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Ben "BenQQ" Harrison
memphis firefighters rescue woman picture
Memphis fire fighters rescue injured woman from wrecked car.

Impact at James and Highland
in the time of the Corona

a first person account from inside a three car smashup, pics and words by Ben "BenQQ" Harrison

(Memphis 4.5.20) Yesterday. A perfectly clear mid afternoon. Only 1 mile left to go. Just make the bend in front of Rodney Baber Park. Then a short hop and I would be home where first thing I absolutely had to do was feed my dogs and cats.

Pedestrians help with accident victims. Note the complete side damage.

It wasn’t to be. Bam. Loud. I heard no screech of locked breaks on pavement, remembered no attempt by the speeding car running the red light to swerve away from the car passing under it. Three people would be sent to hospital. I heard the impact mixed with what I thought was a scream from either a person or metal scraping against metal.

Instantly my attention locked onto the car being pushed with a force that, from my vantage, was not letting up. Since its sideways path started in the center of the intersection, I watched the agonizing impact from what I believed would be a safe distance. Yes I, like every other gawker, would have the best seat in the house to watch a major car crash.

For a moment I expected it to be knocked over sideways. Then I realized the full force impact was propelling--or perhaps bulldozing--the deadstick vehicle directly to me. The little red car that had run the red light was still pushing it. Still going after it broke away at high speed and veered toward an empty field.

At the sight of the vehicle twisting toward me sideways I instinctively sunk low and pushed back in my seat. But I couldn't take my eyes off it. It hit hard. The sound exploded in my head. I felt myself pitching slow motion into a white pillow while my body pitched siideways toward the half open side window. The seatbelt cinched hard on my chest. 

But it didn't stop there. The car that was propelled into mine continued to the the lanes of opposing traffic. That hit in turn pivoted my little 2005 Scion B from west to north. Our two vehicles ended up facing opposite each other on James Rd.

After impact, I sat still for a moment. I felt no injury but the cab was filling with smoke. I thought something was burning. My door was wrenched solid. I had a quick image of getting pulled with the Jaws of Life. Relieved that it still worked, I unbuckled my seat belt and crawled over the gear shift to the opposite side door. I was relieved when it opened and tumbled out head first. Nothing was on fire. The smoke was the powder from the airbag that had burst. That pillow saved my teeth or more. Ironically, it was an airbag that had been recalled and I had not bothered to replace it. I was lucky it worked.

Once standing for a moment, a man walked over and asked if I was alright. I said I thought I was.
A moment or two passed, I walked over to the car that had been hit in the intersection. The driver's side from fender to fender had crunched in. The woman driver was moaning and told me her arm was broken. I told her help was on the way and to stay still. I looked around and saw the little red vehicle that had caused this mayhem stopped about a hundred feet into a field. People were heading toward it. In a few moments, the occupants were screaming wildly at the apparent driver who was laying on the ground. I didn't want to cross over.

Police and ambulance services arrived quickly. As it turned out there were no life threatening injuries, according to police.

This is the car that ran the red light and hit the car above .

Driving from Frayser to Kroger in Bartlett in that late morning had been uneventful with little traffic but it was a different story on the way back. Distinctly more cars, some speeding and speeding wrecklessly. But luck ran out this morning at the intersection of James Rd. and Highland Ave.

It seems luck often runs out at this fated location. I had seen bad wrecks here before. For James Rd. however, this particular spot was not much different than any other part of this long stretch of road that starts at Watkins St in Frayser and stretches all the way into Bartlett where it turns into Stage. You can often see the crosses where someone had lost his or her life in accidents like this one. No one was killed here today.

As my brother and I collected groceries and various tools from my now ruined car, I decided to go to hospital just to get checked out. I had to be checked for coronavirus before entry. Subsequent various tests said I was OK but they gave me prescriptions which I did not fill.

For the three hours I was in the emergency room, I began thinking: was the accident I was in just made possible in part by the coronavirus itself? Sure, there were stupid kids speeding but did they not have more opportunity to speed with less populated streets? I see speeding more now with the slowdown and stay at home instructions than ever before. And does that mean a government will never get strict stay at home results?

On the same day as this accident, the Daily Mail said Tennessee and Arkansas was not taking the virus seriously. In one county in each state outdoor activity even increased.

my car
Goodbye old friend.

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From Wuhan to Bartlett, A Personal Look at Businesses Dealing With Covid-19

by Ben "BenQQ" Harrison

(Bartlett 3.30.20) Coronavirus. It’s changed everything in a matter of weeks. When I started writing this piece, President Trump had not declared a national shut down. Bartlett small businesses were watching and keeping up with the changes that can affect their market arenas. That was 10 days ago when I thought I had finished this story, but the virus does not seem to have reached its point where the docs can say its time for it to begin to drop off.

One virologist (Alanna Shaikh) said Covid-19 can range from a dry cough to a “fatal viral pneumonia.” After months of it being around we now it can lurk undiagnosed in your system with its ominous looking spikes to puncture your cells, hence corona.

When news of the virus was just picking up a media tailwind in early February, You could feel its approach from afar locally. My old MacBook Pro broke down and it was taking forever to get the repair piece shipped from China. I never suspected that had anything to do with the "Chinese virus" but by late February it had taken two weeks to receive a replacement part. So the repair shop, Bartlett Electronics, was threatening to go to the post office and find out where the package had landed.

Finally, when trying to trace the package, I saw a notice online that priority mail “from Asia" had been stopped. I assumed that meant China. Maybe the USPS was keeping packages enroute for as long as possible until any virus clinging to surfaces hopefully had died. I still haven't heard how long this version of Corona lives on surfaces with any number of variables like temperature and type of surface.

Thanks to the tech capacity to track viruses better than ever, experts are learning new things constantly about this “novel” or new virus. Recently researchers could say the virus only killed older persons especially with “underlying conditions.” The most recent news: it can infect and kill younger persons as well.

More From Wuhan to Bartlett

NBC Impeachment Propagandists at Work:
The NBC faux faux story lands without facts.
Let's look closely at NBC's latest.

(10.30.19 BenQQ) I fall into that category that expects basic facts to justify a story--not the story acting as if adversarial prepositions are facts. For those journalists who are predispositioned that way or otherwise work for big media outfits that force them to their own a-journalistic adversarial positions, be forwarned: your product will suffer--and so will you.

Jonathan Allen starts off his article today by declaring Pellosi's patience has been "rewarded" with an imminent, at least as "reported," impeachment vote. Fact is, she is running out of time for an impeachment that will not get Trump out of office.

That's why instead of a story about Pellosi being rewarded, the first link in his story goes to another link that would supposedly show her getting rewarded. It does not do that. It goes to a Sept. 16 story also by Allen about Pellosi being pressured to go along with liberal, translated radical, Dems foaming for impeachment. I thought I'd see a headline that said something like, "FINALLY, NANCY GETS REWARDED." It was nothing like that--even when it was written by Allen himself. However, the link went to his story about how her "reward" is a one time impeachment vote in the House that would minimize local coverage in swing districts.

Let's go to para 2:

"Flipping?" Jonathan. Where did it flip? Again, let's look at your link.





NBC News Does Not Mention Patrick Byrne's Deep State Allegations in a Story About Maria Butina's
Release From Prison

(10.25.19 BenQQ) NBC left out in today's story about the release of Maria Butina, a convicted Russian operative, the fact that a former CEO claimed he was manipulated by Obama government officials into helping her infiltrate domestic political campaigns.

Patrick Byrne, the former Overstock CEO, said he was asked to continue an affair with Butina by Obama government officials. He appeared on Fox News, Fox Business and NPR during August to make his dramatic allegations.

Coincident to that, Rep. Steve Cohen (D) 9th District (Memphis) continuously called Trump without challenge a traitor and liar in some local and national media .

NBC News has been called out by conservative news outlets as a virtual spokesperson for the Obama administration, liberal and anti-Trump media.

We produced an opinion video about what we called the 'Patrick Byrne Affair' (below).

The Patrick Byrne Affair

(10.18.19 BenQQ) Its been almost two months since former CEO of Patrick Byrne appeared in media to announce he had been manipulated to have a relationship with a Russian spy so she could get into U.S. political circles. Did the Deep State tip its hand or was it all a hoax? This 14 minute video asks the question Was Patrick Byrne set up so the Obama administration could issue more fake FISA warrants on Republicans?

Is Cohen's Impeachment Dream Kaput?


(8.10.19 BenQQ) Rep. Steve Cohen (D-09), serving most of Memphis, cannot stop campaigning for impeachment, calling the president repeatedly a liar, Russian colluder, racketeer, racist, and to top it all off with a cherry on top, a traitor. As usual of course, what's surfacing is little evidence, especially evidence that would get the senate to convict. Cohen's activities not only do not serve his district but are actually intended--surprise surprise--to deflect attention away from Attorney General Barr's investigations about the Russia Hoax and related illegal attempts of the federal government to undermine Donald Trump's campaign and administration. Some accurately call it a coup.
Rep. Cohen has shown he is all for it.


picture of tree cutter
7.2.19 Live with trees? Good for you, but there can be issues. Here's a first person story with pix.

A Roadmaster Driver Training Truck Crosses Sidewalk, Knocks Down Things

picture of roadmaster accident on bartlett ave. memphis

(Bartlett 6.1.19 BenQQ) A Roadmaster Driving School truck heading west on Bartlett Blvd went into the sidewalk yesterday. No one appeared to have been injured at the time these pictures were taken.The building had what looked like a half inch crack in the masonry. The entire building was taped off today. Three businesses appear to operate from it. Otherwise, the big training rig took out some fencing on the inside of the sidewalk before apparently stopping in the parking area of the street. The truck was driven away soon after the accident.

The Amazing Adventures of Steve Cohen as he jousts at the windmill of
President Donald Trump.



(3.12.19 BenQQ) Rember the outrage in some quarters of discovering some people
wore blackface? Quickly that spread to fraternity members donning Confederate
uniforms in parties and even going farther. At Wake Forest University one
administrator is the target of a campaign to make her resign. (Yes, this is the same
WFU that was named in the recruitment scandal revealed today, but she is
apparently not named.) I have another video planned on blackface/confederate
campus take from days at Memphis State University.

(1.17.19 BenQQ) Now that Mueller's report is pretty much a bust for the Dems,
its doubly so for Steve Cohen (D-9th Dist) who has spent thousands of
tax dollars in time and reputation in charging that Trump and/or his staff "colluded"
with the Ruskies. But now he has switched to new things. See him in action
with the excited Lawrence O'Donnell (MSNBC).

10.31.18 Happy Halloween--Rep. Steve Cohen is the only House Representative from a 'fly-over' state who wants to abolish the Electoral College--see what THAT does if you vote in District 9.

10.12.18 IRV is baaaack! Yes is No, No is Yes on the referenda Questions on the Nov.6 Ballot.

10.03.18 Johnson City TN Trump Campaign stop for Marsha Blackburn plays a part in the Q intrigue.

8.20.18 An analysis of the fight between Memphis' Phillip Mudd and Paris Denard--an epic precurser battle between the swamp inhabitants and swamp drainers

8.17.18 From Stalin to Facebook: the Art of the Disappearance. 

8.11.18 From Seditious to Crazy. Its the Memphis water. First Mudd wants political relief by Deep State, then Cohen "jokes" Trump will tell a Republican candidate to jump off the Harahan Bridge.

7.15.18 A Performance Video--FBI Lovebirds-The Text Messages of Peter Stzrok and Lisa Page

7/14/18 Rep. Steve Cohen said he would give a Purple Heart to Peter Stzrok. A theory on how he
arrived at these words for which he apologized today. Commentary.

5.27.18 Religious Freedom -- LaShay Sharp waves drivers into Drive Thru Prayer at the Holy City Church of God

5.22.18 Erykah "I saw something nice in Hitler" Badu performs at Memphis in May while it honors Czechoslovakia 

5.16.18 Daily Mail nabs Memphis again with woman crazily screaming at black man

5.5.18 Mandy Patenkin delivers "Potemkin News"

5.1.18 A Primal Memory--Cotton Carnival to Memphis in May

4.24.18 Laurie the Prophetess Living on the Sidewalk in Memphis
--4.27.18 Update-- Laurie apparently off the street 

2.13.18 Homeland: Like the Deep State itself, confused and rattled by the Trump phenom

1.16.18 A Tale of Two Broadcasts--The Fake Warning in HI and Orson Welles' War of the Worlds

1.12.18 "Weather Indifference" or How That Brought me to the Deep State

1.8.18 Cohen, Marijuana, Distraction--Congressman Steve Cohen should be more concerned aboutgetting Marijuana off Schedule 1 rather than trying to impeach the President.

12.26.17 J'ACCUSE!Memphis City Council Or 
"O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."

12.6.17 Amazing Adventures with Amazing Pet Expos
a first person saga 

8.19.17 They predict the resignation of Trump.8.18.17 Since when do we bend to the politics of violent extortion?

8.13.17 The Charlottesville Triumvirate give the supremacists a victory
--8.20 Just picked up..Cathy Couric crew hit with antifa urine and species

8.12.17 Our Man in Memphis infers the Deep State is going to take out the President

8.5.17 Memphis Pet Show Cancels