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Is it Reale or is it Beale?

Scenes from a Memphis event
Beale Street, New Year's Eve 2012

Memphians have turned New Year's Eve into an iconic social event on Beale Street,
an event formerly held by Memphis in May when everybody locked arms
on the very banks of the Mississippi and sang the deep slow resonant paean
"Ol' Man River" directly to the ole man. While they may still sing to the river in that reassuring and ancient
primordial ritual on those humid summer nights, this past New Year's eve offered a crisp cool
window to attract a record throng of natives and pilgrims alike
to welcome the ancient new year in yet another timeless blast for all.


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Tech: Most pictures here were done in a "shutter drag"
style up to one second exposure over a moving subject with a
Canon EOS1 mrkll camera. Raw captured at 17.2 megapixel.
More pics like this here and here. Emphasis here was the "blending" result of each long exposure,
not so much the technically correct exposure itself. I wanted to create soft lines and "trace routes"
of body outlines that can create the viewers seeing parts
of the photograph independent to other parts. To do this technically correct, you have
to set aperture, shutter speed, distance, ISO, manual and TTL flash modes to get the shot in your head.