Cohen, Marijuana and His Impeachment Distraction

a commentary

(BenQQ 1.8.18) Rep. Steve Cohen's (D-9th District) unpredictable and erratic swings between reasons and wild irrationality can only be explained by what he thinks his constituents, one of the few Democratic geo holdouts who slovenly elect rank in-your-face demagogues, want to hear. Maybe that's why he should be impeached. Oh wait, he's already got an angle on that...

Steve Cohen with other Democrats calling for Trump ImpeachmentOf course, politically speaking, there is nothing apparently wrong with demagoguery. Its what politicians do, especially when given constituent permission like here in the 9th Congressional District. Its easy, imitative, uncreative and leaderless.

So thoughtful politicians try to keep their rhetoric restrained within some level of broad accuracy or at least self-respect. Cohen obviously assumes he's safe to practice his singular presentational asset of being a shill for the most repellant notions of his party. Its doubtful most Dems would even agree with him after seeing the results of what an activist President (vs Obama) can do for their paychecks.

That party still has not processed the reality that Hillary, their shrill candidate who also thought she could just keep on practicing identity politics while insulting, let alone addressing, the working class, would be all she needed to win. Cohen is a snarling voicebox of that entrenched mentality.

Hence, its no surprise we've heard Cohen call his political opponents, "enemy of the state," see him boycott the inauguration and, most recently, join a small group (picture above Cohen 3rd from left) of similarly leaning Congressmen in calling for President Trump's impeachment. Richly enough, their reasons for calling him unfit could just as well be applied to them. Cohen and his impeachment cronies would deny everyone--including the members of his own party--the benefits of Trump's successes for no other reason than political spite. Therefore, one could say Cohen should be impeached for the same reasons he applies to Trump: incompetence and inability to serve all based on some hysterical subjective criteria. The real reason: he doesn't like Trump.

However, take a breath. See how something as short sighted as opponents calling for impeachment for no good reason plays out? Impeach movements mutate automatically into a debilitating tradition. It is a spiral that saps leadership of duly elected government and undermines everything. (Yes, I would have impeached Obama over Bengazi. That is an arguable case.) Hey, can these impeachers be working with the Russians? Ya never know. Then manipulations of the political and media elite create disaffection and division among the body politic, otherwise known as your friends and neighbors. Really, is there no shame?

Cohen's harebrained shenanigans only get in the way of his longer standing mission: legalizing marijuana. Now, of course you can never go wrong going after the doper vote, but that's not the point. Marijuana, among other things, has always been a racial and personal freedom issue. Notable was Cohen's recent searing interrogation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding enforcement of federal marijuana laws. Sessions, who had disheartenly revived rhetoric from the failed drug war, found himself relentlessly probed by a Congressman doing his job: keeping the government out of the personal lives of its citizens at least in this one issue.

That congressman was Steve Cohen.

More than any elected federal official, Cohen has built a reputation battling against the politicized and therefore grotesquely bloated drug war. In addition to supporting President Trump in bringing jobs to the 9th, Shelby County, TN, he should pick up the mantle of the removal of cannabis from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, the most tightly restricted category reserved for drugs that have "no currently accepted medical use." Proposed repeatedly since 1972, it is time this one part of the multi-billion dollar industrialized drug war, tragically creating countless innocent victims with specious reasoning, should be removed from the books at minimum as it relates to marijuana.

Cohen, perhaps inadvert3ntly, has stepped into a fight for individual rights. He can make an historic name for himself if he focus on that. Eliminating the laws against marijuana has a far louder ring than imitating other clownish Dem behavior because their rhetoric limits their working relationship with the President. Cohen and the Dems should jettison the clowns and support Trump in reducing intrusive federal laws across the board, and the drug laws specifically.

Ben "BenQQ" Harrison is a writer, photographer and web worker in Memphis, TN. He runs and other sites. His bio can be accessed at the "BenQQ" link on