FBI Lovers--The Text Messages of Peter Stzrok and Lisa Page

FBI Lovers--Directed by Phelim McAleer, played by Tim Slaske and Jennifer Cannon,
Theatre Verite Collective,

Actors perform the classics--SEE them coo, condemn, inflame and inspire each other
in the FBI hotbed
of passion and politics!

(BenQQ 7.15.18) Undoubtedly the first of a number, this is a "movie" of the now infamous FBI couple who managed to inject a soap opera into a deep state bureaucratic coup. Watch Peter as he tries, ultimately without success, to impress his lover--please let's watch the inauguration and coo together about how much we, together or individually, hate Trump and his supporters as well as Congress, Bernie, Chelsea, Romanians, Italians and even the legislative process itself.

Not much is as rich as this hilariously underplayed performances of the now famous and brutally public texts that elicits, at least in my circle's case, howls of laughter between rolling eyes and dropped jaws. These are bureaucrats in Paytan Place, obviously feeling fully protected and entitled.

Washington, DC is a hotbed of sex and intrigue. Of that I've observed with rapt attention. There's frequent and temptations of the most exciting and attractive reps of agencies, NGOs and foreign governments--let alone those close working relationships of colleagues that not only share the same bureaucracy but the same hatred of Donald Trump. That's dry kindle to start a fire. Strzok and Page did just that thoughtlessly texting from FBI devices that were subsequently broadcast to the world

Strzok lost not only the girl but in his marriage as well amd possibly his job, considering the growing clamor to fire him. In the meantime, Lisa may have already flipped on her former lover in the closed door congressional hearings, the second coming up Monday.

Besides the politics and passioins of the two involved, these few selected texts reveal much about about the workings fo a highly remunerated job at the FBI. At one point, Stzrok says he's in for a "bonus" for reviewing the Hillary emails. Rich on so many levels, not the least of which is why a federal employee is getting a bonus for doing his job--even if he did it the way he was supposed to. Your money. Their perks.


Ben "BenQQ" Harrison

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