urine bombs" but the demonstration generally left her "hopeful." Question: why didn't media pick up on this earlier? link