From Stalin to Facebook: the Art of the Disappearance

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Terminations: Stalin, Nikolai Yezhov to his left. After Yezhov's torture and execution, he was airbrushed out of the photo. YouTube/ITN Far right termination notice "This account has been terminated for violating YouTubes Community Guidelines."

(BenQQ 8.17.18) Here’s my question today: Is Alex Jones' deplatforming by YouTube, Facebook and others similar to what Hitler, Stalin, Mao and, Kim did in their own offical acts of "disappearances"? Sure, I admit. It's a stretch. YouTube and Facebook are not are not state actors nor has Jones been physically terminated. However, perhaps there are similarities in that Jones was an ideo-counter voice to these globalist corps. Also, it can't be denied he was indeed erased from their environments, much in the same way as Stalin's and others' perceived enemies were as well. So I used to go to YouTube to actually appreciate the insights and opinions of Alex Jones, and especially Real News with David Knight. They are now a "hole in the air" to quote poet Rod McKuen. Let's examine...

One thing is clear: when the big boys throw you off their platforms, you are in effect "disappeared." Jones, who is said to have been on YouTube 19 years, was very successful. Yet, a number of big tech companies collectively announced Jones' banning from their platforms recently. No conservative mid-term election antics from Jones in their systems now! Their timing, if nothing else, smells political. Can conservatives chant collusion, as well?

So anyway I accessed Jones' on TV, my preferred viewing mode, through Comcast. Unlike YouTube, podcast videos through FireFox on TV took forever to load and had no sound. This is how a podcaster loses viewers--fast. But despite the added inconvenience, I will still get Jones on my laptop but nothing was more convenient than thumbing through YouTube on the screen for Jones many video poster links. Of course, access convenience is the name of the game.

Imitative media commentators self-righteously villify and attack Jones, usually without ever viewing his content except to perhaps catch his targeted rants and shirtless escapades. However, I tune in for his staff interviews and news programs, especially those of "libertyarian" David Knight. It is information not found in what they referred to as "mocking bird" mass media.

Besides all that, dropping Jones was a collosal mistake. Take First, they set themselves up to monitor endless increasing petabits of content. Now they are just another media company with media liabilities. Second, especially in Jones' case, their decision seems to interfere with Jones' commece. I'm not a lawyer, but its pretty fundamental: you cannot interfere with someone's commece without a good reason. Third, it was a bad business decision. Jones will have to fall back, but he will find other platforms on which to grow. He has his own mass following. (It is surprising there was not a stockholder revolt.)

But however those issues work out, here's the big issue right now: The big tech companies making conservatives "disappear" because they just don't like them. (Oh, if they could only disappear Trump with the flip of a switch.)

Disappearing is an old technique for silencing critics, especially those with good content. Some do it the quaint old fashion way by simply ending the voice by ending the life. Poisoning seems to be the modern preference (Russia) thus avoiding more messy spectacles of silencing like open street assassination. (Oops, Russia again.)

But how do these global corporations who would like to apply their own sterile manipulative culture silence the gadflies? Its easier than ever. Deplatform. Shadow ban. Demonetize. Simply make them go away.

When Stalin was disappearing old public comrades from his inner circle, he would have them air brushed from the hot media of the day (and still is)—photographs. One moment his gullible commie colleagues were there, the next they were gone. They never existed. People’s memories faded—especially when they too might very well disappear for the crime of remembering.

Those now applauding—like Rob Reiner representing practically all of Hollywood—who was gleeful over Jone’s banning from Facebook, would do well to remember the issue is bigger than denying someone they don't like a platform.

The big tech corporate censor squad has demonstrated its capacity to disappear conservative voices. Jones was not the first, but he is the biggest and loudest. Now, the Silicon Censors have set in process a system of disappearances that no doubt supports the Democrats in the mid-terms. This, despite the instant meme by oher YouTube hosts to show and laugh about termination notices. Say goodby to voices like those of Jones' on the current "old" platforms opposing globalism in government and business, democratic activism, illegal immigration and over-controlled markets. The 2.0 new media is coming and the old just launched it.

Comrade Stalin disappeared millions. He would simply erase his victims. And once they were erased, they were erased. (Much in the same way statues of previous periods are being erased today.)

And then there were none.

And where were the news media on finding out voices of dissent were being erased from a number of platforms? Where was the "independent" press that rigorously defends opinions in the marketplace of information?

Not only was their deafening quiet, they joined the media lynching. The once esteemed Boston Globe is reported to have gotten about a hundred other failing newspapers in editorially supporting Jones' deplatforming. Perhaps not all that surprising considering established media claimed the internet, the big carrier of news that practically has already replaced them, was not a real journalistic endeavor (like them).

The thing I don’t get is that news people don’t think it could happen to them. Its the basic biblical messages do unto others as you would have them do unto you—that is, the fundamentals of Western civilization.


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