Our Man in Memphis, Phillip Mudd: better not disrespect federal employees or the "government's gonna kill you"

(Memphis 8.12.17 BenQQ) Commentator and local resident Phillip Mudd appeared on CNN in what he positioned as metaphorical support of a "deep state" cabal "killing" President Trump. Appearing on a CNN watering hole for Trump dismantlers, Mudd strongly inferred the hundreds of Moscow diplomatic staff Putin kicked out of Russia had reason to take Trump out because Trump "disrespected" them when Trump "thanked" Putin for doing so.

To Jake Tapper's question about how Trump responded to Putin kicking out embassy workers, this interchange followed:

Mudd: (unintelligible)..surprises. Let me give you one bottom line. As a former government official, government's going to kill this guy. He [Trump] defends Vladimir Putin. There is state department and CIA officers [or offers?] coming home and at Langley or Foggey Bottom CIA and State they're saying, 'This is how you defend us?'

Tapper: Phil, before I, I, [unintelligible] to reiterate, obviously when you're talking about killing, you're obviously using that as a metaphor, you're not talking [unintelligible]

Mudd: [with emphasis] "Obviously...What I'm saying government. People talk about the deep state when you're talking about the deep state, when you disrespect government officials who have done 20 or 30 years...

Tapper: Yeah.

Mudd: ...they're gonna say, 'Really? Vladimir Putin sends officers home and you support him before you support us?'

Tapper: [interrupting, unintelligible] I just wanna...

Mudd: [holds his palm up, nodding] ...yes.

A search on CNN's site this morning turned up no reference to the Mudd's comments that propelled self-professed anti-globalist warrior Alex Jones to brand Mudd one of the "real nasties" of deep state operations that have an "ongoing coup plan" against Trump. Infowars Paul Joseph Watson posted Mudd's remarks here.

Aside from his remarks being a rhetorical jab against Putin, Trump was obviously capitalizing on his business personna regarding unnecesary expense. Further, it was the less than Trump supportive Congress that imposed veto-proof sanctions against Russia to which Putin responded with the embassy expulsions. It wasn't Trump's idea to start with, but who cares at CNN.

Aside: doubtful those who were at least federal emplyees lost their government sinecures.