From Suspiciously Seditious to Cranially Crazy: It Must be in the Water--Memphis, or at least MidSouth residents both--first Phillip Mudd ponders political relief by federal employees, then Steve Cohen (D-9th Dist) "jokes" Trump should tell a Republican candidate to jump off the Harahan Bridge, that is, kill herself.

image Rep Steve Cohen (D)

Steve Cohen. Photo, inset: Big River Crossing

(BenQQ 8.11.18) It's got to be the water. Its got to be something we're drinking. I grew up in
Memphis, TN, hearing how our artesian water was filtered in an underground aquafer for hundreds of years before it ever coursed down the throats of Memphians. It was the purest water anywhere. By inference, it should make you smarter, healthier and might at least help to get you laid if mixed judiciously with Jack Daniels. I now suspect that was less than what it was made out to be.

But now remarkably similar manifestations are coming out of the throats of two big media MidSoutherners. Something has to have gotten into the water possibly causing our "Men in Memphis" to go over the top in manifesting impending hyper-played Trump dystopia. They need help.

Both officials, one appointed and the other elected, openly ally themselves with Deep State intrique and not coincidentally ignore items like bloated gov, the theft of privacy and the trend of the Deep State to undermine the will of the voters, all of which is helped along by Big Tech. Little wonder we have been flooded with phoney DOJ machinations against Trump while it still gives Hillary & Co's multiple cabals a glaring pass as wide and deep as a flight from DC to Pakistan. This isn't a conspiracy. Its an open take down campaign, the inverse of which was given to the mediocre Obama administration.

The official, Phillip Mudd, a former CIA/FBI employee and liberal media commentator, threatened the president, apparently without Secret Service or CNN repercussions. It was Mudd you may remember at this time last year who said federal employees "at Langley, Foggy Bottom, CIA and State" were compelled "to take Trump Down." Not only that, Mudd recently responded to another CNN setup question from Anderson Cooper that a "shadow government" might emerge in opposition to Trump. Cooper's next logical questions from a journalist should have been: What 'shadow government'? Who are its members? Are any elected? Crickets.

Then this morning along comes Huffpost with: "Rep. Steve Cohen, a Tennessee Democrat, told a group of pastors last month he hoped President Donald Trump [Huffpo link] would tell Rep. Marsha Blackburn, the GOP’s Senate candidate in the Volunteer State, to jump off a local bridge."

Churchmen giggled sheepishly to his crack about suicide at a prayer breakfast. That remark made him an easy mark in publications like this one who intoned in part, "This is not behavior suitable for someone who was elected to represent the people and it’s not even something a grown-ass adult should be doing."

That memorably said, Cohen's remark sounded like another bomb that fell flat, again last month, at a committee hearing where FBI political partisan Peter Strzok testified. At that time he told Strzok he would give him a Purple Heart for his testimony.

Since he inadvertantly made the Harahan Bridge somewhat notable, here is an interesting video as well as some fascinating photos of the historic structure. Also noted, Cohen did apologize but that's part of his schtick.

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