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above screen capture from Daily Mail

A Day in the Life of Memphis--Makes Daily Mail today--white woman screams at black man legally on property

(BenQQ 5.16.18) The scenario is just too packageable--an articulate black professional, Michael Hayes, a crazed white woman, cops that get it and even take a selfie. The only good thing about it is it didn't end in one of those heartbreaking yet strange tragedies involving guns, police and being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. So you know the Daily Mail editors had a hoot as they ran with this one, complete with in the moment live action video and victim commentary. YouTube says it had over a million hits.

This isn't the first time the Mail has picked up on the community doings of its residents. I'm thinking of another DM Memphis story about heroin addicts passing out in the street. Seems to me there were others but I don't think The Mail has it in for the city--we are just too rich in copy and add to that the availability of instant unedited video. To demonstrate that point, I was hired to photograph the Royals at the wedding in Memphis, but like all the other paparazzi, was unsuccesful.

Update "Prophetess Laurie"
We get queries from the story about "Prophetess Laurie." I have emailed the officials involved in rescuing her from the street. See Prophetess Laurie Update. No response to date.

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