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Ben "BenQQ" Harrison

image of Preident Trump leading officials to Lafayette Park

In final gang up during his administration

the normie media sang from their same hymnal passed out by the NY Times

but this time the song was proven to be less than inspirational by an official report...

(6.11.21 BenQQ) No surprise the normie media beat out another story that went from bass roar to tin drum: Trump violently cleared a park so he could have a photo op.

The recent Interior Department Inspector General's report contradicted the previous media allegations protesters were cleared so President Trump could have space to stand for photos before a church that had previously been burned by protesters.

Protesters were cleared from the area in order to erect a fence in order to protect property from the mob. ABC News, in a story that still bent over backwards to blame Trump even after the IG findings, had to report: "The review ultimately found park police had been planning to clear the area for days to install anti-scale fencing and that the decisions on the ground were not changed because of the president or White House's plans."

Now with egg splattered from cheek to jowl the normie anti-Trump media had to at minimum report at least one fact: there was no Trump order to clear the area and therefore no Trump instigation of violence.

But the real problem: the same old media from national to local rinsing and repeating the same old song in complete harmony regardless of the facts. Let's all sing it together, shall we?

  • Trump will cause a nuclear war,
  • then a depression,
  • our allies will not respect us,
  • impeachment hoax 1,
  • impeachment try 2,
  • he's really just a *criminal as well as
  • *traitor,
  • xenophobe and
  • *racist
  • all bundled up as a dictator

    * Repeated by Rep. Steve Cohen (D-9th) on Memphis media unchallenged in the runup to the failed impeachment.

    But what does that do to the vaunted national conversation that would bring us all together? You know, the promise of unity promoted by candidate Biden even though Kamala Harris called him a racist to his face. Perhaps the charge is as phoney as Cohen calling Trump one.

    The Commercial Appeal, Memphis main news daily, has never stopped painting a backdrop of racism stopping just short (judging by the content, angle and story backgrounds to constantly remind us of old and new "systemic" racial oppression) of calling everybody who didn't support Biden racists. Racial and racist historic frames and appeals, as well as other outlandish Democratic beliefs, are rarely, if ever, challenged in any local media. To the contrary, just read most any edition of the Commercial Appeal.

    picture of man leaving covid literature in neighborhood




    (6.7.21 BenQQ) The problem: Memphis, according to its newspaper the Commercial Appeal, is destined to fail at vaccinating its residents in poor zip codes due to history, existing mortality stats and suspicion of government. Let it be known I have suspicions as well as we all should if we understand history, power politics and financial machinations of deep state players. Latest example gone public: Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Chief Medical Advisor to the President, allegedly suppressed the origin of the Covid virus that is reported inconclusively to have escaped from a Chinese government lab. If true, this resulted in the deaths of millions. Fauci is also reported to have financial considerations to the vaccine.

    Hey, what's not to trust?

    But that notwithstanding the CA story conjectured other possible on the ground reasons for lack of vaccination uptake in two of the poorest zip codes in Memphis--38126 and 38106. Like everywhere else, poverty keeps a large population in these two zip codes variously unemployed, unhealthy, housebound, without transportation and without internet or phone service. In other words they are isolated. Then Tonyaa Weathersbee article puts another finger on the list of reasons people may not be getting vaccinated.

    "Many may also believe conspiracy theories and other misinformation about the vaccine," she writes, drawing from comments from a CEO of a community development corporation.

    Recently we wrote a story (below) about the possibility of doing door to door vaccinations. We thought a mobile vaccination team administering vaccines on door steps would far exceed the participation levels we saw at our "vaccination stations"

    I personally wrote to the Shelby County Health Dept asking if it had considered doing door to door campaigns. Given the fact Shelby County has not reached the "herd immunity" level of 80% with the additional virus variant, I suggested organizing door to door campaigns. We received no response to the suggestion or to such a feasibility. At the time, we were not thinking necessarily about economic targets, but the general population to reach the minimum number to help reach herd immunity.

    Presented with a face to face opportunity to get the vaccine on the spot, more people than previously may take the vaccine in a given targeted area. We did not receive a response to our query. (Scroll down for both stories.)

    Ben "BenQQ" Harrison




    (5.24.21 BenQQ) As reported below (scroll down) Mexican drug cartels have destination routes to the eastern U.S. with Memphis often on their road of drugs and guns for distribution to affiliates, gangs and assorted criminals. Fox News just reported this morning a tip to the Mexican federal police lead to the discovery of an arsenal that "included three anti-aircraft guns, dozens of grenades, a grenade launcher, AK-47s and other high-powered weapons"

    Related, the Major Cities Chiefs Association announced Memphis had increases in homicides and aggravated assaults at 34% and 25% respectively with slight reductions in rape and robbery.

    an image of statistics on <br>
memphis crime by the major cities police chiefs association
    Major Cities Chiefs Association

    Kamala Harris, whom Biden "assigned" to Southern border issues, has not visited the Southern border nor commented about it to any degree.


    How many, if any, are being resettled in Memphis?

    What is the communicable health status of these migrants?

    (5.20.21 BenQQ) WRCB-TV Channel 3 Chattanooga shows a May 14 deplaning of unaccompanied migrant children "who appeared to be in their early teens" at a small airport during "overnight hours." WRCB reports four flights of migrant children arrived at the Wilson Air Center between May 14 to 19. The children are put on buses that are dispatched to cities in the southeast.

    With Covid-19 a little over 50% infection rate, does anyone in government even know if these migrants have been tested for the virus? Or any mass communicable disease such as TB?

    The story included this statement by U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn : “Our office has received no information from the Biden Administration informing us of a mass transportation of migrants to Tennessee," said Blackburn. "It is absolutely unacceptable if the Biden Administration is facilitating a mass migration without any input or oversight from Tennesseans and the affected communities.”

    We have asked the city and county governments if they received any advisory of migrant transports or health thereof.

    Update 5.24.21: We have received no response to our questions from the Shelby County Health Dept. nor the city.


    A Memphis business illustrates common sense awareness to the Covid

    Something is wrong with this picture. But what?...

    (5.18.21 BenQQ) All you have to do is take a look at small businesses with walk-in local traffic and you'll get a good better read on where people are on Covid instead of the one you get with the Commercial Appeal or the Today Show or any of the corporate commercial media in town. I was at a mechanic's shop (identity secret for worry of stupid woke retribution) this morning and was watching the owner, employees and customers. I was there for a quick repair before I picked up 3 friends heading toward one of Memphis more or less 42 vaccination locations. That's right, about 42 places you can go to meet your destiny with the needle if you would only have the will to do so. It seemed, at least when we were there, few did.

    First, at the mechanic's shop this morning, nobody was wearing a mask, even though a sign had been taped to the front door. People walked in without a face covering. The unmasked life-experienced (my woke euphemism for "older") white owner/manager for dozens of years never asked anyone to cover up neck up. He told me anybody could wear a mask but obviously he was not requiring it, like employees of big corporations do. All of his help in the garage were maskless as well. (And, thankfully, AI mechanical repair had not reached his business.)

    Second, customers, at the time all black except me, were also mask-free. I got the feeling they liked, like me, not talking through a fibrous filter as they described their vehicle issue. Interestingly, the owner had tuned in The Today Show that was inveighing against violence against Asians. It is Asian-American month. No one paid attention to the tv. It was just the usual noise in the background.

    I looked around at the mechanics and assistants and considered what NBC was trying to instill. I myself have gown up in the South even and never heard overt comments about Asians except in the context of the VietNam war. Yet, here were the 3 clown anchors posing as journalists on the great corporate thought network NBC and inferring a warning for us to be aware of, be on the lookout for, violence against Asians. Their story of the moment was actually about Vietnamese and how Viet chefs had banded together to fight violence that had occurred to one of their own. It occurred to me the story itself could possibly cause even more isolated targetted acts of violence against Asians by unstable people--as well as motivating others to assault those who might be suspected of tolerating such behavior. That, of course, is the essence of the story and Today's corporate media wokism. If you're white, you're guilty of historical consciousness. (Similar to North Korean group think.)

    Then it was on to the vaccination location at again the same location (scroll down to see first story) and delightfully the same nurse Wanda Stinson of the Shelby County Health Dept. I drove around the bend to their big tent where maybe six people worked. Most were sitting because it this were a business, it would be a slow day. Maybe the other locations were doing better.

    During our approximate half hour wait brought on apparently by two of us, me included, not bringing our previous shot cards, a storm blew in and passed. It would have been nice to have received an email requesting bringing the card. They were spending enough money and resources LOL. Eventually, 5 more cars queued up behind us. I was surpised to learn Nurse Stinson had not been told about her picture (below). But then nothing really surprises me about government, groups or organizations.

    I kept watching the slow turnout. Local media reported yesterday volunteers were going door to door trying to talk people in going to a location for a shot. So much money and effort poured into a single operational model, that is, getting people to come to a location to get a shot. What was wrong with the picture I was seeing? Hardly anyone was there. Clearly, few were motivated enough to actually go to a vaccination location. Perhaps, if enough people knew about the incentive car giveaway, more would show up. I was given a promo card at the time of the shot as if I had already heard about it.

    The vaccination experience "hit" me only when I got back to my studio.

    Door-to-Door Vaccinations?

    Instead of promotional volunteers ringing doorbells, why not have nurses with support "shot teams" going door-to-door? Obviously, this is much more aggressive but if indeed you are in a war against death or forced hospitalization as we have all been told, military style operations like this would not only be justified but required. (Could be SCHD is doing this already, but I've seen no news release or media story.)

    It would look like something like this:

    A canvas area is set. A van (please, no cracks about what the Nazi's did with vans) with a small team composed of a 1-driver, 2-introducer, 3-nurse, 4-nurse assistant and 5-followup checker works the set area as a team.

    A door bell rings. Someone opens it. "Good morning, ma'am. Can we give you your Covid vaccination right now? Can we give it to other members of your family?" A member of the team takes down the name and address.The shot is given. A followup team member knocks on the door 15 minutes later. Is everything ok? Granted, some doors would not be answered.

    Nevertheless, if the county is serious in reaching "herd immunity" (below), an operation like this could be immediately tested in an area to see how it would actually work. This also could apply to apartment complexes and office buildings. No doubt the shot teams would have not a few closed doors, but it would have to get a better rate than getting people to drive to a location. After all, you cannnot get every member of society vaccinated anyway. As I suggested below, its a lot harder to get the never vaccinated than the once vaccinated.

    Update 5.24.21: We have received no response to our questions from the Shelby County Health Dept. nor the city.

    Your thoughts, additions and corrections are appreciated. BenQQ


    (5.15.21 BenQQ) You might be surprised if you've read these pages for any time that I support guaranteed universal income (GUI). As a Trumpean independent, I am wed to no ideology or belief--except the ones that work--despite what the normie propaganda media and their acolytes want to tendentiously imagine of Trumpers.

    As always, economists and regular people are split on the GUI idea. President Nixon floated it as well as others before and after. Opposers said GUI was socialist pure and simple. That's enough for most people. But wait...

    Opponents call Biden's spontaneous drunken spending of so many trillions a universal income. It is not. It may be an income but it is not univseral, that is, for everybody.

    The universal part is probably the rub for Dems. The first effect of a GUI in the current United States would be to block the Dems' feeding tax dollars to their specific "markets." That is, millions of illegal immigrants and many forms of generational welfare for dependent populations as well as beneficiaries--employees, contractors, swamp members, etc.--of big federal government. This is a massive population of what I call the "purchased class" who vote now or will in the future for Democrats nomatter what.

    Fact: Democrats are not about to turn the siphon off from the pockets of middle class tax payers regardless the inflation nor the increase in prices their big spending programs cause. None of them, except for a few such as 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang, indeed promoted GUI but then sounded like every other programmatic Democratic candidate who would add GUI on top of all the other Dem spending. Problem: you can't have a stable GUI with big government spending as well. You've got to decide if you are going to continue on with your party created purchased class.

    We discuss the political reasons here. But here is the economic reason: artificial learning and intelligence (AI). AI has impacted a huge number of jobs--from surgery to vehicle drivers. The takeover of high numbered formerly hands on human jobs to single (that is one to few humans to manage) AI functionality is building at lightning speed. My belief: nothing will be left untouched or unreplaced. I don't want to expand on AI here. You can search it yourself. So can Biden.

    If Biden ever turned on a computer himself and looked up why his policies are so irrelevant, as well as damaging, he would learn the nature of work is changing. We are in the midst of another type of revolution that is far out of control from Biden's old line politics--and his party's media. With a growing number of jobs machine labor is reducing the amount of hours and physical energy it takes to work those jobs full time. This happens at a time when people are receiving good Covid payments and so do not want to go to work for less. What happens next?

    Even Biden cannot simply declare its GUI time. He has already spent his wad and any more will surely wreck the economy. A few years ago, I penciled out the cost of a GUI if every legal citizen 18-64 received $1,000 per month. It came out to something like $2.4 trillion annually. OK, that's a lot. Really. And its probably more today, However, policy wonks could fiddle with it, like increasing the age of eligibility to 21 or 25 or 29, reducing the size and duplicative waste of the federal government, eliminating and/or downsizing departments and subsistance programs, even reducing the GUI monthly payments, etc.

    The wonking would go on, but all without touching the first role of government: protection. No doubt Democrats would want to take from military and border budgets. Those should be left untouched.

    If ever a fair and efficient GUI system, such as Social Security, were enacted--and it will have to be sooner or later--I believe you would see the beginning of the end of Democrat driven class politics as well as uncontrolled illegal migration into the United States. Even Democrats would not tolerate an illegal population cutting into their GUI. No more Democratic mass purchase of votes for government benefits.

    Of course, the Dems would still wail about racism and promote such heavy handed political bludgeons as critical race theory and reparations. However, with GUI those would fade. Democrats would say to other Democrats: sit down and shut up. (OK, I might be wrong about that. Democrats have never been able to link the connection with government spending to the actual value of the dollar.)

    One more thing about GUI. We would have to completely eliminate the IRS and income reporting. It would have to be replaced with a consumer goods percentage. The benefit: people would see the cost of government with every purchase. Everybody would and should pay taxes. Again, the wonks would have to work overtime.

    But if Democrats could be kept from destroying it with addons, you would have a much better system responsive to every American, regardless of income or station. Read up on the pros and cons of guaranteed universal income here.

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    He set low security standards on his own account, according to a peer-to-peer payments app

    (5.14.21 BenQQ) Hours after the Colonial Pipeline was hacked and frozen for 5 million in ransom, Buzzfeed reports they found Joe Biden's personal account on in "less than ten minutes." reported they easily located Biden's account after an aide said he sent money on Venmo, a peer-to-peer payments app. Buzzfeed: this revealed "a network of his private social connections" and called it "a national security issue for the United States."
    According to the story Buzzfeed saw Biden family members, a social web of the first family, a network of people around them as well as his children, grandchildren, White House officials "and all of their contacts on Venmo."

    Buzzfeed did not reveal names. A Venmo spokesperson seemed to want to avoid any company blame by saying in a larger statement, "...Customers always have the ability to make their transactions private and determine their own privacy settings in the app."

    Biden said in response to the Colonial ransom, which was reportedly paid by the government, a way to fight cyber criminals was to train more people in cyber security. Perhaps he should have taken such a low level class in order to hold his job.


    ...if inflation is hurting the Democrats' most promoted political clientele--minorities and less mentioned formerly the working class and poor. There is only one reason...

    (5.14.21 BenQQ) ...Political power. Prices now are at the highest level in nearly 13 years The consumer price index soared 0.8% to match the biggest monthly increase since the Obama years.

    True to form, you've heard nothing from the Dems who are at a loss to show how the CPI numbers are really Trump's fault.

    In Memphis, a deep blue media swamp imitating the big normies, you've heard nothing from Dem. Rep. Steve Cohen who spent millions on Trump impeachment--and nothing to alleviate the massive poverty in Memphis--until it all fizzled out.

    Despite it all, the alleged president vows to spend more and more trillions that has the effect of paying off his own power base even though the devaluation of the dollar hurts the Democrats' own constituency, not to mention, which they don't, the country.

    In the meantime, Biden policies have created the instabilities in all sorts of economic areas that had been variously a lock under Trump--from stopping the job sapping illegals invasion to energy independence to protecting the value of the dollar..

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    Has the damage done by the alleged president in less than half a year caused the first cracks of a revolt as indicated by 120+ retired military brass?

    (5.13.21 BenQQ) As so-called seditionists sit in federal solitary confinement for parading through the White House after a Trump rally, a group of generals and admirals signed a letter to Joe Biden accusing him of undermining the integrity of the 2020 election, ignoring China's expansionism, questioning his mental health, creating "anarchy," allowing "illegals" to "flood" into the country, using the military for domestic political purposes and other issues relevant to national security. While some retired military officers slammed the the letter as an intrusion into domestic politics, it echoed former President Donald Trump's claim the election was corrupt and stolen. The Supreme Court determined a case to hear numerous election fraud documents brought by Texas had no standing.

    Politico reported the "Open Letter from Retired Generals and Admirals" yesterday. The letter breaks from a long standing tradition of the military keeping out of politics and earned rebukes from scholars and retired officers, especially those who think the election was legitimate. From Politico: "Mary Beth Ulrich, a retired Air Force colonel who teaches civil-military relations at the Army War College and Air Force Academy, told us after reading the letter. “They are perpetuating the big lie about the election. I think it is outrageous. Some of it is very anti-democratic behavior.”

    However, the fact that 100+ military brass signed the letter in the face of customary civilian-military separation may reveal a startling fissue in the ranks and a simmering issue in the country. Maj. Gen. Joe Arbuckle wrote in an email, “Retired generals and admirals normally do not engage in political actions,” he said, “but the situation facing our nation today is dire. ... We are facing threats greater than at any other time since our country was founded. To remain silent would be a dereliction of duty.”

    Read the letter here.

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    (5.9.21 BenQQ) When will Democrat stool pigeons start to lament, "I never voted for this guy!" The American voter at least has a fragment of a valid excuse. But he'd have to admin he was gullible enough to be tricked by the constant drumbeat news fabrications of institutional normie media, self-obsessed celebrities keen to be important and unelected deep state policy manipulators and politicians who all are still playing him in harmony to ignore Biden's:

    • collapsing economy,
    • all too apparent and documented family financial links to Communist China that is obviously compromising him in relations thereto,,
    • mad rush to make tax payers support trillions of dollars the government does not have thus inflating the value of the dollar,
    • undermining the dollar as the reserve currency, thus making everything more expensive,
    • easy ride to power with globalist big media and big tech suppression of negative information during his campaign and current opponents,
    • massive theft of votes and associated rights of Trump supporters via courts' refusing to hear voter arguments,
    • plan to transform the American system of competing parties into one giant, permanent Democratic party,
    • illegal use of the Department of Justice to go after his political opponents for the purposes of imprisonment and financial ruin,
    • support of court packing that has always been acknowledged to be wrong and judicially damaging by both parties--except now,,
    • turning, unconstitutionally enough but who's counting, the District of Columbia into a state that will be an instant Democratic political entity of federal government workers getting more and more job benefits from the party rewarding them for implementing government policies,
    • increase of massive numbers of immigrants seeking asylum status who will ultimately become generational Democratic voters,
    • creation of massive illegal immigrants who will ultimately be transformed into generational Democratic voters,
    • neutering of the Southern border wall, thus letting in maniacally deranged gangs, drug cartel killers and demented human traffickers all contributing to the growth of domestic violent criminal deviants on communities,
    • weak knead ambivalence to Communist China's gross human rights abuses, territorial expansion and genocide,
    • sleepy tolerant response to North Korea's inhuman psychopathic regime in the face of his own comments regarding "equity,"
    • willingness to be an inert pawn in the changing cultural landscape that includes violent Fascists praised by his own party,
    • attack on language itself from his strange crew that are really in control.

    Analysis of a SCHD press conference on Covid: Will Memphis reach herd immunity? Can the city persuade FEMA to stay longer? Can the city enlist businesses to incentivize more vaccinations?

    (BenQQ 5.05.21 The Shelby County Health Dept. (SCHD) indicates Memphis will not likely reach "herd immunity," an epidemic condition where a virus has so few infectious opportunities the spread stops or is interrupted. Stats provided by city officials in this week's presser about the virus are a far cry from getting to that level of mass immunity to the disease--or even getting to a point to see a reduction in infections, according to other stats. (below)

    Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris gave a head scratching introduction of a newly formed group of volunteers called the "Covid Community Council" that he said had been charged with "getting the word out" about getting vaccinated. Then he said something both curious, a non sequitur and even contradictory: "We're 14 months in and we're almost there but we still have a long way to go."

    What did he mean? How can we be "almost there," but also "have a long way to go"? And what is the "there" that is presumably a goal? Did Harris mean "herd immunity" or simply an ongoing drop in cases over a period of time? Regardless, that doesn't sound like we're almost there at all.

    Then David Sweat, SCHD Chief of Epidemiology took the podium and said there had been 220,720 "fully vaccinated," presumably meaning those who have taken the two shot regimen since the beginning of the campaign in January of 2020.

    Sweat said 316,062 people in Shelby County have taken the first vaccine shot. Apparently referring to both the vacinated with one shot and those who have received the two shot full vaccination, puts the number all vaccinations in the county at 536,782 in a near equal fight with the virus. He said about half the (non-vaccinated) people have "no anti-bodies, no immunity to the virus whatsoever, so we're in a tug of war moment, a pivotal moment in the epidemic where we have the virus in our presence that is a variant virus more transmissable and equal numbers of people who are susceptible and vaccinated and right now we need to keep pushing to tilt the balance of power in our favor and away from the virus."

    Interestingly, the SCHD web site says "94% of deaths related to COVID-19" had certain pre-existing medical conditions referred to as "comorbidities." These include: heart conditions, diabetes, respiratory illness like COPD, obesity, cancer, chronic kidney disease, sickle cell disease and weakened immune systems.

    To me 536,782 out of a population of 937,166 sounds respectable at this point but probably no so much to professional virus busters. No doubt the SCHD is in the trenches day and night to defeat the virus, but it has not reached anyhere near a level of the fabled herd immunity that experts say could need to be around 80% vaccination rate with the new variant. Sweat seems to be counting on the first shot as the more reliable virus killer. The SCHD web site itself says, "There is data regarding the Moderna vaccine that indicates the first dose of vaccine provides up to 80% immunity against the virus. The first dose, combined with second dose provides at least 94% immunity." Nothing was mentioned about the Pfizer vaccine I took (story below).

    However, in a previous Covid presser Sweat seemed, as I recall in response to a reporter's question, to discount the virus ever reaching a herd immunity level in Memphis at the rate of current vaccinations. That means, by my layman's processing, at worst we will see either: 1) continued virus infections, 2) an aggressive resurgence, perhaps with a more virulent variant or, at best, 3) isolated virus flareups possibly associated with public events.

    And because of the slow pace of vaccinations to date, Sweat said FEMA resources would be pulled May17 if it didn't pick up. With only half getting the shot to date, this can't happen. And listening to Harris drone on about volunteers "getting the word out" was not a ringing harbinger for driving vaccinations to 80%. The only thing that could get people to accept getting jabbed with a needle--though its a stretch to call it even that--is gifting (at the campaign's center) the unvaccinated to get stuck.

    As far as I'm concerned it has been a huge success by any marketing standards to convince over half the population to take a needle in the arm. Now the city must convince the resistors and avoiders for various reasons.. Target the most acccessible of that vast diverse group and spread from there.

    Just a marketing hunch with no research except the one person I talked to related to the $20 coupon from both Walmart and Kroger rather than the science and safety of the vaccine itself nomatter how much the media reported the serious side. Sure she dodged the virus, but got free stuff.. The city should put muscle on more businesses to shell out whatever they can in the form of coupons, discounts, scripts and products--and then promote the freebies (perhaps again with a celebrity or two as before as I recall) as if gifts from Biden himself. (I'd even live with that to accomplish the objective.) This would be hard core high energy marketing aimed at the remaining unvaccinated. Then use this campaign to ask FEMA to stick around for more business. A Trump type leader could whip it all together in a few days.

    At any rate, Sweat said there would still be vaccinations at partner business locations after FEMA "draws down," but they would be more inconvenient. Inconvenience means more difficulty, difficulty means fewer vaccinations, even if lives depend on it.

    The press conferences are almost as frustrating as watching a Biden performance at one of his virtual news conferences. If Covid is as serious as they say, Memphians deserve real answers to real questions in a real venue where information gatherers can followup and build upon questions indepth. You can't do that in a virtual conference. And that includes live online questions from the public. There were only about 4 questions in the presser I watched completely. That's not enough questions and not enough give and take to officials who have the resouces to provide answers.

    I mumbled these questions to myself while watching last weeks news conference. Perhaps some of this was covered in previous sessions:

    • What parts of the city show the least and most vaccinations?
    • Can a correlation to Corona cases to that question be shown either way?
    • How many hospitalized cases have their been in Memphis? Do Covid diagnoses all get hospitalized?
    • What is the age range of Covid cases?
    • How many if any deaths have occurred in nursing homes and independent living facilities?
    • What is the percentage of blacks vaccinated with one shot? Two shots?
    • What is the percentage of whites vaccinated with one shot? Two shots?
    • Regarding masks, should a person with two vaccinations continue wearing and if so why? People are getting weary of the mask culture
    • Regarding incentives to get people vaccinated, have you considered mounting a more aggressive campaign to persuade businesses to:
      > donate incentives such as did Kroger and Walmart? Such could include scripts, coupons or even products?
      > Are Kroger and Walmart the only business in Memphis that provided any incentives to get people to the vaccination sites?
    • If businesses joined a a new incentive campaign, would the city ask FEMA to go beyond their departure date of May 22 in the hopes that thousands more could be vaccinated?

    According to Sweat after FEMA pulls out the mass vaccination sites ending 5 days later if the shots don't pick up pace .

    Experts have said herd immunity possibly could be reached at 60% to 70% vaccination rate ( However, a new variant called B.1.1.7, reported to be 56% more infectious. That would require 80% of the population to be vaccinated, according to experts.

    In Memphis with the battle half way won, this is no time to lose energy or commitment. We don't have the luxury. It would be heart breaking to see a resurgence of people getting sick and worse, businesses closing, kids kept out of school and normal life negated all over again. Fight. Fight! FIGHT!

    To see this and other SCHD press conferences and vaccination locations:
    SCHD phone: 901.222.SHOT (7468)
    Responses and corrections to BenQQ
    Unless otherwise indicated all responses will be considered public.

    Nurse Stinson gives me the shot--my story of fighting the virus

    (BenQQ 4.27.21 Frayser) We have drive-thru burgers, barbque, chicken sandwiches, drive-thru prayers and now drive-thru vaccinations for fast fast fast fast relief against personal viral pestilence. Yesterday was a perfect spring day in Memphis for all sorts of drive-thrus. So I drove a car load of 3 anti-virus civilians, me included, to an 11-member (at my visual count) unit of anti-Covid soldiers.

    image Nurse Stinson at Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeThe virus fighting post was setup at Southwest Tennessee Community College in Frayser. At the time we were the only car there but the nurses told me they had been busy thatS morning.

    Only I in my little white Scion with front windows rolled down was not wearing a mask. Surprised I was not reprimanded. Even when someon is with me I never wear a mask while driving when air is circulating. That is undoubtedly verbotten according to Biden dictates.

    Weeks ago while driving to an inside meeting with a client (where I would wear a mask unless we both agreed to remove them with Trumpean common sense behaviors thereafter), I saw a cherry 1958 Ford convertible tooling through midtown with four passengers each proudly (and obnoxiously after I thought about it) wearing a mask.

    [Above: The funniest no nonsense nurse I've ever met: Wanda Stinson. She was among the "vaccinators" (Biden term) on duty on my drive-thru at the location.]

    It could have been a picture reminiscent of a wartime propaganda poster. It seemed instantly historically quaint--a picture of individual citizens joining the Great Struggle. It also illustrated how easy it is to get people to exceed behavioral controls set by government. It struck me as unAmerican. Goodie-goodie virtue signalling, especially in cases where everybody knows better despite what the "experts" say, always has. It was like Biden with mask on bumbling through an interview 10 feet from the interviewer sending unspoken no sense directions as if he himself had not yet read his own current Covid advisories.

    This only illustrates the administration's confused messaging about the virus.

    But back to the struggle at hand. On entrance we were given a form to fill out and paperwork to read presumably before taking the vaccine. It could be at least a legal defense if you had a bad reaction. We may have glanced at the lit, but assuredly none of us read it. We were there. Let's live dangerously. After all we do  live in Memphis. This is from the first page of a fact sheet each person in a car is given: 



     "You are being offered the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine to prevent Coronavirus Disease 1019 (COVID-19) caused by SARS-CoV-2. This Fact Sheet contains information to help you understand the risks and benefits of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, which you may receive becausze there is currently a pandemic of COVID-19.

     "The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine is a vaccine and may prevent you from getting COVID-19. There is no U.S. Food and Drug Admininstration (FDA) approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19.

     "Read this Fact Sheet for information about the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine. Talk to the vaccination provider if you have questions. It is your choice to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19.

     "The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine is administered as a 2 dose series, 3 weeks apart, into the muscle.

     "The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine may not protect everyone. 

    "This Fact Sheet may have been updated. For the most recent Fact Sheet, please see"

    We were directed forward between posts of Corona combatants. At the first drive-thru checkpoint right off the street, we were interviewed quickly, given short forms and directed you forward where we stopped to fill out the form. With nothing firm to write on, we scribbled answers the answers in laps. With so much being spent on this operation, didn't anybody think of clipboard or even cardboard that could be turned in at the injection station? On the other hand, if anybody actually had the virus, it could be transferred possibly on materials handled. Never mind.

    Anyway, the questions: Are you Hispanic? What is your home address? Age? Race? Instinctively at first I did not answer the ethnicity nor age questions but Nurse Stinson (above) made a bee line to my parked car where we were parked and waiting to make sure none of us would have a bad reaction. (One of my passengers had indicated a possible reaction.) I glanced back at my burly passenger to make sure a bad vaccine concoction had not turned him into a werewolf or something. From the hysterical news reports about the vaccine, you never know, I thought.

    Back to the drive-thru: Finally, we reached the actual front line where nurses made a flanking maneuver around the vehicle to inject anti-viral ordinance into shoulders through car windows. To me at least the injection was unnoticeable with a tiny needle I couldn't even see in the nurse's hand. My "vaccinator" (a Biden term), Ms Wanda Stinson, was a wonderful nurse who patiently answered all my questions the answers to which were on the handouts anyway.

    When I returned home back to my computer I saw our alleged President had lectured me again on my behaviors and moral character should I not choose to get vaccinated. Somehow he knew I had been bad. Maybe that's why I didn't get a $20 coupon from Walmart or Kroger.

    But now he was telling me it was OK not to war a mask outside unless there was a lot of people around. (Perhaps he had forgotten he is still encouraging tens of thousands of immigrants to cross the border shoulder to shoulder without getting a vaccination or even mask, a mass infection event if there ever was one.)

    Maybe on July 4th I can go out without a mask--if I am a good little citizen and do as he says.


     (BenQQ 4.10.21) Lest you thought the media had "absolute" first amendment press freedom, consider what happened to a podcaster in California. His podcast criticised Aledandra Ocasio-Cortez, the youthful hip darling spokesperson of the Democrats. He gets visited by plain clothes state thought police who had been "tipped" he had threatened AOC. 

    So in the broadest context right now, that visit by the police aparatchiks to the podcaster to warn him he could not make threats to members of Congress--even though there were no threats made--serves to demonstrate the system's willingness to kick in its virtually automated powers now over adverse media coverage. This is new. (According to media coverage (link below), White House police told the California Highway Patrol the podcaster had threatened AOC.) Will the "press corps" ask any questions about this freedom of speech issue to Biden's press secretary who participated in Obama's campaign of overt lies over the Benghazi Affair? If so, expect either a condescending dismissal or a "we're looking into it" type response.

    Whether offically intentional or not, this incident fits into the Democratic trend of eating away of rights and processes. I see a tremd. It used to come in the form of slow erosion. Now Biden is hacking away with a rusty blade. Some of his targets are the: Electoral College, filibuster, 2nd Amendment, immigration system, southern border, military preparedness against the Chinese who now see as weak and the election system itself. Biden's recent comment no amendment is "absolute" should be taken as a sign he's heading your way his rights hatchet.

    Further, will Biden' s scheme of packing the Supreme Court with liberals serve to usher in the most radical interpretation of constitutinal law ever seen? Just like the social media corporate thought police now censor posts that say the Democrats stole the 2020 election, will the Biden administration under pretense of protecting the republic legitimize such censorship in the face of massive media documentation with the courts mostly refusing to hear arguments? Let's go on: if a civil rights case is brought against Biden for turning the government into a machine representing only one side of the population, will such a packed Supreme Court rule objectively? I doubt it. There are more hacks than thinkers.

    Trump's loss to an alleged legal president whom we know little as to who is telling him what to say creates a strange vacuum without common sense and communications. Except the Biden boot lickers, the sheepish journalistic performance of the self-vaunted "White Houses press corps" speaks for itself. The former Obama disinformation specialist press secretary has them cowed, berated and obedient, excepting the few true journalists among them. 

    But all this reminds me of how local media treats the leading noise maker of the failed Trump impeachment campaign, Cong. Steve Cohen, (D-9th.
    Memphis) Even though Cohen throughout his term in Congress has handed the media loads of things to cover, they have done little real coverage with questions that should have put Cohen on the defense. Cohen got away with such things as declaring Peter Strojk, the politically driven FBI official, should get a Purple Heart, impulsively attacking a woman testifying before a committee and unjustifiably calling a sitting president various things from racist to criminal. Even sitting before local journalists he was not called out to support his extreme views now shown to be without basis. Are local media afraid he would not show up for "interviews" if they asked him to substantiate his accusations beyond mere claims as he did on local and b-level cable media?

    And no. I really don't think local media are afraid police will show up at their cubicles if they say something wrong. Perhaps a better explanation would be local media just do not want to go to the trouble of rustling the feathers of an overwhelmingly elected Congressman habitually elected by an information starved following. Great for Cohen. Bad for media consumers. Story link.

    BenQQ Report videos relevant to this piece:
    The Betrayal of the American Worker
    Truth and No Consequences of Joe Biden
    The Patrick Byrne Affair
    How Much Did They Really Know?
    Is Steve Cohen's Impeachment Campaign Kaput?

    BenQQ Report logo image

    Appreciate my commentary?
    Feel free to donate and/or purchase books
    and digital services.


    (BenQQ 3.22.21) Nobody in politics learns faster than Trump. After two baseless attempts to kick him out of office and dull personal attacks by Democrats that are comparable to what Lincoln experienced, Trump made his biggest move since the post election steal. It was nothing short of mind blowing.

    Apparently it is official Trump is going to start a new social media platform. The people on the internet that I listen to began projecting how the political landscape would have a tectonic shift not in the years ahead, but merely a couple of months. Fantasy team wish fulfillment? I don't think so but a ton of effects and possibilities...

    How so? First, Trump supporters who were both censored and blacklisted by big tech power monopolies will experience a big hole in the bottom of their bottomless bucket of money as up to possibly half the country abandon them for the Trump social country. That's yuuuuge.

    Second, it marks an historic shift where one media concern instantaneously draws, reasonably tens of millions of followers who overwhelmingly think the election was stolen from them in obvious excess of media documentation, computer fraud and foreign manipulation.

    Will Trump treat his self-declared enemies such as local Rep. Steve Cohen (D-9th), the infamous chicken man of the House, the same way as the big tech freakazoids treated Trump supporters? Maybe or maybe not. Trump was always about results. He doesn't know how to be constantly virtue signaling like the Democrats. But he does know how to shake things up.

    What are the Democrats going to do in the face of a kind of vacuum inside of the media who abused Trump supporters ever worse month after month?

    The Democrats will continue to play to their old form. That's all they know. They will accuse Trump of some sort of massive illegality and launch attack upon attack. They know the “Trump media machine” (my quote) will not only coalesce Trump supporters but will draw away traditional Dems, such as minorities tired of being played with a race card. It all means trouble for the Democrats in 2022.

    Speaking of cards, another the Dems may play is an old favorite: gov regulation against Trump's platform. This will be similar/same regulation they never really wanted to vote for when it affected their big tech political allies—Twitter, Apple, Amazon, Google, etc.

    Regardless, some of the geniuses inside of big tech may now want to call off the dogs on the Trump side of the market and invite them back in as if they had never thrown hot coffee in their face. Sorry, I just tripped.

    Those shifting tectonics mentioned above will cause the Democrats to wail even louder over conditions they themselves helped propagate—such as American division, classism, regionalism and winking at a supportive fascist street organization, to name a few.

    Finally, the effect of Trump's entry into techtolia is the beginning of business market divisions. For the first time, consumers of a certain kind of product will have a place to go and spend their money on a business on the same side of their interests. Instead of catering to globalists, entrenched politicians and the deep state, some businesses may get a growing market of average people have "wokened" up and will take their dollars to political allies.

    Some other businesses will try--and some already have--to market the same way. Regardless, Trump is destined to make more money than ever. Advertisers on Trump's platform will ignore assorted Democratic threats as they reach out to the conservative pocketbooks who will gather under one social media roof.

    To be seen: what about, if anything, the current group of pro-Trump or conservative social media companies such as Gab (that as I recall actually called itself the “Trump network” but don't quote me), Parler and countless other small players? Will Trump supporters stick with them or wil they stop posting and fall off?

    Final question: will Trump political and government innovations be recreated in his brand of social media?

    They will. Sign up.


    (3/16/21) (BenQQ) In Biden's mad rush to punish all things Trump to satisfy his equally irrational political constituency, the city of Memphis, TN, a concretized bastion of likewise single minded Democratism, is likely to be hit with increased crime, reduced jobs, more stress on social services and lower worker wages."HOW CAN THAT BE?" Democrats shriek, if not worse.

    Short anwer: Biden's illegal immigrant open border policy.

    Long answer: Biden's opening of our southern border to lets in willy-nilly (and ahead of all legal immigrants who play by the rules).

    > low hourly workers that will reduce wages
    > Covid carriers to infect tight emigrant communities
    > gang members who will recruit children to do their dirty work
    > violent criminals who already have been returned once to their country of origin
    > "children," among them males 15-17 who will do anything to survive as an illegal, as well as unescorted kids who will be absorbed, like all the rest, somewhere into the country.

    They will all become ultimately the new Democratic voting block. Its all worth it. Nothing could be as bad as having voters once again choose a Donald Trump in a fair election.

    But that's not all.

    With Biden's order to stop construction on Trump's border wall, those brutal Mexican cartels are now finding it easier to stream illegal people and products across the border in the wake of an overwhelmed Border Patrol. What's particularly disturbing is that Trump had gotten it under control via negotiated cooperation with the Mexican government.

    Because Memphis has a population of voters easily influenced to vote for established Democratic candidates and institutions, which includes just about, if not all, of the media, that media should feel an extra obligation to accurately report what the stoppage of wall construction really means for the people the Democrats profess to care about.

    story graphic of violent cartels

    As a result of his insane open border policies, Mexican President Obrador later tauntingly called Biden the "migrant president" while Nancy Pellosi, true to Democrat propaganda technique, actually blamed Trump on Biden's border mess.

    We can call Biden also the "cartel president." Mexican cartels are players uncontrolled by government. They brutalize whole populations with mind numbing cruelty and terror, battle over control of geo regions and kill journalists who report about them. Now Biden has given them a "border pass" that will nodoubt contribute to predation on people in the urban drug markets in cities mostly controlled by Democrats.


    map of E. Texas counties

    Unlike the most  known crossing locations where Trump began to build sections of the border walls, the closest artery to Memphis begins in the easternmost Mexican border states next to Texas counties Star, Hidalgo and Cameron, according to a map published by an individual on This is not the only port of entry but it is the closest route to Memphis from Mexico.

    According to a chart on the site dated 1/15/2020, only 25.8 miles of a planned 83 miles of the border wall had been constructed. Among his first executive orders Jan. 21, Biden ordered all construction stopped. "It shall be the policy of my Administration that no more American taxpayer dollars be diverted to construct a border wall," he declared, thus opening previously blocked criminal traffic to Memphis and the eastern United States.

    meth routes to Memphis map

     Methamphetamine Transportation Routes from Mexico. E. Texas border entry shoots up to Memphis and branches north. More info on "meth" at source: United States Drug Intelligence Center

    Known as "crystal meth," an opiod, methamphetamine is associated with violent crime in Tennessee, reports this 2002 government report. Mexican "drug trafficking organizations and criminal groups" produce some of the methamphetamine sold in the state. Back then the report took a sanguine approach but Mexican cartels pushed their products north, according to a July WMC5 report. Kenall Downing reported: "Jordan [T.J. Jordan, Assistant Director of the Drug Investigations Division of the TBI] says Mexican cartels stayed aware of the demand and over time have pushed their product north." Presumably they pushed it through Memphis and beyond.

    The media not surprisingly is not inclined to mention the wall in combatting the opioid "epidemic" though Trump's wall was intended to help law enforcement staunch the inflow of drugs, not to mention human smuggling. "This persistent rhetoric serves the narrative that the wall is motivated by xenophobia and racism. Instead, the motivation is reducing infiltration by cartels, gangs, drugs, and human trafficking," writes Benjamin R. Dieker in The Federalist.

    Apparently no commercial media in Memphis, according to my web searches, has even mentioned the border wall, or lack thereof, on stories of drug crimes nor their increasing numbers. Searching the keywords "opioids--meth--Trump's wall--illegal drugs" found no pickup among local media. Its as if acknowledging "Trump's wall" (my quote) may have an affect in curbing crime and drugs is culturally verboten among local and, of course, mass national media outlets.

    What I term as "normie" legacy media have concluded, of course, the wall was useless in "stopping" illegal drugs. (By the way, include in that list the USA Today the "network" of which includes The Commercial Appeal, Memphis only daily newspaper.) and Newsweek, which recently published a propaganda piece on how and why Trump was "defeated." (My analysis of that article as modern political propaganda disguised as journalism is coming up.)

    Current journalism standards notwithstanding, the ever flourishing drug markets north of Memphis is recognized as growing. "Given the profit margins, Mexican organizations may be moving into the wholesale business in the Northeast United States, both the DEA and US prosecutors say. Authorities are worried that a violent power struggle has already begun," according to “We know who is going to win that fight,” a US prosecutor said in that article, referring to the firepower of the Mexican drug pushers.

    The same organization reported, "Since surging into the market in 2013, fentanyl has become the most lethal category of opioid in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that more than 47,000 people died from an opioid overdose in 2017 in the United States—28,000 of those deaths were due to synthetic opioids, which the CDC says is largely the result of the uptick in abuse of fentanyl."

    Because Memphis has a population of voters easily influenced to vote for established Democratic candidates and institutions, which includes just about, if not all, of the media, that media should feel is an extra obligation to report the other side as well--for the higher purpose of providing good reportage and information to its consumers. Such reporting must include the effects of the Biden border policies that will continue to invite hundreds of thousands of unvetted individuals into the country.


    (2.4.21 Benqq) Memphis is a big town that needs jobs. The Democrats with Biden's job damaging globalist agenda negatively impacts Memphis. Local governments follow the Democratic belief systems. New masses of illegal immigrants are again gathering at the southern border. They are also revitalizing a central drug route to northern markets.The city is in the crosshair of the "Build Back Better" Biden agenda. The video above is an opinion piece.

    Need a  bump? Check out the Kyoto H.S. Tachibana Green Band on 


    13 Ghosts--or Apparitions in Which the Democrats Don't Want You to Believe

    (BenQQ 1.12.21) A video on this subject is soon to be posted here and elsewhere.

    1. Democratic Party election operatives will continue to get away with it. Instead of prosecution, election fraud will happen over and over because there will be continued incentive for local judges, politicians and other officials to steal votes. Some have called this a part of the Democrats "16 year plan."

    2. Related to number 1, courts will continue to be nonresponsive after the Supreme Court created the mind numbing excuse of nonstanding not to hear the case brought by Texas. If one half of American voters don't have standing, who does? Our once pretty good election system can now be compared--not contrasted--by our enemies and antagonists to the likes of China, Venezuela, Cuba. Soviet Russia. It makes the Democrats imagining complaints about Trump harming our international reputation laughably miniscule by comparison.

    3. China will continue to grow in military technology and expand their borders with the goal of dominating America in every way. With the President of the United States allegedly linked to selling influence by his son in China, not to mention other countries, there will be little investigation of the president with the three branches of government controlled by the Democrats. Without full knowledge of Hunter Biden's allegedly selling access to his father when he was the Obama Vice President, Biden may increasingly be suspected of being the first Manchurian Candidate directly planted into the White House Oval Office. Don't expect to find out. China is sitting pretty.

    4. Expect jobs to decline as a result of a mass infusion of workers: new pressure due to the instant creation of mass democratic voters via new states and mass citizenship of illegal immigrants. Add to that expensive Democratic international handouts and the roll back of job creating Trump trade deals.

    5. Due to powerful anti-police elements within the Democratic Party, crime will increase but will be little recognized in blue cities.

    6. Due to mass cancellation (cancel culture) of accounts, including that of the President, expect more repression of free speech in, but not limited to, social media.

    7. Related to 6, expect a lower level of popular political discourse. The normie media will become even more normie with reduction or outright elimination of conservative comment. Yes you will have more aggrieved commentary from people like me. But non-politico normie media consumers concerned about daily living and work will soon forget the loss. Worse, school kids will not even conceive of a world without freakazoid social media telling them what to do. Its all part of the plan.

    8. A bland economy, rising crime, Chinese foreign encroachment and unchecked election fraud will demoralize the system. Worse, every time we look at an enfeebled phoney president who can't even draw a crowd other than his paid careerist and party hacks, he will increasingly become a depressing symbol of the "Great Reset" where America lost on every front.

    9. Social media companies begin phase 2 (phase 1 is their current censorship) of a kind of social credit score modeled after the kind China imposes on its people.

    10.We bring China back as a dear friend while excusing its murders and imprisonment of mass populations, attacks on its neighbors and mounting territorial expansion. We do nothing to support the Hong Kong freedom fighters.

    11. We will never get to the bottom of all the laws broken by Democrats—election violations notwithstanding--spying on candidate Trump, political charges against trump associates and others too numerous to recount here. Of course,let's not forget his addicted son Hunter Biden's “alleged” globetrotting campaign to sell access to daddy, a daddy who may be a pracitcal Manchurian candidate because he made himself bribable to a number of countries, including China. The mormie mass media kept this from you and now we all may pay the price.  

    12. The Democrats continue their division of America, now more mindlessly than ever since they now have unchecked power. But maybe its not so mindless. Ask yourself: why? Fact is, Trump knows everything on them. They want to put him away--fast. They will attempt to charge Trump with baseless allegations—as well as charges against associates and supporters following their previous model--all with the people's, that  is, your, treasury. The Democrats will continue to want revenge to those who elected the people's president.

    13. Finally civil strife will become more frequent as more information, especially regarding election fraud, seeps its way into public awareness. With the widespread perception of election stealing and no legal attempt to remedy, people fight back. The storming of the capital had all the self-righteous bloviating from corporate on-air media employees. However, few dared to say what it was really about: the right to free and fair elections.  

    Thanks for listening! Now is the time to start turning to internet pages, for example my pages and for currently uncensored commentary. Also continue to support new social media platforms dedicated to free speech such as bitchute, Gab, Parler and others under attack by twitter,facebook, and other corporate giants. In fact it would be a good idea to join and start posting on them now. I have. Phase out using the oppressive legacy social media. Thanks. You can donate to keep me going. Cheers!

    Newsmax poses soft response on the election lies of the left

    News consumers abandoning Fox News for Newsmax may find it lacking. It looks as though Newsmax is trying to imitate Fox News. Report coming tomorrow.

    Lin Wood asserts proof Antifa people
    were a part of the capital overrun yesterday

    (1.7.21 BenQQ) A supporter and unofficial lawyer for Trump in as yet mostly unheard
    arguments regarding election fraud in critical vote states posted a tweet apparently
    showing Antifa activists inside the capital building yesterday. His account had been suspended
    as of today. Twitter, one of the social media platforms that has propagated anti-Trump
    content during the entirety of the Trump administration , also suspended the account of
    President Trump. Twitter reportedly also cut the President's message for a peaceful
    protest concerning the recent election. The majority of Trump voters and some Democrats
    think the election was fraudulent according to Rasmussen Reports. Democrats are again,
    without evidence, calling for impeachment, as well as the invocation, with no stated reason,
    of the 25th Amendment.

    Truth and No Consequences

    When Democrats fail standards. We are now living in a divisional world where Donald Trump
    is fictionally vilified and Democrats manifestly violate laws in elections and phoney charges. Opinion:
    If the Joe Biden regime controls the Senate, the high (and unfinished) indices built and protected
    by Trump in the economy, trade, foreign relations/stability, free speech and privacy, elections and
    domestic safety will drop precipitously.


    A trip to Best Buy to pick up cables and video equipment turns into a trek of tedium.

    How much did people really know? The Biden crime cartel had support from what I call
    the OIA, or Opinion Control Alliance.

    How did it get this way?

    There's a chance you voted for this: Biden's Leaderless Leadership by Committee

    Biden signals at least some shut down of economy

    (BenQQ 11/12/2020) In case you were wondering just what bomb Biden was going to drop first thing, get ready for a doozie: he says he will listen to his committee of scientists .

    Like a dog who chased a car and caught it, now Biden must figure out should I dramatically bite the tires or just stand in the gutter and bark? That car is not just about Covid but his entire policy package revived from Obama. But on Covid he's already waffling his campaign big talk. Biden is now attempting to "clarify" his first big talk solution on beating Covid-19: he will listen to his scientists! This sounds really smart!

    Of course the problem with scientists: they live in their own echo chambers like celebrities, Democrats and media. It doesn't take a scientist to know lock downs work at least until another bug gets through the firewall. (In Memphis, the city back in the spring pretended to have a lock down but that was negated by the county, which didn't.) 

    Nevertheless such Biden big talk was an easy way to make Trump look stupid but make himself look smart, a deft trick, inspite of the fact that Trump had developed a multi-level strategy not seen since WWll to marshal science and industry in a rapid-develop knock-out blow: a vaccine.

    But back to my dog catching car analogy--In a normal American media vs politician environment, the media would be demanding answers to questions that were not basement proof, like: are you aware of the issues caused by lockdowns to businesses and individuals to which Biden would say, yeah sure, but I'm going to give everybody a good support package . Of course that, my pretend aware media would say, only makes it harder for the surviving businesses to hire people back. After all, who really wants to go back to work when they were paid well more than what they earned working?

    Another question from now long dead independent journalists might be some form of: won't this be the same as the European lockdown that not only did not work but now is suffering a resurgence of Covid?

    And the penultimate question from the mythical press corp with a pair: Isn't Trump's policy of economic opening along with the use of common sense personal protection really turning out to be the best strategy in wearing the virus down?

    Like football fantasy teams, real questions is a news fantasy is just as unreal. Besides, Biden is likely to stay in his basement anyway only taking questions from such sycophants as CNN and MSNBC. Thus the professional politician's term begins.

    Biden promises to shut down economy-




    (8.10.20 opinion & analysis by Ben "BenQQ" Harrison) We are supposed to believe it was mere coincidence, a lovely serendipity if you will, that the single daily newspaper for Memphis, a major health corporation and county government all just coincidentally banded together in general like minded alliance while the Shelby County Commission at the same time declared all minorities in need of protection against racism. If one were a cynic, one could catch the whiff of corporate virtuism, politial opportunism and media hackery all rolled into one sticky mess that fed the emotions of their respective clients.

    image of memphis commercial appeal front page pandemic
    The Memphis Commercial Appeal editorially supported the
    resolution in a guise of journalistic objectivity. screen capture

    With a 10 year DC based background in such, I think I can spot those campaigns with ulterior motives (and which campaigns don't have ulteriors?). So the "Pandemic as Racism" (my title) campaign was set in motion with businesses, activists and local media ultimately to do what else? Undermine Trump while politically siding with Black Lives Matter, Antifa and assorted malcontents. The recent vote by the Shelby County Commission to declare racism a pandemic is registering high and wide at least on my bull**** radar.

    My attempts to find out who set into motion this organized operation with all the players and worked with the local paper to place the story above the fold with a color photo never even got a call back.

    To my experience, the campaign was designed to, among other things, make the gullible think of the president, as our US Rep.Steve Cohen (D) often declares without even fractional evidence or certainly local media question, as the penultimate racist.

    So it goes down like this: between budgets and grind of county business, the Shelby County Commission this summer found time to pass: Resolution recognizing Racism as a Pandemic and a commitment to enacting policies that unequivocally defend Minorities and aim to eradicate the effects of Systemic Racism affecting Black People, and other Minorities, throughout Shelby County, Tennessee.”

    There were two "no" votes from Commission Chair Mark Billingsley and Commissioner Amber Mills.
    I received no return call from the office of Amber Mills.

    picture of Amber Mills Shelby County Commission
    One of two who voted no: Shelby County Commissioner Amber Mills.
    Screen capture only not video.
    Link to podcast of Shelby County Commission meeting.

    In session Mills cited the negative response of businesses considering a move into an area where the governing body decided it had to declare minorities actually needed defending. Ya think? She waved a yellow legal pad that apparently contained her many objections but said little more than it would be getting into politics to discuss it further.

    Council member Tami Sawyer said in response that the resolution was “well thought out.” She said the resolution was for all minorities—blacks, Hispanics, Asians. However, no one heard a full debate on the resolution. There wasn’t one, although The Commercial Appeal posited many points on the side of the resolution and only afforded Mills' objections at lower third of the article. (link above)

    It was unfortunate Mills chose not to force debate if not for language alone. One could say the use of the word "pandemic" applied to "racism" infers an infectious agent that invades, incredibly enough, only members of all minority races in not only Shelby County, but presumably everywhere else. Such is the language of toxicity. It ranks right up there with declaring the president of the United States a racist, mentioned previously herein.

    Let me roll this out: the resolution is an insidious socially destructive and politically facile analogy. Now let me unpack it: Insidious because it infers whites visit the "effects" of racism upon minorities and facile because Shelby County minorities are likely to be influenced by the one sided editorial coverage, as illustrated by the Commercial Appeal article and easy Democratic demagoguery as spewed by Cohen.

    Interestingly, the commission did not use "epidemic" to at least keep it local but there may have been a strategic reason for that. Local doesn't have the ideological heft. The term "pandemic" stops cold that ostensibly long desired discussion about race by automatically positioning the other side, i.e. today's whites, behind an eight ball. This type of political antics further balkanize the races. It can get out of hand.

    Speaking of eight, the "eight can't wait" policing reforms have been supported by both the city and county governing bodies. Judging by reporting, these use of force restrictions have been pretty much accepted by local police administrations as well, which, by the way, undermines the need for the "pandemic" language. (link below) Of particular interest to me are the "no knock" warrants where police show up in early morning and break into homes to serve warrants.

    The Commercial Appeal bent over backward to explain it. The term "pandemic" was used because it is something affecting the whole country. The article assembled experts from a CEO of Regional One Health to Shelby County Director of Health Alisa Haushalter to weave a justification, which included the police killing of George Floyd, as to why we should accept social circumstances as precusors to health conditions. In so doing, we must accept racism as an infectious agent that is attacking minorities everywhere.

    Users of the concept of pandemic racism want to infer this endemic malady has been spread presumably by (who else?) whites. They don't even have to say that. Somebody contributes to the racist pandemic and we know WHO, don't we?

    The words "racism" and "pandemic" when used together infer there is a disease of racism that has been gestated by whites and delivered to minorities toward their presumably ongoing unhealthy predicament.

    But if "pandemic" is appropriate in describing the effects of racism, others can surely use the term in describing another form of bad behavior: political violence that has swept the country.
    The County Commisioner's resolution falls on the side of the rioters who will point to it as another justification for their criminal acts because, after all, it is the "system" that is racist.

    To further extend medical analogies in purging the system of racism, perhaps the County Commission can be talked into using a kind of racist meter the same way a temperature gauge is used to help spot Covid-19 carriers. That would really get the job done:

    RACIST ALERT graphic by Ben Harrison
    Coming soon! The Racist Meter to see who's infected! Art Magnet available.

    In another political health parallel, the Nazis proclaimed Jews and others as unhealthy for good Aryan Germans. And they had a whole medical establishment of doctors and nurses to offer a cure. It was called extermination.

    However, already we've seen Antifa and their radical allies try to burn down a building in which their "enemies" were sequestering for protection. But wait, I digress. That's really not the kind of "health issue" the Shelby County Commission wants you to think about.

    I'm not calling the Shelby County Commission Nazis--nor am I saying they and their allies are wrong in identifying racial economic, social and health disparities. What I am saying is the language used to focus on it is inflammatory.

    They should rescind their resolution and replace it with one that unites instead of divides.

    I suspect this resolution was a product of a coordinated campaign to get Democratic run cities to declare racism as pandemic in America. That, of course, is a political lie but is cheap chum to throw into the very real and increasingly bloody waters of American cities. Most recent: last night in Chicago.


    Part 2 of this theme is coming up. I also requested a comment from Region One Medical and the Shelby County Health Department but received no call back. Of course, email me your thoughts and opinion. I may publish them so if you do not want them published, please so indicate. Please title your email "Racism Pandemic."

    Also mentioned:

    8 Can't Wait

    Portland Rioters Burn Police Union Building,
    Barricade People Inside Justice Center


    Apparently with little else to do for his loyal constituency Democrat Steve Cohen jumps again into another impeachment hoax. This time he wants to impeach the Attorney General who has vowed to bring justice to the killers and rioters who have effectively declared war against your country. Really?

    (Memphis 7.9.20, BenQQ) Jim Jordan (R-OH 4th Dist) pointedly said this morning in a Fox News interview House Judiciary Committee member Steve Cohen (D-TN 9th Dist) is pushing impeachment again. In a letter to congressional members Cohen targetted Attorney General William Barr because he, per Politico, has "continually tried to delegitimize the investigation into foreign interference in the 2016 election.”

    Excepting reportedly Reps. Tlaib (MI) and Pascrell (NJ), few Dem members have the desire for another failed Republican impeachment campaign. Even House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) reportedly called Cohen's political venture a “waste of time.” 

    Yet, with shades of his previous anti-Trump obsessions, that did not stop Cohen declaring this week: “We should pursue impeachment of Bill Barr because he is reigning terror on the rule of law.”

    So, with not even the lineup of usual supporting members, nervous Democrats may be showing uncharacteristic prudence on being on the receiving end of independent voter sting in response to another baseless impeachment attempt.

    However, Cohen has no reason to fear abandonment from his usual base who apparently out of habit (and with local media neutrality, if not support), will probably vote for him anyway. Cohen represents a heavily black Democratic constituency in a low income district that includes Memphis.

    Cory Strong, has announced he is running against Cohen in the Democratic Primary Aug. 6, though, judging by his web site, he seems to have little substantive difference with Cohen.

    Barr has agreed to appear before the Judiciary Committee July 28.

    memphis firefighters rescue woman picture
    Memphis fire fighters rescue injured woman from wrecked car.

    Impact at James and Highland
    in the time of the Corona

    a first person account from inside a three car smashup, pics and words by Ben "BenQQ" Harrison

    (Memphis 4.5.20) Yesterday. A perfectly clear mid afternoon. Only 1 mile left to go. Just make the bend in front of Rodney Baber Park. Then a short hop and I would be home where first thing I absolutely had to do was feed my dogs and cats.

    Pedestrians help with accident victims. Note the complete side damage.

    It wasn’t to be. Bam. Loud. I heard no screech of locked breaks on pavement, remembered no attempt by the speeding car running the red light to swerve away from the car passing under it. Three people would be sent to hospital. I heard the impact mixed with what I thought was a scream from either a person or metal scraping against metal.

    Instantly my attention locked onto the car being pushed with a force that, from my vantage, was not letting up. Since its sideways path started in the center of the intersection, I watched the agonizing impact from what I believed would be a safe distance. Yes I, like every other gawker, would have the best seat in the house to watch a major car crash.

    For a moment I expected it to be knocked over sideways. Then I realized the full force impact was propelling--or perhaps bulldozing--the deadstick vehicle directly to me. The little red car that had run the red light was still pushing it. Still going after it broke away at high speed and veered toward an empty field.

    At the sight of the vehicle twisting toward me sideways I instinctively sunk low and pushed back in my seat. But I couldn't take my eyes off it. It hit hard. The sound exploded in my head. I felt myself pitching slow motion into a white pillow while my body pitched siideways toward the half open side window. The seatbelt cinched hard on my chest. 

    But it didn't stop there. The car that was propelled into mine continued to the the lanes of opposing traffic. That hit in turn pivoted my little 2005 Scion B from west to north. Our two vehicles ended up facing opposite each other on James Rd.

    After impact, I sat still for a moment. I felt no injury but the cab was filling with smoke. I thought something was burning. My door was wrenched solid. I had a quick image of getting pulled with the Jaws of Life. Relieved that it still worked, I unbuckled my seat belt and crawled over the gear shift to the opposite side door. I was relieved when it opened and tumbled out head first. Nothing was on fire. The smoke was the powder from the airbag that had burst. That pillow saved my teeth or more. Ironically, it was an airbag that had been recalled and I had not bothered to replace it. I was lucky it worked.

    Once standing for a moment, a man walked over and asked if I was alright. I said I thought I was.
    A moment or two passed, I walked over to the car that had been hit in the intersection. The driver's side from fender to fender had crunched in. The woman driver was moaning and told me her arm was broken. I told her help was on the way and to stay still. I looked around and saw the little red vehicle that had caused this mayhem stopped about a hundred feet into a field. People were heading toward it. In a few moments, the occupants were screaming wildly at the apparent driver who was laying on the ground. I didn't want to cross over.

    Police and ambulance services arrived quickly. As it turned out there were no life threatening injuries, according to police.

    This is the car that ran the red light and hit the car above .

    Driving from Frayser to Kroger in Bartlett in that late morning had been uneventful with little traffic but it was a different story on the way back. Distinctly more cars, some speeding and speeding wrecklessly. But luck ran out this morning at the intersection of James Rd. and Highland Ave.

    It seems luck often runs out at this fated location. I had seen bad wrecks here before. For James Rd. however, this particular spot was not much different than any other part of this long stretch of road that starts at Watkins St in Frayser and stretches all the way into Bartlett where it turns into Stage. You can often see the crosses where someone had lost his or her life in accidents like this one. No one was killed here today.

    As my brother and I collected groceries and various tools from my now ruined car, I decided to go to hospital just to get checked out. I had to be checked for coronavirus before entry. Subsequent various tests said I was OK but they gave me prescriptions which I did not fill.

    For the three hours I was in the emergency room, I began thinking: was the accident I was in just made possible in part by the coronavirus itself? Sure, there were stupid kids speeding but did they not have more opportunity to speed with less populated streets? I see speeding more now with the slowdown and stay at home instructions than ever before. And does that mean a government will never get strict stay at home results?

    On the same day as this accident, the Daily Mail said Tennessee and Arkansas was not taking the virus seriously. In one county in each state outdoor activity even increased.

    my car
    Goodbye old friend.

    Live in Memphis? Have a coronavirus story? Contact us.

    From Wuhan to Bartlett, A Personal Look at Businesses Dealing With Covid-19

    by Ben "BenQQ" Harrison

    (Bartlett 3.30.20) Coronavirus. It’s changed everything in a matter of weeks. When I started writing this piece, President Trump had not declared a national shut down. Bartlett small businesses were watching and keeping up with the changes that can affect their market arenas. That was 10 days ago when I thought I had finished this story, but the virus does not seem to have reached its point where the docs can say its time for it to begin to drop off.

    One virologist (Alanna Shaikh) said Covid-19 can range from a dry cough to a “fatal viral pneumonia.” After months of it being around we now it can lurk undiagnosed in your system with its ominous looking spikes to puncture your cells, hence corona.

    When news of the virus was just picking up a media tailwind in early February, You could feel its approach from afar locally. My old MacBook Pro broke down and it was taking forever to get the repair piece shipped from China. I never suspected that had anything to do with the "Chinese virus" but by late February it had taken two weeks to receive a replacement part. So the repair shop, Bartlett Electronics, was threatening to go to the post office and find out where the package had landed.

    Finally, when trying to trace the package, I saw a notice online that priority mail “from Asia" had been stopped. I assumed that meant China. Maybe the USPS was keeping packages enroute for as long as possible until any virus clinging to surfaces hopefully had died. I still haven't heard how long this version of Corona lives on surfaces with any number of variables like temperature and type of surface.

    Thanks to the tech capacity to track viruses better than ever, experts are learning new things constantly about this “novel” or new virus. Recently researchers could say the virus only killed older persons especially with “underlying conditions.” The most recent news: it can infect and kill younger persons as well.

    More From Wuhan to Bartlett

    NBC Impeachment Propagandists at Work:
    The NBC faux faux story lands without facts.
    Let's look closely at NBC's latest.

    (10.30.19 BenQQ) I fall into that category that expects basic facts to justify a story--not the story acting as if adversarial prepositions are facts. For those journalists who are predispositioned that way or otherwise work for big media outfits that force them to their own a-journalistic adversarial positions, be forwarned: your product will suffer--and so will you.

    Jonathan Allen starts off his article today by declaring Pellosi's patience has been "rewarded" with an imminent, at least as "reported," impeachment vote. Fact is, she is running out of time for an impeachment that will not get Trump out of office.

    That's why instead of a story about Pellosi being rewarded, the first link in his story goes to another link that would supposedly show her getting rewarded. It does not do that. It goes to a Sept. 16 story also by Allen about Pellosi being pressured to go along with liberal, translated radical, Dems foaming for impeachment. I thought I'd see a headline that said something like, "FINALLY, NANCY GETS REWARDED." It was nothing like that--even when it was written by Allen himself. However, the link went to his story about how her "reward" is a one time impeachment vote in the House that would minimize local coverage in swing districts.

    Let's go to para 2:

    "Flipping?" Jonathan. Where did it flip? Again, let's look at your link.





    NBC News Does Not Mention Patrick Byrne's Deep State Allegations in a Story About Maria Butina's
    Release From Prison

    (10.25.19 BenQQ) NBC left out in today's story about the release of Maria Butina, a convicted Russian operative, the fact that a former CEO claimed he was manipulated by Obama government officials into helping her infiltrate domestic political campaigns.

    Patrick Byrne, the former Overstock CEO, said he was asked to continue an affair with Butina by Obama government officials. He appeared on Fox News, Fox Business and NPR during August to make his dramatic allegations.

    Coincident to that, Rep. Steve Cohen (D) 9th District (Memphis) continuously called Trump without challenge a traitor and liar in some local and national media .

    NBC News has been called out by conservative news outlets as a virtual spokesperson for the Obama administration, liberal and anti-Trump media.

    We produced an opinion video about what we called the 'Patrick Byrne Affair' (below).

    The Patrick Byrne Affair

    (10.18.19 BenQQ) Its been almost two months since former CEO of Patrick Byrne appeared in media to announce he had been manipulated to have a relationship with a Russian spy so she could get into U.S. political circles. Did the Deep State tip its hand or was it all a hoax? This 14 minute video asks the question Was Patrick Byrne set up so the Obama administration could issue more fake FISA warrants on Republicans?

    Is Cohen's Impeachment Dream Kaput?


    (8.10.19 BenQQ) Rep. Steve Cohen (D-09), serving most of Memphis, cannot stop campaigning for impeachment, calling the president repeatedly a liar, Russian colluder, racketeer, racist, and to top it all off with a cherry on top, a traitor. As usual of course, what's surfacing is little evidence, especially evidence that would get the senate to convict. Cohen's activities not only do not serve his district but are actually intended--surprise surprise--to deflect attention away from Attorney General Barr's investigations about the Russia Hoax and related illegal attempts of the federal government to undermine Donald Trump's campaign and administration. Some accurately call it a coup.
    Rep. Cohen has shown he is all for it.


    picture of tree cutter
    7.2.19 Live with trees? Good for you, but there can be issues. Here's a first person story with pix.

    A Roadmaster Driver Training Truck Crosses Sidewalk, Knocks Down Things

    picture of roadmaster accident on bartlett ave. memphis

    (Bartlett 6.1.19 BenQQ) A Roadmaster Driving School truck heading west on Bartlett Blvd went into the sidewalk yesterday. No one appeared to have been injured at the time these pictures were taken.The building had what looked like a half inch crack in the masonry. The entire building was taped off today. Three businesses appear to operate from it. Otherwise, the big training rig took out some fencing on the inside of the sidewalk before apparently stopping in the parking area of the street. The truck was driven away soon after the accident.

    The Amazing Adventures of Steve Cohen as he jousts at the windmill of
    President Donald Trump.



    (3.12.19 BenQQ) Rember the outrage in some quarters of discovering some people
    wore blackface? Quickly that spread to fraternity members donning Confederate
    uniforms in parties and even going farther. At Wake Forest University one
    administrator is the target of a campaign to make her resign. (Yes, this is the same
    WFU that was named in the recruitment scandal revealed today, but she is
    apparently not named.) I have another video planned on blackface/confederate
    campus take from days at Memphis State University.

    (1.17.19 BenQQ) Now that Mueller's report is pretty much a bust for the Dems,
    its doubly so for Steve Cohen (D-9th Dist) who has spent thousands of
    tax dollars in time and reputation in charging that Trump and/or his staff "colluded"
    with the Ruskies. But now he has switched to new things. See him in action
    with the excited Lawrence O'Donnell (MSNBC).

    10.31.18 Happy Halloween--Rep. Steve Cohen is the only House Representative from a 'fly-over' state who wants to abolish the Electoral College--see what THAT does if you vote in District 9.

    10.12.18 IRV is baaaack! Yes is No, No is Yes on the referenda Questions on the Nov.6 Ballot.

    10.03.18 Johnson City TN Trump Campaign stop for Marsha Blackburn plays a part in the Q intrigue.

    8.20.18 An analysis of the fight between Memphis' Phillip Mudd and Paris Denard--an epic precurser battle between the swamp inhabitants and swamp drainers

    8.17.18 From Stalin to Facebook: the Art of the Disappearance. 

    8.11.18 From Seditious to Crazy. Its the Memphis water. First Mudd wants political relief by Deep State, then Cohen "jokes" Trump will tell a Republican candidate to jump off the Harahan Bridge.

    7.15.18 A Performance Video--FBI Lovebirds-The Text Messages of Peter Stzrok and Lisa Page

    7/14/18 Rep. Steve Cohen said he would give a Purple Heart to Peter Stzrok. A theory on how he
    arrived at these words for which he apologized today. Commentary.

    5.27.18 Religious Freedom -- LaShay Sharp waves drivers into Drive Thru Prayer at the Holy City Church of God

    5.22.18 Erykah "I saw something nice in Hitler" Badu performs at Memphis in May while it honors Czechoslovakia 

    5.16.18 Daily Mail nabs Memphis again with woman crazily screaming at black man

    5.5.18 Mandy Patenkin delivers "Potemkin News"

    5.1.18 A Primal Memory--Cotton Carnival to Memphis in May

    4.24.18 Laurie the Prophetess Living on the Sidewalk in Memphis
    --4.27.18 Update-- Laurie apparently off the street 

    2.13.18 Homeland: Like the Deep State itself, confused and rattled by the Trump phenom

    1.16.18 A Tale of Two Broadcasts--The Fake Warning in HI and Orson Welles' War of the Worlds

    1.12.18 "Weather Indifference" or How That Brought me to the Deep State

    1.8.18 Cohen, Marijuana, Distraction--Congressman Steve Cohen should be more concerned aboutgetting Marijuana off Schedule 1 rather than trying to impeach the President.

    12.26.17 J'ACCUSE!Memphis City Council Or 
    "O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."

    12.6.17 Amazing Adventures with Amazing Pet Expos
    a first person saga 

    8.19.17 They predict the resignation of Trump.8.18.17 Since when do we bend to the politics of violent extortion?

    8.13.17 The Charlottesville Triumvirate give the supremacists a victory
    --8.20 Just picked up..Cathy Couric crew hit with antifa urine and species

    8.12.17 Our Man in Memphis infers the Deep State is going to take out the President

    8.5.17 Memphis Pet Show Cancels